The reinforcing tape drywall 4 kinds of material

The reinforcing tape drywall 4 kinds of material

12 October 2017

When working with plasterboard must use reinforcement tapeWhen working with plasterboard necessary to use reinforcing lentuSeychas virtually no repair is not complete without the works connected with the skin of drywall. After all, it's pretty fast and affordable process by which you can align the wall, the ceiling or create a niche without any problems. And all this will have an ideal surface ready for painting or wallpapering. But before that it is necessary to close up all the joints of gypsum boards, and so that, in order to avoid failures and transitions between them. To do this, we need reinforcement or sealing tape, which prevents the formation of cracks.

How to choose a reinforced tape for drywall

Building materials market is very wide. He impresses with its diversity and variety. Recently, there are many types of tapes, reinforcing joints gypsum board.

Reinforcement tape used for sealing when installing the drywall.

Choosing reinforcement tape, be sure to consider the quality and main characteristicsChoosing reinforcement tape, be sure to consider the quality and main characteristics

They differ not only in composition, but also by the method of application. Let us examine the properties of and demand for each of them.

Most common options such tapes are:

  1. Serpyanka - the most common reinforced tape, which includes glass fibers. Serpyanka lattice has the form - with one side coated adhesive for easy application.
  2. Paper tape. Forefather of all the reinforcing tapes in finishing works and at the same time this tape is relevant today. Benefits her enough: a thin, durable, stretchable and not inexpensive. There is also a paper punched tape company Knauf, thanks to technological holes from it all air out effectively - it allows you to do more high-quality seam.
  3. Belt with metal inlay. Plain paper perforated belt on which the center tested two galvanized tape of 0.2 mm thick. Is used in the outer corners proximity further enhances angle and prevents it from cracking. Due to its hardness such tape reduces the voltage to the internal metal frame.
  4. Damper tape. This soft and elastic tape made of polyurethane foam. It is used for sealing joints for skirting ducts and doorways. Adhesive tapes and any difficulties when using no objections.

In some situations, it is possible and to do without the use of reinforcing strips. Basically these are the places that do not fall within the field of view of human or plasterboard additionally sheathed with other materials.

General information about serpyanku Drywall

Building mesh reinforcement (serpyanka) - is the most common reinforcement tape. Builders are also referred to it - building a bandage on his similarity with medical cloth. Serpyanka is sufficiently large grid of glass fibers impregnated with an acrylic adhesive on one side.

The most popular and demand for today is serpyankaThe most popular and demand for today is serpyanka

Serpyanka better suited for surfaces where the filler thickness is not more than 1 mm.

Can be used as in the case of preventing occurrence of a crack, and as a restoration work, when the crack was formed and it is necessary to prevent further divergence.

Serpyanka used in the following types of reinforcement:

  • Grouting joints in the ceiling panels;
  • Prevention and elimination of cracks in the walls and ceilings;
  • Reinforcement GCR joints, gypsum fiber board, particle board and other cladding materials;
  • Additional sealing of wall-ceiling transitions.

Serpyanka widely used in various types of work, but at high loads it can be stretched. This leads to disruption and seam integrity. Therefore, in certain cases it is advisable to stick a paper reinforcement tape with special impregnation.

How to glue serpyanku on drywall

Before you begin gluing serpyanku, you must prepare to paste over the surface - sanding and blow dust and other debris. This ensures reliable adhesion of putty and, consequently, most of the reinforcing tape.

Before mounting serpyanku experts recommend to prepare the surface, pre-plastered wallBefore mounting serpyanku experts recommend to prepare the surface, pre-plastered wall

The sequence of actions gluing process:

  1. Primer required surface and subsequent drying;
  2. Kneading the mixture to a thick putty plastic state;
  3. Application putty indentation into the cavity formed at the joint;
  4. Laying a reinforcing grid formed on the putty layer;
  5. Rubbing mesh spatula to complete its entry into the putty layer (mesh must be completely submerged);
  6. Application of a small additional layer of putty, aligning the entire surface.
  7. Final finishing of the gypsum mixture and final polishing with sandpaper or other abrasive material.

As can be seen, the process of applying special complexities reinforcing tape is not. In compliance with all required standards, the result will be on the face.

Paper tape for sealing drywall seams

Despite widespread serpyanku, paper tape, being a classic in the reinforcement of the GCR, still remains relevant. It is known that the paper itself is short-lived material and in contact with the environment deteriorates over time, losing its properties.

Paper tape for plasterboard characterized by durability and cheaper costPaper tape for plasterboard characterized by durability and cheaper cost

Presented form has high strength, it is recommended to strengthen the joints.

But in the process of reinforcing things are different, and, given the number of benefits still need to pay attention to this type of reinforcing tapes.

Advantages of use:

  • Fine. This makes it possible to eliminate any minor defects, including the top of the finished plane.
  • Good adhesion with filler. Consequently, the putty mixture in combination with the paper becomes one providing intrinsic link including a GCR.
  • Cheapness. Since the paper sufficiently cheap material, the tape and relatively inexpensive product, except those which are impregnated with special substances to improve properties.
  • Easy to use. On paper, the easiest to handle, and considering that such tapes typically have a self-adhesive base, the installation process will not make difficulties.

Perforated tape - this is a great option for beginners who have not yet prilovchilis observe the correct proportions of putty. They do not have to worry about excessively thick layer, which will form the tape. Suffice it follows spatula push belt and stretch it as of perforations will leave excess mixture. Due to such a method will be possible to prevent the formation of air, which disturb the whole technological process.

Types of reinforcing tape for plasterboard (video)

In construction, particularly in the stage of gypsum works reinforcing joints and corners it is very important. Indeed, in such cases as abrupt changes in temperature, humidity and vibration - cause cracking weaknesses - GCR joints. And even secure attachment and high quality made by a metal frame will not give you a guarantee of preserving the integrity of a flat surface. Putty mixture, despite the fact that the solid is quite brittle and occasionally or external influences capable crack. Increasing its strength properties and fracture toughness at times can be achieved by applying the reinforcing tape, and you do not have to worry about the immediate cosmetic repairs.


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