Tips on creating a topiary with their hands for beginners: flying circle

Tips on creating a topiary with their hands for beginners: flying circle

12 October 2017

Homemade Topiary - a great gift, make that quite easily and simplyHomemade Topiary - a great gift, which is fairly easy to make and will make prostoNovichok few hours stylish topiary. The unusual composition - beautiful decoration for residential or office space, and a special gift. For its production will need patience and some materials: coffee beans, string, glue and a number of tools that can be found in DIY stores. Start the creative process is necessary to select the design of the composition.

Topiary "Letyaschie cup": Search for inspiration

Coins, seashells, buttons, beads, pearls and coffee beans - enumeration is used to create the creative crafts. In choosing the material necessary to build on their own preferences and the available resources. As another landmark occasion to speak approaching: Easter, birthday, or February 14.

Regardless of the reason, and selected materials, Topiary originally created on paper. In contrast to these materials on the sheet can be arbitrarily fold design composition. If the thoughts in my head do not go, you will come to the aid of a master class. View the video fragments will not take a lot of time. 

TopiaryTopiary "flying cup" - a unique and stylish little thing that is perfectly decorate your workplace

As is recommended as an additional tool to find inspiration:

  • View thematically organized catalogs.
  • Visit shops of handmade goods.
  • View broadcasts of design.
  • Poll friends and stuff.

After analyzing various options, you can choose the one that best fit into the interior. It must be remembered that the flying of the composition are selected taking into account prevailing in the interior color. Once the project is approved, you can begin to work. Before going to the store to buy a list of materials needed, it is better to think in advance that you will need. Regardless of the size composition, on a mandatory basis should buy a cup and saucer. It is desirable that they were harmoniously combined.

Easter Topiary "Letyaschaya cup" their own hands

Holiday fun mark when it is decorated stylish composition. One of the most common - "the cup of abundance." It is executed in light colors using shards or pebbles. Designers call not to limit the flight of fancy. The main thing - to adhere to a sense of proportion, otherwise the composition will not stand still.

Easter mug created soaring a few hours. 

Easter Topiary in the form of a flying cup, decorated eggs, is a perfect gift for the holidaysEaster Topiary in the form of a flying cup, decorated eggs, is a perfect gift for the holidays

To do this, you need the following materials:

  • Scotch paint.
  • Shards from the old pot.
  • Sisal green.
  • 20-25 pieces of plastic eggs.
  • Roses or a set of artificial flowers.
  • 3-5 sprigs.
  • Thermal Adhesive.
  • 3-4 small figurines of chickens.
  • Fork, you want to use the pliers to bend.

To avoid accidental damage to crockery, place the contact bent forks and cups and saucers, you need to paste over the tape. Carefully stick the fork tines to the bottom of the saucer. Duration glue drying - 35 minutes. Making sure that it really dried up, the handle should be fork lock at the bottom of the cup.

By creating a composition of their own hands, should be aware of the precautions. Immediately after fixing the cup at the top, it should prop by means of dense high boxes. Simple method does not allow the collapse of the composition until the adhesive dries. Attention and accuracy required decoration with the bottom of the composition.

It is necessary to choose intelligently - base resistance ensures durability of the composition. For these purposes, decorative stones, over which converts sisal. Camouflage helps plug masking tape on which the glue-gun mounted sisal. Using the same tool, the upper part of the inner surface of the mug is decorated with decorative sprigs.

Making saucer comprises decorative Easter eggs, fixed with glue-gun closer to the rim base. Eggs are laid out in such a way as to fit into the gaps formed rosettes. Optionally the composition is supplemented with lace or sequins.

Topiary coffee "Lyuschand Imug smiling"

strong drink fans will enjoy themselves or loved ones stylish details. For its production need materials as in the previous case. The exception will be only a few points related to the main decorative element - coffee beans. Select them should not be on the market, and in the store. In this case, a special flavor will remain for a long time.

Topiary Coffee is easily done by hand, decorated it interesting and original thingsTopiary Coffee is easily done by hand, decorated it interesting and original things

Designers do not recommend to take a long time lying on the counter goods. These grains are strongly impregnated with atmospheric moisture and odors. To flying coffee composition to get a really spectacular for its production will need 500 - 700 grams of grain. 

The further procedure is as follows:

  • Select the geometric shape of the composition: a ball, a heart, etc.
  • Find a stick or pencil, which will act as a base.
  • Hack set at any capacity, the size of which corresponds to the idea.
  • Mix the fixing solution in a pot and quickly insert to the base composition.
  • Done in a preselected geometric shape opening which is used for fixing the trunk.
  • Tape masking tape base.
  • The first layer is applied to strip coffee grains down, and the second - up.

For beginners, no harm will know that after each step of pasting takes place not less than 30 minutes before the start of the next. Specified time enough for the glue dried up. It completes the creative process of fixing a sound structurally wires on the cup and saucer. To do this, 4-5 cm bend both ends of the wires, moisten them with a thermal adhesive.

children topiary "Paryaschaya cup"

Unusual in form and content pouring compositions will please both children and adults. For her chosen bright and quiet tones, e.g., blue, or orange burgundy. As a base selected topics related to their favorite cartoon characters, literary heroes or child hobby. Several ideas will present photos of finished versions.

For children, this will be a very interesting gift, as in the children's Topiary used many colors and beautiful objectsFor children, this will be a very interesting gift, as in the children's Topiary used many colors and beautiful objects

Designers have developed guidelines to help determine the choice of:

  • If it is a girl, you are chosen as a blank samples Princess or Fairy house.
  • Boys easily impressed by hovering flying saucer alien super-hero or a plane.
  • The kid wants a pet? Then, as the basis of a figure psi, cats and birds. 

How to make a topiary (video)

Floating in space mug - a spectacular addition to the interior and a chic gift. Novice without much trouble to make it for a few hours. Before you begin, you should decide on the design variant, the size and color style. After that, selected materials, reliable adhesive. After work and before the start of use should be at least days. 

Topiary for beginners (photo)

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