Topiary organza 3 best ideas

Topiary organza 3 best ideas

12 October 2017

Topiary organza can transform any interior for the better, the diversity of its bright colorsTopiary organza can transform any interior for the better, diversifying its bright tsvetamiZadumyvayas about what a holiday to please family and loved ones, we often speculated, fearing that our choice will be unoriginal, or even worse - unnecessary. However, a gift made with their own hands, to keep warm the heart and soul, always have to taste.

Beautiful Topiary Organza: a bit of history

Topiary delicate organza - the perfect gift for any occasion. Topiary is among other things fashionable and fresh interior design solutions for any home. They are called trees of happiness, because they cause joy and lifting the mood in any person who received them as a gift.

The word "Topiary" was born in the days of ancient Rome, originally so called slaves that support in the gardens beautiful and eye pleasing originality. Hereinafter designated as decorative art care for trees and shrubs, topiary today called interior miniature trees, produced their own hands with the inclusion in the composition of natural materials. You can use absolutely any materials: twigs, shells elegant, beautiful stones, moss and dried flowers.

Topiary art are not replicas of living trees, so you are not limited in-flight of his imagination.

Topiary organza can be supplemented with a variety of figures, which make the composition more attractiveTopiary organza can be supplemented with a variety of figures, which make the composition more attractive

So, you might get a topiary of flowers, cones, coffee beans or even fruit. The most gentle and elegant views are Topiary Topiary organza to create them will be explained in detail below.

Master Class Topiary Organza: detailed process

In this part of the article to your attention will be presented step by step explanation of the manufacturing process Topiary own hands.

To manufacture a tree of happiness, you will need to stock up on:

  • Organza (approximately 2.5 m is required, remember that the width of the fabric should not be less than 70 cm);
  • Ball-foam preform from a diameter not less than 7 cm .;
  • Glue gun for hot glue;
  • Pot for graceful composition;
  • Stapler (the most common approach, clerical);
  • With foam;
  • Sharp scissors;
  • Driftwood (remember that it is a decorative carrier element, however it should be aesthetically attractive);
  • wire;
  • Atalsnymi brocades or ribbons;
  • Decorative details to your taste.

An excellent option for creating topiary is an old cup or other utensilsAn excellent option for creating topiary is an old cup or other utensils

Instructions step by step

Begin work better with Topiary trunk if you can not find a nice and smooth, snag yourself, buy already processed in a store decoration and hand-made studio. The original decision is driftwood satin ribbon inlay or painting it in the color you want, especially the fresh look will be gold or red. If you decide to decorate a snag satin ribbon, do not forget to fix the end of it with hot glue.

An interesting embodiment snags decoration will be white twine or lace.

When snag is ready, insert it into a ball-blank, beware: it must stand straight and securely, you can "put" it on the hot glue. Once you can do decoration of the pot, for example, you can wrap the thread severe, placing it on a hot glue can be decorated with lace or cloth. Then fill the pot with foam, but not to the brim, remember that foam may increase in volume. Insert the vase with foam snag and leave the future of the tree for the night, the next day, remove the excess dried foam. After a start to work with organza, cut into desired number of squares you, do cornets (how do cornets, written below), fold the blanks in a convenient location, such as a tray. Further in turn put on each pound of hot glue, thus securing them to the bowl. As a result, you should have a crown made of organza.

The original decision is to apply with a bird cage in combination with white shadesThe original decision is to apply with a bird cage in combination with white shades

You needed only to decorate your tree, the process is not limited by anything except your imagination and the overall concept of Topiary. Example ready Topiary you can see in the photo.

How do cornets organza for Topiary

Let's see how to do cornets organza. Funtikov called the small decorative details, allowing like a puzzle, collect Topiary. It should be cut into small squares of organza, not more than 7 cm in length, preference was given to floral organza, it will not give you trouble in the creative process, the usual organza has a habit of crumbling on the edge.

