Universal metal staircase to the second floor

Universal metal staircase to the second floor

12 October 2017

Produce metal stairs can be on their own, if correctly to make calculationsProduce metal stairs can be on their own, if properly done raschetyDachny house with two or three floors, have a usual phenomenon. It is convenient, and having the presence of even a modest piece of land, you can build a house with a large area. Ladder - a necessary element of such a property. Metal ladder on the second floor is not a cumbersome structure: it is not massive and not to overload creates space.

Metal ladder on the second floor with their hands

Staircase of metal - universal element. With it equip ceremonial black and spare inputs climbs on floors. Independently make a ladder of a metal hard enough - we need the appropriate skills.

Having a small welding experience, you should choose a simple version of the design. Depending on the type of ladder is calculated desired amount of material.

The design is obliged to endure a certain amount of stress, so the building materials need to buy quality.

By making the ladder from metal, is required to consider its construction, which must be durable and reliableBy making the ladder from metal, is required to consider its construction, which must be durable and reliable

The simplest stairs require the acquisition of:

  • Sheet metal. With it will be made step.
  • Sill of metal. He will perform a load-bearing.
  • Iron corners.
  • Pipes of large size.

To build a robust metal ladders are very seriously being worked drawings. Calculated the main parameters of the project, choose a common vision for the future of the product.

For the construction stages of channel combined frame made of metal and wood. Similarly, handrails are made.

On the metal parts are attached in different ways. You can use the nuts and bolts, but such is not the best effect on the metal frame. It would be better to combine with welding. To do this, knowledge of the principles of a variety of stitches and safety.

Next, you need:

  • Make a support;
  • stage;
  • Attach the fence;
  • Decorative decorate the resulting product.

If you want a fully metal frame sheathe tree will be appropriate to the use of wooden fences. For them will need protection in the form of antifungal and water-repellent impregnation.

Iron ladder with his hands on the second floor: Calculations

Remarkably, if in the preparation of the project involved the stairs specialist, but it can be easily cope on their own.

In order to properly make the calculation of the ladder, it is better to turn to specialistsIn order to properly make the calculation of the ladder, it is better to turn to specialists

There are some general requirements for all steps:

  1. For ladder width in a private home will be a minimum of 900 mm, it will carry any dimensional cargo.
  2. One flight of stairs must be under constant bias. The most optimal - 35-45 degrees. Gentle variants may have less than 20.
  3. For the convenience of step height should be 160-180 mm.
  4. The minimum depth of steps for a 270 mm, it is the safest option for recovery.
  5. Performing the calculation load on the stage, it is necessary to take into account at least - 200 kg / m³, the lateral load - at least 100 kg / m³.
  6. From rack to rack should be a maximum of 150 mm of space in the presence of young children - 120 mm.

To calculate the entire structure, it is necessary to take into account the width of the stairs and the floor area between two floors. A flight of stairs in length is often significantly higher than the opening length.

To find out the depth of the steps, the march the length divided by the number of steps. The depth should be at least 270 mm.

The angle of inclination can be different. It depends on the right combination of the steepness of the design and how it will act in the space of the first floor.

External stairs to the second floor made of metal

planning often involves the presence of an external staircase leading to the second floor. This helps to save space inside the room and quickly go up, without causing discomfort to those who are at the bottom.

The metal is an excellent material for the outer staircaseThe metal is an excellent material for the outer staircase

These ladders can have different shapes:

  • Direct traction (occupies a large area);
  • rotary;
  • Spiral.

Choosing as the metal material, it should be remembered that iron structures are reliable and last a long time. They are able to withstand the aggressive influence of external factors, is not afraid of fire.

Outside staircase is an important element of the entire premises. Every part of it is bound to be in harmony with the style of each floor.

When choosing a timber, it is worth thinking about the state of his purse. Cheap board from coniferous be moisture resistant and is capable of bending, but the looseness of its structure will be a significant disadvantage. With enough money, you should choose hardwood.

Welded staircase to the second floor

By manufacturing method can distinguish a forged and welded ladder system. Previously welded ladder placed outside the home, but now, thanks to technology, you can with comfort and convenience to place them in the room.

For step ladders welded using wood, natural stone and other various materials with a nice texture.

Many people prefer to use weldments, which are characterized by strength and fire resistanceMany people prefer to use weldments, which are characterized by strength and fire resistance

Ladder, in which the welded frame, can be done with the expectation to trim risers also have the option to clear stairs having a lighter structure.

Welded ladder have their advantages:

  • The design is durable and fire-resistant;
  • The durability of welded ladders higher than those that are made of wood;
  • The frame is not afraid to mechanical damage, so it is allowed to set at the beginning of works on the finishing;
  • Staircase of metal having a forged or welded rail, looks almost air.

Choosing Order welded ladder, you must make sure that in the manufacture of robust involved a welder, which will hold the process of welding to the final finishing.

Prefabricated stairs to the second floor: iron and wood

Modular staircase does not take much space, while the hosts have the ability to climb and descend at any moment. The national team of the ladder is easy to install, so you can adjust the number of units and enter the design to any room.

Stylish and original complement modern interiors with the help of a beautiful team stairs of metal and woodStylish and original complement modern interiors with the help of a beautiful team stairs of metal and wood

In precast stairs have a number of advantages:

  • They can combine a variety of materials;
  • They are characterized by flexibility, you can change the size;
  • They have an extensive range of accessories.

If the ladder is separate from the wall in the absence of additional points of support, should opt for the stairs and rails. This is the most modern version of the modular design.

The patent for the manufacture of precast stairs with metal frame received in the 70 years of the 20th century in Greece. Further stairs began to be produced in Italy, Poland and other countries, and then they came to our country.

The design team have the opportunity to adjust the height of the steps on their own.

Assembling metal ladder to the second floor (video)

If a competent master has been selected, carefully thought out design and manufacture of high quality and was conducted according to the rules, floor stairs last a long time and will entertain more than a dozen years of their owners. Stairs - is, above all, convenience and beauty element in the house, ascends to a new level of comfort, rather than a massive and cumbersome structure, frightening their views.

Details: metal stairs to the second floor (photo examples)

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