Trendy and fashionable wallpaper for the walls in 2017: a photo in the interior

Trendy and fashionable wallpaper for the walls in 2017: a photo in the interior

12 October 2017

Wallpaper - odnin of the most important materials to create fashionable home interiorWallpaper - odnin of the most important materials to create a modern interior domaModnye wallpaper for the walls are one of the most important parts of the interior. To begin repair and finishing work should be precisely to select the appropriate materials. Of course, you can choose absolutely any wallpaper, but if you want to make the interior really trendy and interesting, you need to be aware of the fashion trends in 2017. It is necessary to take into account the furniture in the room to wallpaper combined with other design elements. As a basis we can take the fancy texture and color, but it is advantageous to choose the remaining details of the interior, to the room looked really fashionable and stylish.

A wide choice of design wallpaper

2017 - Year of the Monkey on the eastern calendar, which means that repairs can be made bright, fashionable dark red, orange, yellow. Do not forget about the soft colors, such as green. Gray also goes out of fashion, popular to finish the whole room in gray tones, as well as the allocation of one wall in red or orange.

Monkey loves a variety of plants, wallpaper with images of flowers, vines, stems of plants are also in vogue.

You can also combine plain wallpaper and wallpaper with a picture of leaves and other plants. From the patterns remain popular eastern and abstract.

Gray remains popular and in 2017Gray remains popular and in 2017

In 2017 the construction market offers a wide range of different wallpaper with bright pictures, patterns and textures. Shops filled really unique materials, a variety of colors perfectly match with an unusual texture and pattern wallpaper. Glitter faded into the background, is now in vogue complex three-dimensional drawings of different shapes and forms.

Manufacturers produce entire collection of wallpaper with a specific design, which are different colors and can decorate the house. Fashion is also considered to use in the same room of the same wallpaper, but in different colors.

The most fashionable wallpaper in 2017: characteristics

Having come into the store, you can really get lost among this diversity of materials. Choose the wallpaper you need, as has already been said, and based on the furniture and curtains. For example, beige furniture and chocolate shades tranquil wallpaper suitable light tones.

Wallpaper should be linked with the furniture and curtains, so their choice is always brings challengesWallpaper should be linked with the furniture and curtains, so their choice is always brings challenges

Wallpaper This year the following characteristics:

  • Unusual patterns on the serene backdrop of paintings of the same color. Various circles, diamonds, squares rich in shades of gray and beige wallpaper.
  • Light wallpaper without pattern or with thin dark figures and patterns. These wallpapers are pasted in the bedrooms and living room, visually expand the space.
  • In the fashion designs are also different themes, Asian and European motifs all also popular. Panoramas of cities, landscapes and characters on the wallpaper perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom.
  • Pattern with the texture of stone, brick and other materials are also popular in view of their practicality can be used as an accent in the hall or kitchen.
  • Became popular and volumetric 3D wallpapers and wallpapers. Both can be used in the same room, thus placing emphasis.
  • In one interior wallpaper also combine different textures, for example shiny and matt, glossy and textured.

Keep in mind that using different color and texture need to complement this and other interior details, such as furniture or curtains. While in 2017, and it is fashionable to use and mix the different colors, you need to decide the base color of the wallpaper. This year, fashion are vivid colors, but also popular and have kept quiet pastel shades. These wallpapers allow you to visually align the walls and expand the space. If you want to add brightness, the wall can be finished with a bright wallpaper, or use wallpapers.

Fashionable wallpaper (video)

Wallpaper for the room: Design photo 2017 rating

Hot summer - time to the sea, so fashionable colors hot in 2017 are different shades of blue and dark blue, turquoise, navy blue, combined with brown. These colors are reminiscent of the beach, the sand and the summer. Browns are perfect for the kitchen, but the bright blue can pokleit in the bedroom or living room.

They are becoming increasingly popular abstract patterns in different colors. Wallpaper hi-tech and has a classic plain materials are becoming more popular.

If you use the popular patterns and colors of wallpaper, the interior will long to please you and be fashionable, so it is best to buy a more expensive wallpaper and higher quality.

Decorative properties Wallpaper

  1. Accents using bright materials. In the living room or bedroom can be advantageous to expand the space and give the interior brightness, using wallpaper other colors and textures of the serene backdrop of smooth wallpaper.
  2. A well-chosen wallpaper can be beneficial to emphasize the interior, you can use both modern and classic methods of registration.
  3. Wallpaper allow to correct irregularities of the walls using horizontal and vertical patterns.
  4. Using the same wallpaper of different colors allows zoned premises, wallpapering this technique is often used in studio apartments.
  5. In small rooms the wallpaper with sparkles allow additional fill the room with light, thereby expanding space. Glossy beautiful wallpaper reflect light and also enhance the room.
  6. Wavy lines and abstraction can be used in the living room or children's, just to give a flavor room.
  7. Wall relief wallpaper different saturation colors, such materials tend to be more expensive now traditional wallpaper. Such composite materials is better to use one of the walls that accents.

Summer is always associated with the sea so blue shades are now in vogueSummer is always associated with the sea so blue shades are now in vogue

Talk about the wallpaper can be long and hard, should only be noted that properly selected wallpaper can dramatically change the entire interior design of the room and make it a truly fashionable for years to come. Contrasting and interesting solutions, well-chosen palette accentuate the unique design and style.

Flawless Wallpaper 2017: trends and applications in the interior

For the living room you need to carefully select the wallpaper, it is in this room come friends and guests, it was held here most of the time. The calm tone of furniture will go well with delicate wallpaper and usually light. You should not take the wallpaper with a bright and large pattern, you can take the already familiar wallpaper with stripes, they never go out of fashion. Do not forget about placing accents, light-colored wallpaper can be diluted with bright inserts photowall or textured wallpaper with patterns. Accents also can be arranged using a shiny beige wallpaper or other materials with texture.

The bright bedrooms also have sunk into oblivion, is now in vogue quiet bedrooms, decorated in bright colors.

Drawing room in 2017 popular calm tonesDrawing room in 2017 popular calm tones

Blue, pale pink, calm green and yellow. Bedside wall can be finished with wallpaper patterns, but they should not be too bright and out of the general picture. Fashionable and wallpapers are, for example, to the beach or sunset. Wallpaper dark colors in the bedroom can be glued, only if the room is a lot of light.

Became popular wallpaper with different patterns of plants and animals, such as pink wallpaper with the image of green bamboo. Furniture in this case it is better to choose light, so as not to overload the room with bright colors.

Kitchen in 2017 to finish better light materials, but the furniture to choose bright colors such as white wallpaper perfectly with violet and blue headset. Black lockers are also gaining popularity. We can distinguish different wallpaper kitchen area, for example, dining patterned wallpaper to decorate and cooking place directly - Uni wallpaper juicy shades. Do not forget about wallpaper with patterns and drawings of flowers, they are also in vogue. However, do not overload the room colorful wallpaper, the furniture should be light and monochromatic, to create a contrast with the wallpaper. The main thing that the room was harmony, and his eyes did not suffer from an abundance of textures and shades.

Wallpaper for walls in 2017 (video)

In conclusion, it must be said that in 2017 the emphasis is on comfort and space, that is, the wallpaper should fit into the interior, making the room visually larger and more. Do not be afraid of experimenting with colors and textures, as long as the tone combined and introduced something new and fresh in the interior. For bedrooms and kitchens, you can choose the calm light shades, and for the living room to take bright and juicy colors, a variety of abstract patterns. If you do the job accurately and qualitatively, the fashionable and stylish wallpaper will please its owner for several years.

Fashionable wallpaper for the walls in 2017 (photo)

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