Trendy and modern wallpaper: original prints and textures

Trendy and modern wallpaper: original prints and textures

12 October 2017

Modern wallpapers are presented in a variety of stylesModern wallpapers are presented in a variety of stilyahVybiraya wallpaper, people want to give your interior originality and a certain zest. Aristocracy and mystique, which is achieved by design, will attract a lot of people with good taste. Because some wallpapers are quite a new direction in design, some do not quite understand how to use them so that they produce the correct impression.

Modern and original prints

Wallpapers under brick recently appeared on the market. They are popular among the male half of humanity, because they emphasize the character of the men and masculinity. Women are fond of this type of wallpaper because of the comfort of the atmosphere, which is created under the wallpaper brickwork with proper placement. 

Mysterious kind that give this wallpaper makes them absolutely in any part of the house, whether it be a kitchen, living room, bedroom or study. Wallpapers under brick emphasize the originality of the owners and their desire to be different. 

There are different types of wallpaper with a design for a brick wall. You can buy vinyl wallpaper, non-woven or paper. In addition, the wallpaper under the bricks are separated by color and texture. Like a brick wall can be different in color and wallpaper brick can be brown, tan, beige and other colors. 

More and more popular on the market are the wallpaper under the brick, which give home comfort and cozinessMore and more popular on the market are the wallpaper under the brick, which give home comfort and coziness

Undeniable blues vinyl wallpaper under a brick that they look as realistic. At first glance it is impossible to distinguish from the real wallpaper brick wall. Wallpaper look bulky and pass all the usual cracks of the wall. 
There are different colors of wallpaper, which offer on the market. So, from different manufacturers can buy red wallpaper, yellow, gray, white, black. The size "bricks" It can vary from small to large tiles.

Design Ideas modern wallpaper 2017: maximum realism in home interior

Vinyl wallpaper are good that most accurately give the effect of freshness and a certain mystique. Because of their high density, they give an image in the smallest details. Even the relief they will be similar to the one proposed by the manufacturer. At the touch of vinyl wallpaper, too, will seem like a natural covering, to distinguish will be very difficult. 
Vinyl wallpaper has a dense texture of acoustic system, which will provide long service and soundproofing. Vinyl wallpaper are resistant to dirt and keep their bright picture.

Vinyl wallpaper possess excellent quality and gives room mystery and originalityVinyl wallpaper possess excellent quality and gives room mystery and originality


  • Good sound insulation;
  • Resistant to mold and mildew;
  • Fade resistance;
  • Long service;
  • Maximum similarity to natural finish.


  • The high cost;
  • Long drying;
  • Heavy weight;
  • The absence of air.

Naturally, these disadvantages may seem insignificant, because the high picture quality and naturalness completely overlap disadvantages.

Wallpaper Art Nouveau interior (video)

Choosing what pokleit wallpaper in a modern style in the interior

White color in the interior always looks modern, it adds a bit of aristocracy and elegance. White wallpaper with a pattern will add a home space, visually increase a small area and add lightness large rooms.

Wallpaper imitating brickwork white brick, perfect for those who are too lazy to align the walls and hide flaws want. The smooth surface is achieved due to the dense material adapting to the surface and the relief texture, which hides the irregularities.

Non-woven wallpaper for painting are created, which allows to periodically change the color, experiment with other colors.

Wallpapers are ideal for the decoration of the bedrooms and the rooms that require a visual increase space. Light tone will add light and space in the hall corridor, bathroom. If the apartment has a fireplace, you can glue the background around it, such a combination is perfect for decoration of the living room.

Non-woven wallpaper can be painted, which gives you the ability to change their color at any timeNon-woven wallpaper can be painted, which gives you the ability to change their color at any time

It should be remembered that the white color looks nice in a small amount. Do not make all the walls in the apartment under the white relief, better using it to divide the space into zones (important for one-bedroom apartments).

The best wallpapers: modern design of the room

The decor of the apartment can be very different. It is said that there first had the idea to keep the brickwork on the wall and hang it with wallpaper. Brick wall organically looks in the interior of the castle, the ancient Gothic. Lovers of mystery and stories about Dracula may be advisable to make decorations for the brickwork in the living room, even if there is no fire.

Combine white wallpaper with antique furniture and soft lighting. Gothic interior is quite popular. To immerse yourself in the right atmosphere, enough to issue a bedroom embossed wallpaper in combination with a large bed and furniture in an appropriate style.

Perfectly fit into the interior of the cottage wallpaper imitating wood or brick, they will give the cottage a cozy atmosphere.

Wallpaper for masonry perfectly suited to the interior of a country houseWallpaper for masonry perfectly suited to the interior of a country house

As part of a country house wallpaper help divide it into zones, separating the living room from the kitchen, work area from the rest area. Also very popular decoration arches with traditional wallpaper under a brick. Select the doorway, you can use light. With other billing wallpaper can designate the area to bedroom or divided into zones nursery. Decorative pattern will make a welcome atmosphere for you at low cost, and it will always look elegant and expensive.

Modern wallpaper for the walls: types

Non-woven wallpaper for painting allow you to change the color of the walls of an unlimited number of times. Because of its density, they hide all the irregularities, leaving only the image. Paintable wallpaper allows you to combine colors, experimenting with combinations of shades. If desired, several different colors can be used on some wallpaper.

Paintable wallpaper does not require special care, the only difference from the other type - is the ability to change the color, pattern, etc...

Wallpaper in the modern style: a combination of other wallpapers in the interior

Wallpapers require careful attention to itself in terms of the selection of "neighbors". Wallpaper with a pattern will be well combined with solid classic wallpaper. Using wallpaper with a large figure, it is possible to combine them with white wallpaper with a simple pattern in the form of lines. It is important that the harmony has been achieved between the relief background and pattern.

The combination of wallpaper in the room is a challengeThe combination of wallpaper in the room is a challenge

A white wall is well combined with purple or lilac wallpaper without pattern. If you want to add the interior of brutality and mystery, it is possible to combine the dark brown wall with wallpaper or wallpaper olive khaki.

Red, pink or pale blue wallpaper perfectly will look with a white pattern. Red bricks to reach agreement with pink, coral or orange wallpaper without pattern. For registration of the living room, you can use a light pattern with a light beige wallpaper which will give air space. For a child's room, you can use non-woven wallpaper and paint them yourself in different bright colors. Paintable wallpaper in the nursery will be particularly practical, because any pollution they can be washed off or painted over.

Combining wallpaper in the interior (video)

Regardless of which style is chosen for an apartment, your favorite wallpaper can fit completely into any. Simply choose the type of wallpaper (non-woven, vinyl), and find a good combination of color and pattern. And will only combine and beat all.

Modern wallpaper (photos)

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