The required bit with limiter for drywall during installation

12 October 2017

Quickly and efficiently to make installation of drywall can be using special bits with stopQuickly and efficiently to make installation of drywall can be using special bits with stop Any design is possible to assemble their own hands without much trouble, having in the arsenal of tools and instructions. We just need to have an idea of ​​some of the nuances in the process of work with plasterboard in order to avoid damage to the sheets GCR, and successfully complete the installation. Effective assembling sheets of plasterboard provides bit with limiter.

Convenient bit with limiter plasterboard

Purpose bits as the mounting element allows to carry out tightening a screw in a material which is used repairman. In its complete set has a limiting device which allows the maximum to make the process faster and execute plans for a small period of time. When installing drywall, usually a large number of screws screwed, respectively, the use of this device will be most welcome.

Choosing a bit with limiter to optimize the process, you need to have an understanding of its parameters. If applied product intended for other material, the sheets may become damaged.

Buying bit with limiter plasterboard previously necessary to consult its quality and characteristicsBuying bit with limiter plasterboard previously necessary to consult its quality and characteristics

Working with drywall screws, and it is desirable to have minimal skills with power tools. It is recommended to use packing, dealing with GCR, because it is an indispensable tool in this kind of case. There are different types of bits for all sorts of materials. There are a wide range of tools to work with certain materials.

When choosing pay eyes to the following factors:

  1. A material for which it is intended.
  2. Yes or no limiter, its appearance.
  3. landing size for the screw in the double radius, which will be used during installation.

Working with different types of gypsum board panels, commonly used screws, in diameter equal to 3.5 mm. Working with the bat, should take into account the nuances.

When working with a bat, to simplify the fixing, it helps the holder of a magnet. He will occupy the space between the screws and the product itself.

The correct choice of nozzles allow to do the job efficiently and effectively.

Do I need a sealing tape when installing drywall Profile

In the process of construction and repair work, the tape is a set of materials for drywall. The use of sealing tape is easy.

It must be used in order to more tightly seal the joints between the sheets. it also serves to bond the profile of the metal mount partitions to ceilings and walls.

When mounting gypsum board further possible to use the sealing tapeWhen mounting gypsum board further possible to use the sealing tape

Types of tapes for sealing:

  1. reinforcing - a fiberglass mesh. Through this grid reinforce building structures, eliminate cracks defects.
  2. serpyanka - structurally and visually it looks like a bandage, as part of a synthetic fiber. With this tape seal connecting joints between the GCR.
  3. flizeline - thin, yet durable material is fiberglass. Secured to the crude solution of bonding agents in the joints of gypsum boards. It can prevent chipping and cracking in the joints of the sheets.
  4. protecting angles Tape - with inserts of metal. In essence, this perforated strip of paper 5 cm length, having a pair of steel strips. It is designed to protect the drywall corners outside of the deformation.

Which is better to take the crown Drywall for holes

Usually, whatever the process of drywall installation, on the surface of the walls and the ceiling there is a need to drill holes for different objects. For effective results, we recommend the use of special crowns of different sizes and types. For excitement there is no reason, because the process of working with crowns is not complicated, and not even a professional able to carry it out.

Qualitative crowns allow you to quickly and easily make a hole in drywallQualitative crowns allow you to quickly and easily make a hole in drywall

Elements of crowns:

  1. Dialer drill. Devices sold kits, they include the adapter, because drills are of different sizes. Centering drill holes perform accurate.
  2. Shank - has the form of hexagon or is circular. Clamped in the screwdrivers and drills.
  3. Drills ring - is a versatile tool for performing different types of work.

To successfully choose a set of bits, you need to carefully inspect it. Flaws do not hide on fakes - processing negligence, cover marriage.

Shank with low weight should alert the buyer - he was promoted from inexpensive metal such work for a long time will not work. All elements must be precisely adjusted to each other. Home working part - sawing of steel element. Excessively thin saws are not reliable in operation.

The necessary tools for drywall and work with it

In order to facilitate the task during the mounting surfaces of the drywall sheets, there are a set of devices. Some tools are versatile and useful for other areas in the construction and repair business. Gas gun suitable for drywall - this device is easy to hammer nails. Piercer, located in Prosekatel, makes it possible to attach the profiles on the corners.

If you decide to work independently with plasterboard, then it is necessary to prepare in advance all the necessary materials for workIf you decide to work independently with plasterboard, then it is necessary to prepare in advance all the necessary materials for work

Working with GCR conducted many activities, respectively, and a list of devices to work is not small:

  • Roulette;
  • plummet;
  • Cord for marking;
  • The level used for the construction work;
  • pliers;
  • A hammer;
  • Device for screwing screws;
  • An apparatus for creating apertures;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Scissors on metal;
  • spatulas;
  • Device in order to equate the edge and chamfer.

Plasterboard during work needs exactly and precisely cut. There is a tool for the task. Them a knife stationery, consisting of plastic and replaceable blades. The disadvantage is considered to be increased fragility of the blades. Connoisseurs of building business are used in the blades, specially designed for drywall, manufactured of durable material and have better locks the blade. Though they are expensive, but last longer and give the opportunity to work comfortably and without fatigue.

Better to buy a knife with a blade attachment in a certain way - screw and handle, which is framed by rubber. This creates prerequisites for safe and convenient operation, without the hassle of jumps blades.

Sales have cutters for drywall, making it possible to easily and precisely cut sheets. The disadvantage is the high cost of goods. You can also buy a hacksaw for plasterboard work, especially if you want to make complex cuts in the form of figures or local undercut in a certain place. In this hacksaws have a certain sharpening and web width, as well as the divorce of the teeth, making it easier to work in the performance of complex cuts.

What is the bit with limiter for plasterboard (video)

You can buy a special set of bits, allowing to carry out holes for outlets, for example, in the wall, which is already finished. Sometimes, the needle roller is used, on the laminating side of the sheet which creates a perforation. In this way, the incisions are made across when creating uneven surfaces that need to bend.


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