U-shaped ladder 4 calculation process, depending on the type of construction

U-shaped ladder 4 calculation process, depending on the type of construction

12 October 2017

U-shaped staircase is ideal for apartments and for a country houseU-shaped staircase is ideal for apartments and for a country house The robust construction capable of withstanding heavy loads, elegant appearance and ergonomics, turning "P" stairs have received global use in places with high cross: commercial buildings, public organizations and public institutions. Today, such structures with equal success can be used as the design for a safe and comfortable ascent and descent in a private house, a cottage, a two-story apartment. What are the stairs "P" type and how to make system calculation - read the article.

Which particular design has a U-shaped ladder

U-shaped ladder - a system consisting of three flights of stairs, one of which allows to expand the step direction by 180 degrees, which allows to achieve maximum reliability, ladders and ergonomically to set between the two walls, for example in a narrow passage or branch lobby.

U-shaped staircase has good ergonomics and an attractive appearanceU-shaped staircase has good ergonomics and an attractive appearance

Kosour a ladder - it's a long cast a beam on which the stage set. Through this structure, the strength achieved by limiting system.

Often, in their design staircase has an additional railing and fencing, which makes raising and lowering a comfortable and safe even for the older generation and children.

U-shaped stairs to the second floor: the types and differences

Basic configuration of the stairs: structure with a platform system with zabezhnymi steps. Furthermore, U-shaped system can be levozahodnoy (rotated right) and pravozahodnoy (rotated left), open (no riser) and closed (with risers).

Often the ladder has invitational design stage or block steps - radial fields, the main task - to extend the approach angle. This design makes the appearance of the stairs more complete and perfect. Differ U-shaped structure on the second floor and on the installation methods.

U-shaped ladder height may vary handrails, steps width and the material from which they are madeU-shaped ladder height may vary handrails, steps width and the material from which they are made

So, you can select:

  • A monolithic structure, which ensures reliability and durability;
  • Saddle stairs and bowstrings, which has unsurpassed decorative qualities and is perfect for installation in private homes;
  • Ergonomic design and rails.

U-shaped stairs to the platform: the benefits

U-shaped system with a platform - a practical design, which enables to perform comfortable and safe ascents and descents, can serve as a place to relax in the transfer of goods.

Calculate the ladder with a platform on their own easier than to calculate the dimensions of winders. But here it is important to take into account the dimensions of the site: the most convenient to consider the site to the length and width of not less than 800 mm. In addition, it is better to give preference to one-level, direct sites. Otherwise, the design will not be able to fully implement its basic functions and will shoot down a step, which can lead to loss of balance and walking, as a result, injuries.

How to make a calculation of the U-shaped staircase

Projecting U-shaped system, it is necessary to take into account an average pitch length of adult (600-650 mm.). Basic calculations (angle and length of the march, the riser height and tread length) must be built on Blondeylya formulas that guarantee a most optimal in terms of comfort and safety values.

Before the start of construction of the U-shaped stairs make it worth drawing on paperBefore the start of construction of the U-shaped stairs make it worth drawing on paper

To find out how many steps will need before and after the pivot structure, it is necessary overall length of the ladder (height between tiers based on the ceiling and the flooring), divided by two. The resultant value divided by the height of the riser (for example, 15 cm.). As an example, one of the march ladder height of 3.5 m. We will need 10, 6 degrees. But since we can not half the elements in one march, we will use exactly 10 steps, while the other two can be used as an invitation.

Calculation of the U-shaped system can be made using the online calculator or construction programs, which will allow to get accurate values ​​and to create a drawing of the future steps.

Ladder 180 degrees: the calculation of rotary stages

Design with rotary stages makes it possible to save area is beneficial. In addition, the winders look elegant and stylish, and safety (if the calculations are performed based on state standards, building codes and regulations) is not inferior to sibling sites.

Winders can be calculated using:

  1. Method of lifting. The basis of the method is the use of the coordinate axes. Placed on the x-axis the height of the riser, in y - step width. FIELD rotary steps, in this case, a circle stands uniformly divided into sectors and is transferred to the projection with the optimum values ​​and characteristics of the circuit.
  2. Method proportions. It based on the fair distribution of the major steps on the rotary. Swivel stage, in this case, are based on an average march line (which is shifted to the center of rotation) and the center axis of the turntable. The calculations are based on the optimal values ​​of the tread width at the narrowest point in the area of ​​the intersection of the sides of stages with an average line of the march.

A special area on the U-shaped stairs make it more practical and functionalA special area on the U-shaped stairs make it more practical and functional

Both methods provide accurate calculations and drawings of the future design with rotating steps.

U-shaped stairs: making their own hands

If the finished ladder does not meet your needs, the characteristics of the premises, etc., then you always have the opportunity to make a design of your own hands.

In order to make a ladder in the first place, you need to determine the choice of material. Finishing U-shaped design enables stone, tile, metal (e.g., ladder "Solo" on metal) etc. But, most often, for the manufacture of staircases, selected solid wood species: beech, pine, ash. These materials ensure durability and reliability of the design, give the stairs a home, cozy look and allow it to effectively enter into any interior.

Before working, the wood must necessarily be dried and treated by means of protecting against moisture wood, fungus and mold.

Before assembly, the U-shaped staircase is recommended to study expert advice or watch instructional videosBefore assembly, the U-shaped staircase is recommended to study expert advice or watch instructional videos

For the manufacture of wood stairs will need:

  • Suspension bar for stringers or beams;
  • Edged boards for production stages, fences (many hardware stores offer ready-made balusters, balustrades and handrails for stairs);
  • Sealant for filling cracks and joints in the structure.

Workers will need a punch tool, electric drill, jigsaw, screwdriver, ax, hammer assembly elements (screws, anchors, etc.) level.

All elements are cut according to the calculated pattern-template. The most difficult moment - production kosoura. carrying bar length must be equal to the length of the ladder kosoura one march. Treads and risers basic steps should be the same size. Mounting the steps performed on the screws. In the last turn in additional elements are mounted: railings, balusters, etc., the design is opened varnish.

Detailed video instruction on how to independently produce and assemble the ladder can be seen on video.

U-shaped staircase (video)

U-shaped design - the most common system that pozvolyaetosuschestvit comfortable descent and ascent. Due to its structure and manufacturing materials, such ladder - solid and reliable, it looks impressive and could be a luxurious addition to any interior! A calculate and make a ladder can be their own hands!

The design of the U-shaped staircase (photo in the interior)

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