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Maps and Cityscapes
People and the Humanities


"Back to Where it all Started" A. Cummings of the Daily Express (British), 24 August 1953

This week takes up the topic of the Cold War. In the Lecture, Professor Mayer discusses the reasons for the rise of the Cold War and anti-Soviet sentiment in the U.S., as well as the tactics each side employed early in the conflict.

Maps and Cityscapes presents the Minuteman missile sites in the West and the atomic energy project at Hanford, WA. Tribal Perspectives deals with the founding of the Indian Claims Commission (ICC) and presents two examples of the commission's work in the Northwest.

In People and the Humanities, we discuss the Washington Representative Albert Canwell, the creation of the Comics Code Authority (CCA) and the pro-capitalist cartoon films of John Sutherland Productions. The Research section presents our top reading and viewing picks for this topic.

Assignment suggestions for this week’s content include:

  • How and why allies become enemies, or vice versa
  • How national and international crises can insert themselves into people's everyday lives and what this insertion means to the daily life of average people.
  • The difference between propaganda and information. Is propaganda always negative? Is the dissemination of information by a government agency always propaganda? Does truth make any difference, and, if so, who decides what is true?