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Week Six: Progressivism in the Northwest

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Progressivism: Theodore Roosevelt and
tightening the corporate belt http://www.edloretto.net/7bpoliticalcartoons.html

This week focuses on politics and Progressivism. In his Lecture (approximately 45 minutes), Jeff Wiltse focuses on the major themes and projects of the movement, with examples from Montana and Seattle.

Maps & Cityscapes (deviating from category) focuses on the virtually unknown story of the proposed monument to the American Indian, with images from the groundbreaking ceremony. Tribal Perspectives provides context for "the vanishing Indian" photographic work of Edward Curtis and Joseph Dixon, as well as a tribal perspective on the impacts of such photography. People and the Humanities presents the art and journals of Montana photographer Evelyn Cameron and Pacific coast artist Emily Carr. In Research we present links that discuss how to use photographs in the classroom, along with our top reading and viewing picks.

Assignment suggestions for this week’s content include:

  • How do national political movements change what occurs on the ground in any local setting?
  • How do photographs reveal the nature of a particular time, and how do they distort the truth?
  • What is the role of government? How do different societies define government and its place in everyday affairs?
  • In what others ways has America or any other country sought to memorialize a group that it previously vilified?