The role of the fireplace in the interior of the living room: 4 photos and type of equipment

The role of the fireplace in the interior of the living room: 4 photos and type of equipment

12 October 2017

With the help of the fireplace can significantly improve the aesthetic quality of the living room and give it comfortWith the fireplace can be significantly improved aesthetic qualities seating comfort and to give it creates Fireplace indoor atmosphere of warmth and comfort that can not corrupt. There is another, more practical reason - fireplaces easy to use as the central idea of ​​the decor. So it opened that the living room becomes the center of a small world - your home, and a fireplace will fit in this atmosphere very handy.

Interior living room with fireplace

It is said that the fire, since ancient times, is a symbol of warmth and comfort. Fireplaces allow you to transfer this ancient tradition into the modern world. But it is not only used in homes "fireplace focus." Often, it began to set in the cafe, trying to bring the visitors to the comforts of home. The same logic is used by the owners of good hotels and lodges. The more the interior of their establishments will be close to home, the more comfortable will feel the guests, and the more they do not want to leave this place.

Fireplace must be made in the same style as the interior of the living roomFireplace must be made in the same style as the interior of the living room

No matter how attractive the idea of ​​installation of the fireplace, but from it will have to give if you do not live in a private home, as this is a prerequisite for its installation, and the floor area shall not be less than 20 m2.

Wall above the fireplace can be decorated with a picture or a clock. And for both, it is better to use the old massive frame. If you decide to hang a picture, it is not necessary to hang up the historical reproduction. Cats, dogs and birds, too, will not work. Better if it will be the original is not very famous picture or portrait made to order.

In order to establish a fireplace, you will need to fill in a separate foundation. The owners of city apartments will have to use option with an electric fireplace.

Types of fireplaces for the living room

Among a wide variety of manufacturers, it is possible to identify the main types of equipment.

Electric fireplace looks great in the living room, made in the style of minimalism or hi-techElectric fireplace looks great in the living room, made in the style of minimalism or hi-tech

We analyze in detail the types of fireplaces:

  1. Wood-burning fireplace. This is the first type of fireplace. When such a luxury can boast only well-off family. Fireplace that has not only a decorative function, but also has a practical purpose - heating the living room. In homes where it was located near the place withdrawn firewood - drovnitsu. Often in a house erected oven.
  2. Electric fireplace. This option came up for the residents of apartment buildings, not to deprive them of the pleasure of such a decor element installation. Aesthetically, the effect of such a fireplace does not become smaller. It even emits a small amount of heat, but, of course, a real fire in him.
  3. Raised fireplace. This fragment of the interior can afford to anyone. The cost of such wonders will not be much "bite". Of course, you can order or buy in the store, but make their own hands a lot more interesting. Use for such a fire can be any material remaining from the repair or specially bought in the hardware store. Inside the fireplace, you can put the mirrors, paintings, decorate with candles and garlands will look great family photos on top.
  4. Bio-fireplace. This option is ideal for those who do not want to mess around with the wood, but also deprive themselves of the pleasure of this type of fire is in no hurry. Such a unit is completely harmless because as the burner therein is ethanol.

A nice bonus to any construction will be purchasing special aromatic mixtures, which will replace freshener in your apartment.

Raised fireplace in the interior of the living room: pictures and examples

An interesting solution is to use the fireplace in the interior of the studio apartments.

He will become a zone of separation of the hall and the kitchen, add comfort, bring diversity and visually increase the room.

Make a false fireplace, you can use candles and a special niche in the wallMake a false fireplace, you can use candles and a special niche in the wall

There are a few rules that you should use, using a fireplace in the interior design:

  1. Fireplace always attracts attention, so that by using it in a city apartment, be prepared for the fact that the fireplace will be a fundamental element in the interior.
  2. Install a fireplace in the corner stands only in areas such as "Library" or using it as a partition between different zones. For example, when it is necessary to separate the recreation area from the dining area.
  3. If you use your interior flat fireplaces, it is recommended to choose a box with rounded corners. This will make the room smooth and elegant lines.
  4. From the style, which made fire, and depends on the style of the entire premises. If you want a modern version, the frame for the fireplace, you can use glass, plastic, wood, metal. But classics lovers should choose a fireplace made of stone or brick.

