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American Expansion into the Northwest
Unit 1 Unit 1 Unit 1

Transportation, Economic Growth,
and Indian Wars and Policies (1850s - 1870s)
Unit 4

Introduction and overview of Unit Four
Professor Harry Fritz

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Introduction and Suggested Reading (Unit 4)

Key Questions

  1. How did the railroad surveys and the rapid economic growth and development of our region contribute to the Indian wars discussed in Week Twelve? Did the surveys and development make the wars "inevitable," or was there always a peaceful option if only people had seen it?
  2. In what ways might the "boom-time" mentality, and the sense of limitless space have helped to establish long-term patterns of relationship between immigrants and Indians, and between immigrants and their environment?
  3. How were the outside influences of government and technology felt in the Northwest region? Professor Fritz has described the West as "under-capitalized" and as an "economic colony" of the East. And the general assumption is that change happens in the eastern cities first, and then flows out into the hinterland. Have you found any exceptions to this general rule - instances in which the implied hierarchy of the relationship between the East and the West is inverted?

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Unit 1 Unit 1 Unit 1