Types swags in the room: 3 picture and benefits

Types swags in the room: 3 picture and benefits

12 October 2017

Due swags can give the room a cosiness and comfortDue swags can give the room a cosiness and comfort The living room can rightly be called the main room in the apartment - there are going to visit, meet evenings the whole family. Therefore, the design of the room should be approached very carefully and responsibly. Curtains are one of the most important elements of the interior, and pelmets - special decoration curtains. Today let's talk about the kinds of swags into the hall, as they better pick up and use.

Varieties and photo swags in the room

The interior pelmets continue to be considered a classic element of decorating the living room, so it is best curtains with them will look in a room decorated in a classic style.

How to look pelmets in various interiors can be seen in the specific examples:

  • Soft pelmets - ideal for a country house, creating a refined and noble interior;
  • Two-color (usually black and white) pelmets are suitable for small rooms and austere look simple but stylish;
  • Pelmets of light fabric will complement the atmosphere of the hall in the style of country music and classic look gentle and reserved;
  • Pelmets chameleon color suitable for classic interior room look very unusual;
  • Plain curtains with lambrequins gray and black colors will look good in a modern design lines - modern and minimalist.

Pelmets must integrate harmoniously into the overall style of the interior, keeping the balance between all the decorative elementsPelmets must integrate harmoniously into the overall style of the interior, keeping the balance between all the decorative elements

Pick pelmets furniture in tone, bright curtains combine with frosted tulle and do not overdo it with decorations in modern styles to add decorative elements on pelmets do not need at all.

Advantages of swags for the hall

Pelmet - a classic curtains decoration, popular and now. Decorating the top of the curtains, and performs a purely decorative function. It is sometimes used to conceal irregularities wall or window.

Pelmet is mounted separately from the curtains, but combined with a tulle, curtains, decorate and complements the rest of the interior.

If your room is not enough light, you can decorate the window lambrequins only and not to hang curtains.

it should be noted the wide variety of models among the advantages of swags, making them easy to pick up for any style of interior designit should be noted the wide variety of models among the advantages of swags, making them easy to pick up for any style of interior design

There are some pros use swags for the hall:

  • Pelmets look exquisite, can even the simplest interior make interesting;
  • It allows you to visually smooth the irregularities of the ceiling and walls;
  • A huge number of textures and colors makes it possible to create a unique interior in any room.

However, pelmets are quite expensive, not everyone can afford them. Therefore, think about whether you want them exactly, and whether pelmets will turn out exactly as you want them to.

Pelmet in the hall: the fashion trends and Pictures

If you want to make or order pelmets, then you need to keep abreast of fashion trends.

Topical areas:

  1. In 2017, the fashion curtains with hard lambrequins. Note the straight pelmet without ornaments, fabric select monophonic or with a simple abstract pattern.
  2. Fashion will be bright and rich colors of fabrics, choose orange, aqua, green, yellow and red. Depending on the design of the room pick up the form lambrequin.
  3. Also returning chameleon fabric. Curtains with lambrequins of such textiles will create a chic environment and will look different depending on the light.
  4. The trend is green and floral pattern. Curtains made of fabric with a pattern of plants, branches, jungle create a quiet interior, and will fit into any environment.
  5. Creative and unusual look curtains with lambrequins of striped fabric, especially if they have different textures. Matte and shiny textile strips suitable for classical design of the hall and the modern.

In the hall, made in a classic style, a good solution is to use a gold-colored swagsIn the hall, made in a classic style, a good solution is to use a gold-colored swags

Primarily focused in the selection of color schemes and forms of swags to your own taste. If you want to create a modern style, then look at the trends.

Using different kinds of swags in the living room

Currently designers are three basic kinds of pelmets.


  • tough;
  • soft;
  • Combined.

The most durable is hard lambrequins. They are made of thick fabric treated with sealants - Dublerin or interlining. Due to its characteristics, they may have different shapes and decorative elements. Most often hard pelmets have a rectangular shape, and sometimes arched. In some cases, hard pelmets even stretched over a wooden or plastic frame.

This kind of swags well with tulle curtains and classical, but also looks good with shutters.

The second option swags - soft. It is easy and simple models, which form beautiful folds. The most common type of living room, look particularly solemn and harmonious with tyulyami and curtains, which have different drapes. The simplest kind of soft fabric swags strip is collected with the help of ribbon.

Soft pelmets create an atmosphere of pacificationSoft pelmets create an atmosphere of pacification

Are gaining popularity now a novelty - combined pelmets. They combine elements of hard and soft swags, help to create an unusual design options for windows. Also, they are often the two parts made of different materials, which makes it easy to care for them, the hard part can be vacuumed, and soft easy to wash.

Pelmets can be made of the veil is too soft and very light interior elements. Suitable for delicate living room, done in pastel colors. They are the easiest to sew their own hands from inexpensive fabric, they complement the interior, but it does not overload the environment. Suitable for both classical and modern design of the room.

swags types are divided into form, in turn:

  • Openwork;
  • Bando;
  • puffs;
  • Bell;
  • Coquille;
  • Dzhabot;
  • Tie.

Openwork are the curtains with different patterns, lace, often tight or combined. Bando - hard and thick pelmet in the form of a cloth belt. The edges may be slanted, straight, have a special design or be made in any shape. Puffs represent a piece of cloth attached cord. Ideal for rooms with insufficient lighting. Often they are made of brightly colored fabrics.

Bell has special folds, similar to the petals of the bell. Chill mold has two folds, which overlap each other. Dzhabot - pelmet, which hung on the sides and falls in folds. Tie - the previous version of the pelmet, but is in the middle, it is an integral part of the classical interior room.

swags for decoration in the room

Despite the fact that pelmets themselves very beautiful, looks elegant and unusual, they can be decorated with additional decorative elements.

Garnish pelmets pastes by using cut pieces of fabric or other decorative elementsGarnish pelmets pastes by using cut pieces of fabric or other decorative elements

For example:

  • Currently popular beautiful pelmets with rhinestones, they are relevant in the living room, made in an Asian style, as well as modern glamorous rooms;
  • Have not lost their popularity classic pelmets with fringe and beads, they can be used in a classical setting and baroque;
  • In a small room is better not to use additional decorations for swags;
  • Follow pelmet sufficient slack, the fold should be 1 \ 6 the distance from the floor to the eaves;
  • Fabric color chosen depending on the design and colors of the living room, pelmets must be in harmony and complement the furniture and decoration.

You can decorate your own hands pelmets. Choose a design, pattern, purchase decorative materials and sew to the swags.

Beautiful pelmets the room (video)

Despite the fact that most of pelmets can be seen in the classic interior, they are popular so far. A huge number of varieties of curtains decoration leaves room for imagination and gives the opportunity to create a unique interior in any room. When making a room, you can navigate as fashion trends and stick to only their preferences.

Examples pelmets in the hall (photo interior)

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