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Week Five: The Third Great Expansion of Democracy: Woman's Suffrage

This week focuses on the subject of voting rights for women, a campaign
that united social activists across the spectrum: women, socialists,
communists, unionists, pacifists, those who supported prohibition, child
labor laws, health codes, and health care, among others. Professor Wiltse's
Lecture (approximately 54 minutes) deals with suffrage in the Northwest and
the importance of suffrage regionally and nationally.

The Maps & Cityscapes page presents illustration and information about
suffrage in the Northwest, with detailed timelines.  Tribal Perspectives discusses women in native society. People and the Humanities presents biographies of Alma Higgins and Sarah Winnemucca as well as suffrage statuary in the nation's capitol, and images produced by women artists to gain support for the cause. Research contains our top reading picks and some good documentaries on the topic.

Assignment suggestions for this week’s content include:

  • the topic of women's place in society...relevant to almost every time period and geographical place
  • the issue of the political enfranchisement of other groups: Indians, Blacks, young adults, Hispanics, etc.
  • the modernization of culture and political life
  • the advancement of Progressivism


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