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Welcome to the 15-week curriculum:
American Expansion into the Northwest (1700s to 1880

You will find a Syllabus outline, in PDF format, which you can access by clicking on the "Syllabus" link on the home page of this section.

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Content is arranged in five Units, three weeks each. It is easy to navigate, and I encourage you to explore one week’s content to get familiar with the layout which we use in each week throughout the site.

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Once you click on a week, you enter the “intro to week” page and see a new sub-navigation bar featuring: Lecture; Maps & Cityscapes; Tribal Perspectives; People and the Humanities; and Research. We use these content areas to deliver course material.

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You will need these to use the course materials, including streaming video lectures and map viewing.

Additional Resources for Teachers
In the upper navigation at top of page, click on the "Teachers" tab, and enter this section. We will continue to develop this area of the website to make it easy for teachers to find additional resources in an organized format.