Updating the design using silkscreen wallpaper

Updating the design using silkscreen wallpaper

12 October 2017

Silkscreen wallpaper make the interior a classic and traditionalSilkscreen wallpaper make the interior a classic and traditsionnymOstanoviv choice on wallpaper, as a material for finishing works, most often seen in the difficulty of choosing among a huge variety. There paper, vinyl (which can be washed), non-woven, acrylic, mats, liquids, glass and Mural. From this choice should stop not only beautiful, but also practical kinds of tapestries.

Silkscreen wallpaper - what is it

This kind of building material besides being very attractive in appearance, it also has a high degree of durability. These wallpapers are a class of vinyl materials for renovation of walls. The very sticky is nothing daunting. They are based on vinyl paper, which is then framed painted by special technology. PVC is applied to the workpiece (i.e., polyvinyl chloride), interspersed with strands (variations are possible both artificial and silk fibers). After that there is a strong pressure hot stamping.

Such trellis consists of two layers: an inner paper layer (to provide increased strength glueing walls) and outer (made of vinyl, and its surface becomes smooth or embossed appearance).

Because of its sophistication silkscreen wallpaper are very popularBecause of its sophistication silkscreen wallpaper are very popular

This material fits perfectly in almost any interior. In most cases, screen printing contains in its different texture or pattern floral pattern. Such an approach is provided to simulate silk fabric. Wallpaper looks so natural that there will be a feeling of being on the wall hangs a real silk. Despite, its high cost, they are 100% combine quality and beauty. These tapestries are organizing luxury vernal appearance, giving the walls of the room effect is silky and soft shine.

Silkscreen: wallpaper in the interior, and their quality

Due to its aristocratic, exquisite appearance, this type of product is very popular. They are able to give a sophisticated look and add a piquant touch of luxury in the various rooms. It can be as a study, a large and spacious living room, bedroom or kitchen.

The most the best option for the kitchen room, where a pretty high degree of moisture, become trellises with more dense outer layer. The choice has fallen on them, because very often you need to wash the walls of the various traces of cooking. They are moisture resistant and beautifully laundered from such contamination.

Wallpaper silkscreen will be perfectly in any interiorWallpaper silkscreen will be perfectly in any interior

As for the room, private office or bedroom no such extreme conditions, silkscreen will look very fashionable and elegant.

The best options are: classical and oriental style. Because now there are many varieties of patterns, textures and colors, they are perfectly infused into any interior (whether electrical, modernism or hi-tech).

The main rule that should be followed: the material should be perfectly suited to furniture and decorative attributes of the room. This wallpaper is inherent in such an effect, as the motion space. This allows the surrounding objects in the interior stand out significantly.

Wallpaper silkscreen in the interior (video)

How can I hang wallpaper silkscreen

By acquiring such a trellis to be considered the following characteristics: density of the material, a thickness of the polyvinyl chloride, roll width, wear resistance and who has made items.

Attention! Sometimes there are wallpaper with a width of up to 3 meters and above. They need to carry out gluing horizontally on the wall.

Due to this, there are no extra joints and seams and wallpaper lie flat.

Before you begin gluing the walls, it is important to prepare the following equipment:

  • Rubber roller;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Building level;
  • Meter tape measure;
  • Several spatulas of different sizes;
  • Dishes, which will be filler and adhesive;
  • Dyeing brush;
  • Pliers and screwdrivers;
  • Plain water;
  • Glue for seams and joints (this is optional).

Silkscreened wallpaper can pokleit their hands with a special toolSilkscreened wallpaper can pokleit their hands with a special tool

Instructions step by step

  1. The very first step is the preparation of the walls, as silk-screen printing is very demanding on the flat surfaces. Should first be removed by means of tools, all switches and sockets in the room. Then you need to insulate all the places where there were boxes and circuit breakers (using adhesive tape). Further break down old wallpaper, whitewash or tiles.
  2. The next stage, when the walls were "naked", it is required to check whether they have any cavities. For this purpose, apply putty. If any such problems, picks out the upper part. Then diluted with filler in a small bucket, and close the holes in the walls.
  3. Further, in order to already start the glue needed to determine the height of the wall. Thereafter, roll measured approximately the same distance (with an error of 50 millimeters) and a trimming is performed. This will be the same length and the next band. It is advisable to start by gluing windows and move to the exit. This approach will best help to hide the presence of seams in fabrics. Further, the water (room temperature), diluted glue.
  4. The next thing to be done is to press the strip firmly to the wall, starting from the top, respectively. Since wallpaper circumcised with a margin, this error should go slightly above the ceiling. Using a roller, smoothing is performed. It should start from the center and ends at the edges.
  5. After the seal remains a distance above and below the window cut strips of desired length and close the remaining fines. It is desirable to paint the wall behind the heating system, because due to heat silk screen may lag behind the wall.

Places where there are outlets, first completely taped over the web. Next, using a knife (plain) are made slot, which later folded into the hole. Of course, before all this, it is necessary to turn off the power and remove the socket.

Vinyl wallpaper selection, sticking and tips (video)

Can I paint the wallpaper screen printing and the

Despite the fact that the vinyl wallpaper and consist of paper, they are much more durable and moisture-resistant than ordinary paper. On this basis, we can say with confidence that they can be painted. Such a kind of wallpaper, considering its strength, is able to withstand up to 10 repainting wherein the ink can fundamentally differ from each other by color.

In most cases, the paint is applied acrylic latex-based. Wallpaper painted in 2 layers. Of course, to begin to clean the surface from dirt, dust and grease, and then start to paint.

An important point that is worth mentioning is a paint sample on a small inconspicuous area and wallpaper. It is necessary to learn how paint will behave in the future (if not spoil the wallpaper).

Wallpaper silkscreen have particular strength, so they can be repainted 10 timesWallpaper silkscreen have particular strength, so they can be repainted 10 times

What go Reviews of the wallpaper screen printing

For the most part only positive feedback. It is based on the positive qualities of the product.

Among the advantages are:

  • Provide no danger to animals and humans;
  • Themselves are not toxic, no harmful substances;
  • No smell;
  • Waterproof, so they can be easily washed;
  • The service life of the order of 10 to 15 years;
  • Refined and rich appearance.

But just like everything good, there are also negative aspects.

The disadvantages include:

  • Do not apply to breathing wallpaper;
  • When burning release toxic vapors;
  • Due to the fact that thin wallpaper, you need to thoroughly prepare the surface before gluing.

Since this is a very delicate material, if the walls are not prepared, in the end will be evident all the defects of uneven surfaces. Such wallpaper glued generally downward vertically.

The elegance and luxury in the wallpaper screen printing (video) 

Silkscreen should treat all basic attributes of the room design, and it is unlikely to be in harmony with the same type of furniture. Before you buy stuff, you should pay attention to the quality and reliability of products.

Silkscreen wallpaper (photos)

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