Think over the design of the walls in the living room: photos and 3 main factors

Think over the design of the walls in the living room: photos and 3 main factors

12 October 2017

Living room should be bright, stylish and comfortable for each family memberLiving room should be bright, stylish and comfortable for each member semiGostinaya - a card owners, we can say it is the heart of the house. This room should be festive, bright, stylish, each member of the family there should be cozy, comfortable, warm. That is why, when the owners of the house doing repairs are going to paste over the walls of the room new decoration material, it is necessary to consider not only the modern ideas, but also the wishes of the household.

How to choose a wallpaper on the walls in the living room

Make a wall can be beautiful and interesting, and with his own hands, the main thing to choose the right finishing material.

When selecting experts recommend to consider the following factors:

  • Which side of the horizon, which is the living room;
  • Coloring of furniture and interior items;
  • Personal preferences of home owners.

Make a living room wall, you can own the original, just select the appropriate material for finishingMake a living room wall, you can own the original, just select the appropriate material for finishing

To the main room harmony is respected, it is important to choose the color scheme according to the living room arrangement. In that case, if the windows facing north, it will be a wonderful option to paste over the wall wallpaper warm colors, such as shades of yellow, orange, peach, mustard, olive. The same option will be suitable if the window does not go to the north, but closed with thick trees. If the windows face south, it is better to choose a cool shades.

About color interior can not be forgotten, it is important to tone combined, it is impossible to overdo it with the color used should be no more than 5 colors.

If you want to focus on furniture, select it from the crowd, then the wallpaper should be neutral. So if the furniture is dark, the walls should be light. Conversely, if the furniture is light, the original should be pokleit bright or dark wallpaper. This line allows you to save in the room harmony. If you want to make an emphasis on the design picture or panels, then finishes should not be contrasting. This will highlight exactly the desired item.

It is important that before any re-coating of the walls talk to all people in the household, it is necessary to take into account the taste preferences of each, find a compromise version. Ideas may be different, a great option in the event that is difficult to come to a common denominator - combined walls. This is when the walls are decorated with two different colors.

Bright, light or dark walls of the living room: it is better to choose

Even during the planning of repairs required to the question arises, what to dress the walls of the main house room. It is important to take into account every detail, such as photo prints on wallpaper not fit into every interior. It is important to print, graphic images combined with the interior. The best option is still considered not bright wallpaper, without the expressed color and texture.

However, too quite simply should not be, unattractive wallpaper will make a boring room, it should not be allowed in the living room should be solemn and interesting.

Using the molding can be given extraordinary expressiveness of the living room wall, highlighting the specific areaUsing the molding can be given extraordinary expressiveness of the living room wall, highlighting the specific area

As the walls give expression? You can use the molding. Moldings help to raise the ceiling, if you place them along the roof line. When the ceiling is not high - molding will help improve the situation. Also they can be used to divide the walls of the beautiful square or rectangular section. This solution gives the room a luxurious and aristocratic, because the plaster moldings used even in ancient times, decorated her palaces.

If we want a minimalist, you have to give up for this by:

  • moldings,
  • stucco,
  • Other weighting elements.

The room in the style of minimalism looks more airy light. A good option is a wall with a fireplace. Not necessarily to arrange a real fireplace, you can create a decorative by means of plasterboard. So you can decorate a tapered wall. Fireplace is sure to become the center of attention.

Stone on the wall in the living room: the use of natural materials in the decoration

Bright accent can be a room decorated with natural materials. This is a good solution in the interior.

Today, designers are widely used materials such as:

  • A rock;
  • Tree;
  • Fake diamond.

A good solution would be to finish the walls of the living room with natural materialsA good solution would be to finish the walls of the living room with natural materials

Stone or wooden wall can give a room personality and unusual. Unity with nature today, at the peak of popularity. Increasingly, celebrities and ordinary people prefer natural materials in the interior.

On this wall you can hang pictures, photo frames, interesting design panels.

