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Unit 1: The Late Nineteenth Century

Five main themes of the late 19th Century comprise the content for Unit 1: Industrialization, War of the Copper Kings, Immigrants/Urban Growth, Contest of Culture, and Expansion of Democracy.

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Web Resources

Unit 1 Intoduction and Overview
Professor Jeff Wiltse

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Key Questions for Unit One

Keep these 'key questions' in mind as you go through the content in the five weeks that make up Unit One

  1. How different is the Pacific Northwest in 1880 than it was when we started last year in 1770? What are the key areas that are different? Are there any places or things that have not changed much?
  2. How is the industrialization of the timber and mining industries connected to the placement of native peoples onto reservations? Is one necessary to accomplish the other?
  3. Given the movement of Indians onto reservations, the Dawes Allotment Act, the influx of immigrants into our region from all over the world, and expansion of women's suffrage, take a few minutes to think about how history is constructed, especially in the context of your classrooms. Which groups should get the most emphasis? Does an attempt to include everyone lead to a fractured focus and a sense that different groups did not actually live in the same places at the same times, or is it more important to combat the classic "meta-narratives" of traditional history that leave so many people silent?