Tips and Tricks: cross-stitch cat scheme

Tips and Tricks: cross-stitch cat scheme

12 October 2017

Very beautiful, and most importantly - a simple diagram of cross stitching - this embroidery catsVery beautiful, and most importantly - a simple diagram of cross stitching - it koshekV embroidery techniques embroidery cross, it seems, can embroider anything, including many women's favorites - cats. This can be either a cat's muzzle, or cat lovers, big and small, on the tree and on the roof, funny and graceful, lazy and naughty, kittens and pets are adults. If you watch all the proposed pictures, you can get confused in choosing the right scheme. For beginners, it will be easier to embroider lightweight scheme, without a lot of elements of color. And it makes it easier if buy ready sets.

cross stitch scheme: cats and kittens mileyshie

Developers schemes for embroidery threads are very often take little kittens. These perky kitties, funny, frisky and a bit clumsy, but because such a charming. There are a series where one embroidered cat is cuter another.

You can take as a basis the following figures:

  • Kitten sitting in the shoe;
  • Kittens in pockets sweater;
  • Ginger cat in the bag pocket;
  • SEALs in a basket with a ball of yarn;
  • Colored tablecloth on which the kittens are playing;
  • Charming British were treated sour cream;
  • Red Ball, which play a glamorous cat;
  • British cat with a bow at the neck.

Today, there are many different kits for embroidery with sweetest kittensToday, there are many different kits for embroidery with sweetest kittens

And the list could be endless! And even well-known in the embroidery topic seasons you can beat with a cat theme. We embroider on the same canvas four quadrants, one cat will play with a sprig of lilac in the other - splashing in the lake, in the third - to frolic in maple leaves, in the fourth - catching spout snowflakes. But may be it is four different pictures.

cross stitch schemes: black and white cat, contour embroidery

If you want something more simple and elegant, use black-and-white patterns. This may be a contour embroidery, pretty simple, so for beginners this option exactly appropriate. "Snow" Siamese cat, the mysterious moon cat on the roof, Egyptian and Burmese cats - all on your choice. It can be an elegant silhouette cat, get a sofa.

Embroidered on the canvases of black and white cats look more elegant and sophisticatedEmbroidered on the canvases of black and white cats look more elegant and sophisticated

For successful embroidery canvas Aida, you will need 14 or 16, is weaving the most suitable.

The filament floss fold in half. Contour embroidery is simple, because the work will move forward quickly and easily. An interesting variant can be, for example, two cats in a mirror image. And the originality of the work will be achieved by an interesting combination of thread colors and the canvas.

embroidery cross schemes, black cat, and not only

Many needlewoman love cats charming authorship Margaret Sherry. Its design is different in that the picture is very well established, and the sheer size parameters are small embroidery. It is often the small size affects the quality parts - it is invariably low. But Margaret Sherry all works very subtly, carefully traced.

In this case, you have to be careful - a small otrezochke found a lot of fractional, crosses quarter. Many beginners are afraid to make a mistake, something to sew properly. And this error is noticeable even fourth part of the cross is very important in designs by Margaret Sherry.

Well-designed, Margaret Sherry schemes are ideal for cross-stitch embroideryWell-designed, Margaret Sherry schemes are ideal for cross-stitch embroidery

But these seals are sewn, if so carried away pretty quickly. Many artists in their blogs have noted that the process of embroidery four amusing cats took less than a month. The result is good - juicy, bright colors, fun, smiling seals, all cute and brings a smile.

Contents such work is possible in the conventional picture frame. Kittens themselves bright enough to spend on special embellishment. And black cats, and striped, rainbow and pot-bellied look equally great.

Cross Stitch Cats (video)

You can devote a lot of time cross stitch it cats - a simple village cat, or a mysterious Cheshire Cat, and maybe you will be able to represent his or Permian Siberian pet - in a special program to develop a scheme for the photo.

In any case - a pleasant process, and an excellent result!

Beautiful embroidered cross cats (photo)

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