Tips and tricks: you wash ceilings without divorce

Tips and tricks: you wash ceilings without divorce

12 October 2017

To the suspended ceiling has not lost its original luster, it is necessary for them to properly careTo the suspended ceiling has not lost its original luster, it is necessary for the correct uhazhivatUstanoviv ceilings majority of sighs of relief, do not whitewash or paint the ceiling each year. But over time, spots may appear on the surface of the ceiling, or a flat and smooth surface of the fabric somewhat lost its original luster. Fabric care is necessary to select the right cleaning tools and know how to wash ceilings without divorce.

Caring for stretch ceilings in the apartment

Stretch ceilings in the apartment have different degrees of pollution, depending on the room in which installed.

Ceilings in various rooms:

  1. The most dirty is the ceiling in the kitchen, as there is soot, grease and other derivatives of the cooking.
  2. Second pollution may be the ceiling in the bathroom as the water splashes left on the surface of the spots, as children often play in the water different bryzgalku.
  3. This is followed by a children's room, malyshnya not reach to the ceiling of his hands, but is constantly flying around the room items may stain the ceiling.
  4. And the last of contamination becomes a living room and a bedroom. In these rooms, the ceiling is enough to wipe the dust with a damp soft sponge.
  5. In the living room ceiling may suffer after the holidays, when properly open a bottle of champagne.

Caring for stretch ceiling is more dependent not on its constant washing, and in the correct and careful use and pollution prevention.

Suspended ceiling in the kitchen the most heavily exposed to pollutionSuspended ceiling in the kitchen the most heavily exposed to pollution

Having got into the kitchen can be more powerful hood to avoid soot on the ceiling. The ceiling in the bathroom will suffer less if a standard vertical blinds add another bar and pull the horizontal curtain, which will be closed in conjunction with the vertical. In this case, the water spray will not get up at the ceiling, and when bathing the baby, the curtain that hangs from the top down is necessary to raise and consolidate the post. In the children's hard to avoid the spots, as the younger generation does not explain how difficult it is to wash the ceiling.

How to wash ceilings: matte, glossy, light and dark

Depending on the material from which made the ceiling, there are different ways to wash. Currently, for the manufacture of suspended ceilings are used only two types of materials - fabric and PVC film. The colors may be different, that in the first embodiment, in the second. Structure (matt or gloss) the same inherent in both materials.

Care tension ceilings it depends in particular on the ceiling of manufacturing the material and its structureCare tension ceilings it depends in particular on the ceiling of manufacturing the material and its structure

How to handle the ceiling:

  1. Both types of materials are not afraid of wet cleaning, and for this reason they can be washed with water or, if very dirty soap solution. More durable ceiling PVC film, but it is not recommended to wash with a liquid for windows or abrasive sponges.
  2. The ceilings are made of cloth is even more delicate and it is necessary to treat them accordingly. The fabric does not like strong pressure on it and the least resistant to scratches and mechanical damage.
  3. Glossy dark surface of the droplets and dirt tracks are more visible than in the matte light. But often it is not necessary to rub the ceiling, washing the material on the degree of contamination. Summer on the ceiling there are traces of dust and soot streets.

If a window or vents in the house are always open, you should wipe the ceiling with a soft mop and steps one or two times per month.

In general, ceilings fairly easy to clean with water or soap solutionIn general, ceilings fairly easy to clean with water or soap solution

Special scrap materials on the market today is small, so the mop can be made independently.

In conventional mop wood stuffed thick layer of foam rubber and with this construction the ceiling easily cleaned frequently.

How to wash ceilings with a large area

In a large apartment, cottage or office ceiling area is very large, so wash your hands it will be difficult and long. In this case it is better to order workers cleaning company that will cope with the ceiling of the washing is not a long time.

If a large area of ​​a stretch ceiling is better to use the services of specialistsIf a large area of ​​a stretch ceiling is better to use the services of specialists

cleaning company workers do not wash their hands ceiling, and use steam or steam cleaner get rid of dirt.

In this case, the ceiling, under the influence can sag several strong jet of hot steam, but when the room temperature is normal, the surface of the fabric will be stretched and smoothed again. This cleaning method will eliminate the dust and return ceiling initial beautiful appearance.

The washing stretch ceiling: Chemistry and Materials

By installing the suspended ceiling in the room, you need to ask installation specialists, which means you can use it to wash a piece of art. Are there any performance in this type of coverage, and what materials should be used for correct operation and long ceiling. Any installer will offer special detergents to care for ceiling cloth, but most of them consist of the usual soap solution.