Furniture that you put in the fireplace area, should not be above it. TV or computer is also not recommended for this site. Still, it is worth to give up paintings, vases of bright, outdoor plants and other interior items, overtighten the attention on himself. But fluffy carpet or skin does not hurt.

Interiors of a living room with fireplace: photo and examples in the classic version

Do not be afraid to hear the definition of "classical style." For modern design, this concept is somewhat broader than we used to understand it.

Under the classical style can be hidden, and the Baroque and Renaissance, and Empire, as well as the styles inherent in the "golden age."

In the classic living room fireplace is recommended obkladyvat natural stone or decorative brickIn the classic living room fireplace is recommended obkladyvat natural stone or decorative brick

To give the room a view similar to the classic, use the tips:

  1. We can say that all the classic style is based on symmetry. This is reflected in the interior, and their placement. The furniture in the room should have a familiar look and size. If you want to put the sofa, then he should be back. If you put a chair, then on 4 legs.
  2. If we talk about the material for such an interior, you can use metal structures and textile inserts. It is not necessary to avoid and wood accents.
  3. As for the color scheme, choose a natural tone. It can be brown, green, blue, beige. As an additional color will suit gold, copper and silver.
  4. Choosing the material, stop for materials such as velvet, velor, jacquard tapestry.
  5. Speaking of the fireplace, then you should not choose too big or very small fireplaces. To finish, use wood, stone or granite. From the glass of the fireplace should refuse, he does not look in such a style decision.
  6. Can use wrought ornament, it will not hurt idea. Use it in the fireplace, and the details in the related items of decor.
  7. If you like carpets - do not hesitate. For this design, it is quite appropriate. As details you can use satin pillow, this stuff will fit well into the concept.

The use of space chimney can be a little bit away from tradition, and not to use the chair. Use ottoman, for upholstery which use silk, put a small table and enjoy a cup of tea in a cozy atmosphere.

Modern trends in the use of fireplaces in the interior of the living room

Modern trends in the design of more polar. Some seek maximum simplicity, and other characteristic riot of colors.

For some styles characteristic of natural materials, for others - a synthetic character.

Fireplace, located in the glass, fit well for modern livingFireplace, located in the glass, fit well for modern living

To enter into such an atmosphere fireplace, use these guidelines:

  1. This, clearly, is to be a large room, made in bright colors. This will give the room the effect of freshness and spaciousness. And in order to make it a little unusual, add a bright accent color.
  2. Working in a modern design, it is possible to indulge in a choice of the fireplace. Here you can use any types of materials. Bio-fireplace can be used in the wall or a small set. Also, there are no restrictions in the choice of location for installation.
  3. The choice of materials have also not limited. But if you prefer the high-tech, it is necessary to go back to natural materials. As for the rest, you can use any design, contemporary furniture and fabrics.
  4. An important element in modern living room are large windows. If this is not possible, make an emphasis on lighting. You can use several types. For example, central (chandelier, backlit ceiling or spotlights) and additional.
  5. If you use the mirrors in the placement area of ​​the fireplace - it will add a light room.
  6. Otherwise, the fire zone should leave as much as possible free. It is not necessary to clutter the room, using decorative items.

Furniture for the room, you can choose any, from classical solutions to copyright flowery ideas.

Retro style and what it submit

Styles with vintage accents, no less than modern. The most popular is considered to Provence. For these styles are characterized by rubbing artificial elements with cracks and old parts. They prefer the use of wooden structures, the classic linear in furnishings and carved decor elements.

In the manufacture of fire forged elements used in the retro style, decorated antiqueIn the manufacture of fire forged elements used in the retro style, decorated antique

The choice of colors is to adhere to two rules. Do not use a metallic color, and do not use bright colors. That is, the color should be, as it were faded. Here and fireplaces for that style should be chosen with a specific finish. Well fit stone and rough-hewn wood, but it is not necessary to use falshkaminy, not solid.

Coziness at home: fireplaces in the interior of the living room (video)

Conceiving the design of a living room with a fireplace, do not worry. Once you have decided with the very fire, and the rest will go like clockwork.

Design fireplace in the living room (photo in the interior)

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