The resulting squares to fold on the diagonal, slightly shifting the corners, and then bend them so as to obtain an accordion, cornet fix a stapler or pin. Sometimes they are bonded thread, but it will significantly increase operating time.

Topiary of flowers and organza: the main differences

If you want to treat yourself or your loved ones fresh and striking topiary, you can make topiary of fresh flowers. To do this, you need to stock up on floral sponge colors to suit your taste, décor elements, the basis for the trunk, flowerpots and cement.

Step process:

  1. To begin wrap package pot, fill it with cement, ready, before reaching the edge of 5-6 cm, set in the middle of the trunk and leave overnight to dry, after drying, cut the edge of the package and fill floral sponge pot to the brim.
  2. Moistened sponge zadekoriruyte its moss.
  3. Then place the fresh flowers for your taste, just sticking them in the jaw and fixing ribbons on a wooden base.

Under Topiary organza perfectly live pot, standing nextUnder Topiary organza perfectly live pot, standing next

Remember: the more colors, the more elaborate and more colorful your composition.

Topiary after decorate with ribbons, beads or lace. This Topiary is good that you can change the colors and decor as desired and needed.

Topiary Organza: Wedding prezenty

If you have to go to the wedding, it is clearly in front of you is the question, what to give to newlyweds. Of course, to the main gift to customary to give flowers, but usually at weddings is the abundance of flowers that young people do not even pay attention to them, and take a few days and all the beauty fades, from your efforts will be over.

With a little effort and effort, you can really surprise and please honeymooners, giving them Topiary handmade wedding.

An original gift for the newlyweds at the wedding will Topiary organza, made in the style of the themeAn original gift for the newlyweds at the wedding will Topiary organza, made in the style of the theme

Creating Topiary organza wedding "Violet happiness"

For its production you need to stock up on:

  • Bowl-a basis of foam;
  • Rose Floral organza (about 5 m);
  • Trunk (35-40 cm);
  • Flowerpots (preferably ceramic and elegantly decorated);
  • Wedding figurine;
  • Satin flowers;
  • Satin ribbons;
  • alabaster;
  • sisal;
  • Pink or purple acrylic paint;
  • Glue gun;
  • Stationery stapler;
  • Scissors.

The presence of bugs and other tiny animals will make your creation more alive, and it is sure to enjoy the childrenThe presence of bugs and other tiny animals will make your creation more alive, and it is sure to enjoy the children

Let's start with the coloring of the barrel in lilac or pink, while it is drying, prepare cornets, after anchoring the trunk at the base (you can put it on the hot glue). Spreading in a pot right amount of plaster, put the barrel back to the base. We leave it for the night - to solidify. Next we fix accurately and consistently cornets based on forming a crown. In addition Funtikov on the basis of harmony is necessary to glue the flowers, they should not be much of their purpose - to enrich, without weighing its composition. At the end of zadekoriruyte pot sisal and miss on the line of the barrel beads. Under the crown can be set wedding figurine.

Topiary "heart" Organza: doing the right thing

Making topiary in the shape of a heart on technology similar to the manufacture of conventional Topiary Organza:

  1. First of all, prepare a pot, Wrap it with a cloth, for example, red, lace or ribbons, fill it with cement, construction foam or alabaster (of your choice, depending on with what is convenient and familiar work).
  2. Anchoring the barrel in a solution with a strengthened thereon basis ball-formed in a heart shape. You can cut it yourself or Styrofoam or buy a ready-made blank.
  3. After the solution solidifies, and a trunk with ball locks, can proceed to the formation of the crown. Cornets are fixed with hot glue on the conventional technology. It is better if you start to fill in the tree from the top down or in a spiral.
  4. When the crown is ready, do not forget about the decor, decorate the pot with moss or sisal, and the very crown can be decorated with beads or feathers.

How to make a topiary organza with their hands (video)

Topiary - this is happiness, the embodiment of your hands, it's not just an accessory for the interior decoration, it is a symbol of comfort and peace in the house.

Topiary organza in the interior (photo)

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