For proper care of the stretch ceiling will need:

  • Mop with sponge winding;
  • Soft sponge;
  • Soap;
  • Water;
  • Ladder.

Better to use a stepladder and a mop with a short handle, as when using a long-handled difficult to understand the force of pressure on the tissue. Foam layer was dipped in a soap solution and the ceiling drive back and forth.

Wash in a circular motion is not recommended, as in this case remain divorces.

After wet cleaning is necessary to clean the ceiling a soft, clean, dry cloth.

much better to wash the suspended ceiling can be and with the chair, but the ladder is suitable for this purposemuch better to wash the suspended ceiling can be and with the chair, but the ladder is suitable for this purpose

The soft sponge is used on small surfaces, such as a bathroom or small kitchen. In these dirty areas are more pronounced, and they should be thoroughly washed.

Soapy water is made from the usual colorless, better children, soap or dishwashing detergent. It is better to use soap or colorless agent.

Water for washing the ceiling should not be hot, good choice - water at room temperature. If soap is poorly soluble in water and such foam does not form a sufficient, it is possible to use hot water, and soap after addition to the water to stand and cool.

In any case it is not necessary to use powder detergents, as they may not completely dissolve and ruin the fabric, scratch the surface.

The washing stretch ceiling (video)

How to wash ceilings in the home: the removal of certain types of pollution

At home, wash Tension ceilings mistress alone.

But sometimes do not know what tool to use in a particular case:

  1. Clear assembly foam on a stretch ceiling is very difficult, because it is very dry on any surface. This will require special solvents to foam, but to apply them directly to the surface of the ceiling should not be.
  2. If during the installation of the ceiling in the house is not left even a small piece of fabric or PVC film from which the ceiling is made, it is necessary to refer to the company - the installer to get a small sample of tissue. In this sample, and should try solvents. If a trace is left, it can be sprayed on the surface of the ceiling. After use, the dissolving agent must be immediately wash portion soap solution.
  3. To wash the suspended ceiling, which got the paint should apply the same advice as for the money from the foam.
  4. In homes where there are smokers do have to carefully take care of the ceiling in a smoker's room. If there was a dark stain on nicotine, it is washed with a solution of water and dishwashing.

Often dark spots appear in the area of ​​chandeliers, lamps, near windows.

If the suspended ceiling has appeared for the first time in the house, and the mistress does not know how to care for them, any work is carried out on a small section of the ceiling surface, which is not evident.

Dark spots on the markers and champagne rubbed hard, and you can use a weak alcohol solution, but do not hold to.

The main principle when cleaning a stretch ceiling - accuracy, as the web is fairly easy to tearThe main principle when cleaning a stretch ceiling - accuracy, as the web is fairly easy to tear

Ceiling PVC film is more resistant to damage, but do not try it for strength. In the beginning all the work necessary to free his hands from the decorations, even a small ring can scratch the surface. Holes will not, but scratch can remain. Manicure with rhinestones, as well does not have to engage in cleaning the ceiling.

Properly cleaned ceiling surface by using a vacuum cleaner with a soft packing. Not worth the extra pressure on the fabric using a vacuum cleaner.

How to clean ceilings without divorces home remedies

Cleaning the glossy ceiling is comparable to the cleaning mat, with the only difference being that the glossy surfaces should be thoroughly rubbing. The most common means for imparting a glossy kind of ceiling is a penny pharmacy means - is ammonia.

Ammonium chloride (aka ammonia solution) - best homemade cleaner stretch ceilingAmmonium chloride (aka ammonia solution) - best homemade cleaner stretch ceiling

Reviews of the owners of suspended ceilings are full of recipes vying for the use of this drug, but the most common is the dilution of ammonia in water with a ratio of 1: 9. It is 9 parts water to one part ammonia.

Remove dust and dirt from a ceiling surface serves conventional soapy water, then water solution is changed to a new cloth smelling salts and carried across the surface. Some housewives polishing using a soft car sponge to give the car a shine and gloss.

The wash ceilings without divorce (video)

Caring for stretch ceiling is easy, and you should not rush to the nearest office cleaning. Any woman is subject correct and high-quality cleaning cloth surface of the ceiling, and the financial component on special means is not great. Do not be afraid to mount the ceiling of the house, as it has much more advantages, and cleaning and maintenance of it in a small apartment is not difficult. As the saying goes, "The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing."


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