Topiary of satin ribbons 5 original ideas

12 October 2017

Topiary of satin ribbons perfectly complements any interiorTopiary of satin ribbons perfectly complements any intererTopiary of satin ribbons is an exquisite decoration, ideal for homes with any interior. The main thing - to recreate a realistic picture and link properly with each other color. At first it may seem that the basis for the manufacture of titanic topiary lies, which can cope with only a master with considerable experience. The road will master going, and therefore a beginner has a good chance.

Topiary of satin ribbon with your hands: the preparation of materials

Getting Started in the beginning you need to take care of the presence of all the materials that may be needed in the process.

The process of preparation - is a key point, from which the correctness of the final result depends directly.

To create a topiary is better to pick up the tape of different colors at the same time avoid unnecessary medleyTo create a topiary is better to pick up the tape of different colors at the same time avoid unnecessary medley

To work required:

  1. Satin ribbons. It is best to select multiple color bands, from 3 to 5. However, in all important to keep a measure that does not happen too vulgar or tasteless.
  2. Pot or planter. It is desirable that this element was small or even tiny. The material does not matter. It can be wood, plastic or papier-mache.
  3. "Tree trunk. Elementary solution - a wooden stick, ideal ground off on all sides. However, if you find this is not possible, you can buy her a plastic equivalent.
  4. Paper to create the crown. There are no restrictions. Newspaper, paper or magazine - to work it all fit perfectly.
  5. Decor. Immediately following completion of the work will have a few to decorate a pot and crown of the tree. For these purposes the perfect ordinary paint from a container, beads, crystals, etc.

Before purchasing the missing components, you need to think through every detail, it will look like the final product. Then navigate in the variety of offerings will be much easier.

Topiary "heart" of satin ribbons - a gift of love

The best gift for valentine hearts - Topiary is made with their own hands. It all begins as standard for this kind of forgery: the base, wrapped in a satin ribbon and set in advance picked up the pot.

Topiary of satin ribbons in a heart - a great gift for loversTopiary of satin ribbons in a heart - a great gift for lovers

Now, however, will make the heart, and work will be performed in the following sequence:

  • Styrofoam heart cut out the right size;
  • At the bottom of the blank hole is made in order to install it on the barrel;
  • Heart beautiful glued corrugated paper on all sides;
  • Of satin ribbons are made small hearts, which are subsequently glued to the foam heart.

Topiary "heart" - a rather laborious task, which no one o'clock leave. However, all their efforts paled at the sight of happy loving eyes.

Topiary of satin s "Sunflowers" - decorations for the mood

Almost every master class for beginners shows manufacturing technology of solar sunflowers, which will certainly become a welcome in any home.

Using satin ribbons of yellow and green colors, you can create an original topiary in the form of a sunflowerUsing satin ribbons of yellow and green colors, you can create an original topiary in the form of a sunflower

 And they are performed in the following sequence:

  • Cut round the basis of cardboard;
  • Bent in the form of petals of yellow tape adhered to the substrate, stepping 1 cm from the edge;
  • On the lower part of cardboard glued green petals, at a distance of 2.5 cm from the edge;
  • In order to have turned luxuriant sunflowers, petals need to glue in several rows, gradually picking up to the base;
  • And in order to create a realistic "midway", you can use coffee beans that simulates seeds.

After sunflower will be installed on the stem, the bottom can glue another row of green petals, which will also serve as a kind of reinforcement.

Flowers of satin ribbons for Topiary: step by step

On average, Topiary need 20 to 25 flowers of different sizes. The simplest technology - is a twisting ribbons in neat rosettes, which is very easy to stick on the ball.

Topiary in the form of roses looks particularly impressiveTopiary in the form of roses looks particularly impressive

Another, more intricate technology involves the use of several types of tissue:

  • Atlas;
  • Grid;
  • Silk.

Originally from fabric cut a circle that, for the treatment of the edges should be held under the candle. However, it is important not to overdo it so that the material is not darkened.
After all circles prepared can start collecting compositions: first superimposed silk, then atlas, and then mesh. Future Flower sure to seal the thread and decorate bead to hide the seams. The gaps between the flowers can be filled with ribbons of organza, which is very harmoniously integrated into the overall concept.

Topiary of satin ribbons: Wedding composition

Wedding Topiary is a very original gift, which is a long time will remind the couple of their happy day. In the process, usually there are no complications.

The main principle of drawing up a wedding topiary - using pastel ribbonsThe main principle of drawing up a wedding topiary - using pastel ribbons

 And yet, the process nuances do exist:

  • Should be used no more than 3 colors, to make the most delicate topiary;
  • More satin, mesh and organza - these products look the most gentle;
  • It is important not to overdo it: the product should not be nalyapistym.

Simple and at the same time, a memorable surprise for sure will make a splash and give the young the opportunity for a long time happily recall what happened in their lifetime event.

Topiary of satin ribbons and organza

Used as a base ball first should paste over self-colored paper to newspaper printing is not viewed through the thin fabric. Organza is usually wound on the ball in the satin ribbons serve as decoration for her. It is best to make them flowers, with different colors.

The combination of ribbons and satin organza result provides exquisiteThe combination of ribbons and satin organza result provides exquisite

Topiary of colorful ribbons and organza perfectly fit into any interior, and will be a wonderful gift for any festival.

For a basis it would be appropriate to take a few nuances that allow guaranteed to get a masterpiece:

  • To work, it is desirable to use an adhesive that does not leave a trace;
  • To do the work necessary to sequentially, waiting for the previous elements are dry;
  • In order to make the product elegant appearance, it can be covered with sequins.

Topiary of satin ribbons (video)

Any step by step wizard class - it is an opportunity to create a truly exquisite masterpiece, without incurring significant financial costs. Sunflowers, wedding motifs, flowers and organza ribbons will be a real boon for those who are in constant search of gifts for their loved ones.

Topiary of satin ribbons (photo)

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