Another option to leave a blank wall, setting her home theater. In addition to the natural finishing materials, now widely used drywall. This material makes it possible to build the room the most incredible design. Plasterboard is ideal for finishing.

On the material perfectly lays down:

  • Paint;
  • Plaster;
  • Wallpapers of different types.

Perfect for decorating uneven walls. Drywall will not only help to hide irregularities, but with the help of it you can build a niche with lighting, shelves, which smartly suited for placement of interesting souvenirs, trendy accessories.

Empty living room wall: How to decorate

In the interior, let the length of the wall may be present living. For its decoration have a lot of options.

Today is a very relevant:

  • stickers;
  • painting;
  • Paper butterfly;
  • Ornamental plants;
  • Articles of yarn, dried flowers, and so on. N.

A blank wall in the living room will add stickers, painted wallpapers orA blank wall in the living room will add stickers, painted wallpapers or

To decorate a blank wall can be to your taste. This may be the original painted wood. By the way today sell special liquid wall, through which you can arrange an incredibly interesting pattern. Decorative plaster is also appropriate.

On the wall you can place, the composition of the frames, you can hang the original designer watches or beautiful mural.

The man can place something more brutal. This technique can be an image, the composition may be from hours, belts, cigarette case. Fortunately, today there is no shortage accessories and home furnishings. A little dream, you can make a good choice for her room. The main thing is not to overload the space, through-chur many accessories can ruin the overall impression, in this room will be tough.

Interior subtleties: accent wall in the living room

What is the accent wall in the main room of the house, which her to arrange the living room? Accent wall is a section of the wall, specially selected with the help of all possible design techniques. The basic requirement when placing accent walls lies in the fact that it should be identical to the overall interior style.

Accent wall in the living room can be done with bright colors or unusual accessoriesAccent wall in the living room can be done with bright colors or unusual accessories

So, what is needed accent wall:

  1. Through this wall it is possible to dilute the general atmosphere, to emphasize the bright surface of the vertical element.
  2. Refined composition accent wall will attract the attention of visitors at home, take them for a while.
  3. It distracts from unsightly elements, if they are in the living room interior.

If you want to arrange such a wall, you have to be prepared to solve challenging tasks. Approach to the process must be correctly and thoughtfully. If you treat the case is not serious, no error will be avoided. And why spend money, time and nerves.

To avoid breaking anything experienced designers recommend when placing accent wall adhere to the following principles:

  1. Area accent wall should be less than the total area.
  2. Accent wall must not necessarily be a single member.
  3. Allocate a wall can be like using bright colors, and with an unusual texture.
  4. It should take into account the psychology of colors.
  5. It is necessary to choose the location of the accent wall.
  6. Accent walls can be beneficial to emphasize functional living area.
  7. The wall must create a balance in the room, so you should pay careful attention to the unit.

It is important to place the wall, right, select a location to accent the surface.

Here are a few tips for choosing the location:

  1. If possible, it is better to have a wall in front of the room.
  2. It should be placed so that there is separation of functional areas.
  3. Accent walls can be located at the site of TV viewing, but in this case it is necessary to give up too bright colors.

Accent walls draw attention to the recreation area visitors comeAccent walls draw attention to the recreation area visitors come

To create an accent wall can suit a variety of materials.

Today it is widely used:

  • Tree;
  • Paint;
  • Brick;
  • Tile;
  • A rock;
  • Wallpaper;
  • glass panels;
  • Plaster.

Many believe that is enough to cover a wall in a bright color, and all the emphasis is - it is not. It should be set up mini color composition.

Designers offer a number of rules to remember:

  1. Warm shades are not suitable for small living room, as visually narrow space. But completely refuse them is impossible, as they bring in the space of comfort.
  2. Cool tones opposite expand the room, but take comfort.
  3. You should use shades of bed, they will attract attention.

The design of the walls in the living room. Original ideas (video)

With a little effort, knowledge and time! And qualitative result will exceed all expectations. Make their homes comfortable and beautiful.

Interior walls in the living room (photo)

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