Turquoise bedroom - decoration of any home and 6 color nuances

Turquoise bedroom – decoration of any home and 6 color nuances

12 October 2017

This year is especially popular in the interior, decorated in turquoise colorsThis year is especially popular in the interior, decorated in turquoise Turquoise attracts many people. He is a symbol of purity, peace and relaxation. It was his people remember being in a stuffy and dusty town, since it represents the coolness and freshness of the sea water. It is therefore quite natural that turquoise shades recently gained immense popularity in the process of finishing the interior sleeping. Turquoise bedroom can not only relax and enjoy, but also to focus on tuning in working condition.

Bedroom in turquoise - a new trend in modern interior

Gone are the days of dim and faded shades, they were replaced by clean and fresh colors. According to Masters, to spread the teachings of Feng Shui color of turquoise, as no other, suitable for decoration interior bedroom. This is due to the fact that turquoise has a positive effect on a person's emotional state, fills it with positive and inspires creative ideas.

Note! Turquoise can also be used in the bedrooms of adults, and in the interior for the kids.

Turquoise stone prized since ancient times and was revered by people. It is truly endowed with fantastic powers. It was believed that he was able to heal a person from deadly diseases. In addition, this stone as a talisman choose a girl, hoping to find love.

Turquoise color looks good in the bedroom, made in the style of ProvenceTurquoise color looks good in the bedroom, made in the style of Provence

All turquoise shades give the interior a bedroom sophistication and elegance.

However, like any other stone, it has its own nuances that should be considered:

  • If you change the lighting color of turquoise can change the hue of all recognition. Therefore, if the room gets sunlight rarely need to choose a light turquoise tones;
  • In small rooms pale turquoise tones will look more organic than the dark;
  • Light colors visually make the room more spacious and easily saturated with air;
  • Turquoise is not used to create a style monochrome;
  • Bright shades of turquoise perfectly harmonize with warm tones and dark - cold;
  • You should not combine a large number of bright colors with turquoise tones, otherwise, the design of the bedroom can get overly colorful and "squeaky".

The advantage of the turquoise is that it is perfect for decoration of any interior, both classic and contemporary.

Bedroom in a turquoise color - the harmony and grace

Turquoise bedroom increasingly find their fans. Created by interior designers, filled with refreshing colors and matching accessories, giving the room a colorful, bold, flashy, but it is by no means vulgar appearance.

Turquoise in combination with white is able to visually enlarge the spaceTurquoise in combination with white is able to visually enlarge the space

All of the bright shades of turquoise helps to visually enlarge the space and make it more spacious, giving unobtrusive, light and airy. Brown, on the contrary, make the room a little smaller than it is.

Bedrooms that can not boast of large size, intended use in the creation of an interior light shades of turquoise. However, according to some people, the lighter shades can give a room a simple look. So they paint the walls of his small little room in an extremely dark turquoise shades, making it at the same time visually less. And it's the most common mistake when creating a bedroom interior in turquoise colors.

If you want to fill your room "overseas expanse" and make the necessary volumes, but without making its appearance in the usual and simple to use decor items and accessories of juicy colors.

It can be ottomans rich dark turquoise cushions embroidered with lurex thread, floral patterns, plaids in white and blue and chocolate tones, shades of gray, blue or brown.

Bedroom design in turquoise and brown colors

Let's start with the fact that the bedroom in which there are brown and turquoise colors are considered the top of elegance and chic. This room is perfect for supporters of eternal classicism, but at the same time, wanting to make it brighter and more spectacular. It is the use of shades of chocolate, makes the room a rigorous and serious, and the color of turquoise, in contrast, brings to the interior brightness and madness at the same time. He seemed to be screaming that turquoise room in brown tones, created for the formidable and cantankerous man who in his heart, wants to continue to be a small child, and "a little bit naughty."

Bedroom, executed in shades of turquoise and brown, looks original and stylishBedroom, executed in shades of turquoise and brown, looks original and stylish

If you want to create a bedroom in brown and turquoise color, then:

  1. The walls of wallpaper in shades of brown;
  2. Gender: installation of laminate made Turkish coffee color;
  3. Ceiling: Tension PVC film color of milk chocolate.

To this room did not seem grim and dark, turquoise dilute it, giving the necessary freshness and flavor. To do this, use the accessories: pendant chandelier, curtains, bedspread and pillows bedside bright turquoise.

Add a little bit of fire: turquoise bedroom design with orange flavor

Given that the turquoise color represents the cold and calm, Orange will give it the necessary warmth and comfort. Turquoise bedroom with bright orange accessories will look stylish and unusual, charging, is in her person positive. For example, the walls with furniture made out in a dark turquoise color and curtains, cushion or blanket, will be orange accents.

Sea surface in the interior of a bedroom

Often, one of the walls in the bedroom is an object to give it a resemblance to the sea surface. Aqua promotes calming, it causes a feeling of light-heartedness and childishness, casting an atmosphere of pleasant thoughts about the rest.

Turquoise evokes fond memories of summer vacationTurquoise evokes fond memories of summer vacation

Pale turquoise bedroom is complemented by white windows, doors, shelves, skirting boards, as well as various accessories: curtains of tulle or veil of light and weightless organza.

Bedroom in black and turquoise colors - top of elegance and grace

Black and turquoise bedrooms are rare, since only a small number of people are able to give your room a stately look.

In the east, the black color is a symbol of perfection and nobility, it symbolizes the goodness and beneficence. However, in high doses, especially in the bedroom, it is capable of plunging into a depression. Therefore, all the shades of black are introduced into the interior, in small portions, homeopathic, diluted with their bright colors.

Turquoise walls in the bedroom complement the black drapes or curtainsTurquoise walls in the bedroom complement the black drapes or curtains

In the black-and-turquoise tandem must be present even neutral color. It may be gray, beige or white.

White walls, black floors and furniture in a turquoise color, you see, you are unlikely to meet such a design in each house.

Turquoise bedroom interior (video)

All shades of turquoise improve mood and calm, they are a symbol of positive and good feelings. So often they can be seen in children's rooms or the bathroom. A living room decorated in gray and turquoise is the acme of perfection. If you are a fan of this color, do not worry, your apartment will not only lose the gloss on the contrary, will be refined and graceful.

Try and succeed!

Bedroom design in turquoise color (photo interiors)

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