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Week One: The Industrialization of Timber and Mining.

The content for this week deals  with industrialization and the massive changes that were taking place in  our region as it became increasingly modern.  The Lecture by Professor  Jeff Wiltse (approximately 55 minutes) deals with the story of the rise  and consequences of the extractive economies in the Northwest.

The Maps & Cityscapes this week shows the spread of the railroad and decline of the  bison, as well as images of industry in one mining town in Montana.  The  interviews in Tribal Perspectives address three tribes’ experience with moving onto reservations, which is widely variable from tribe to tribe.  People  and the Humanities deals with the companies conducting mining in Butte, images  of stages of technology, and a poem illustrating the value placed on the lives  of workers.  The Research section lists our top reading and viewing picks  as well as information about census records. 

Anaconda Panorama 1887, Montana Railroad History