The original ceiling stretch: two-tone design

The original ceiling stretch: two-tone design

12 October 2017

The right combination of stretch ceiling color - the main criterion of your room BeautyThe right combination of colors stretch ceiling - the main criterion for the beauty of your komnatyMalo who today will surprise stretch ceiling. But if you want something extraordinary and at the same time universal, a good choice is a combined design. interior design, in which two-color ceiling stretch soldered from different fabrics, will be appropriate as in the classical decoration of rooms, as well as in bright newfangled design. The main thing to know how to choose a combination of two colors.

Stretch ceilings with Spike: Features

Mount Technology bring a touch of variety in the design of the ceilingMount Technology bring a touch of variety in the design of the ceiling

Many appreciate the ceilings for their strength, durability and ease of creating a perfectly smooth surface. However, the important advantage, for which this type of cladding has earned popularity among designers, is a broad color palette and possibilities in the design of the interior. Mistaken are those who think that the suspended ceiling - it is monotonous and boring. Due to mounting technology in which a spike is used, a touch of diversity to the interior will make a two-tone design of the ceiling.

Such combination surfaces have their own characteristics and advantages:

  • Contrasting colors help zoned space in one-bedroom apartments, which plan is made in the style of the studio without internal walls.
  • PVC fabric is limited in width, so not always in its size suitable for large rooms. for soldering machines will help to solve this problem, and two-color ceiling seam is not evident - this is easily seen in the photo of such surfaces.
  • Two-tone design with proper use will correct the flaws of the room layout, for example - to visually expand the room is too narrow.

Combine can not only color, but also the texture, materials: glossy and matte film, printing and monochrome canvases.

The combination of shiny glossy finish with matte canvas will create the illusion of multi-level ceiling, despite the fact that the materials are mounted in the same plane at the same height.

Tension ceilings: combination of two colors of canvas

The use of two colors can both play on the hand in the interior design and layout aggravate blemishes. Therefore, when choosing colors should take into account the features and dimensions of the room.

Welded from two shades of fabrics can perform various functional tasks:

  • In the kitchen, contrasting color is not difficult to separate the work area from taking place food in the apartments where floor space does not allow for the use of other means of zoning: arch platform. In this case, the center can accommodate polotka chandelier, and a dark cloth in the working area equipped with spotlights. Darker shade can be matched to the color of the furniture: red, orange, brown. A pair of contrasting it may become the main lighter shade - beige, pale yellow.
  • The bathroom ceiling is appropriate to issue a white film in combination with blue or blue tint. Dark tones isolated area with furniture and mirrors, here also need spotlights. A space reserved for the bath or shower, make out a pale blue, white linens.
  • In the living room as the ceiling in front of the device, it is desirable to consider options for furniture arrangement. Through this approach, the interior design is holistic and harmonious. For example, if in the bedroom a wall, against which the head of the bed, papered with bright wallpaper, it will be good from this side to issue a similar color and the ceiling, protecting it from the curved seam to fit different interior partitions.

In low areas will play into the hands of the dark glossy fabric in combination with other bright colors: green, orange, turquoise. In this case, black, maroon, purple colors give the illusion of a lack of ceiling, whereby the room seem higher.

If the purpose of the design is a visual extension of the space and the objective being to make the walls seem higher, you need to choose for the design of ceilings film neutral pastel tones.

Sturdy ceilings: spike two colors of HD technology

Landlords choose ceilings, including their property to protect the home from a sudden gust of pipe from the neighbors above. However, those who are not familiar with HDTV technology, often concerned about the strength of the seam welded blades. Should I be concerned about the fact that in this case the canvas stretched ceiling will be less durable and will miss if the flood water?

Seams on stretch ceilings are almost invisible and tightly fastenedSeams on stretch ceilings are almost invisible and tightly fastened

Welding is performed webs of high frequency current in production conditions and mode of operation of the process is as follows:

  1. Master on a special machine combines paintings edge.
  2. The joints are heated under the influence of high-frequency current.
  3. Due to the high temperature edge securely soldered.

This technology provides high adhesion strength and reliability of the connection. It should be noted that the spikes result does not depend on the type of fabric. Equally strong as the seams are on the ceilings of the webs of identical textures and duo glossy and matt or satin film.

The seam turns out not only durable, but virtually invisible. But that spike is not exactly an eyesore, it is recommended to do two-color ceiling in the spacious rooms.

Fantasy ceilings: a spike in two colors, alignment options

Suspended ceiling with a picture perfect in the living room and the nurserySuspended ceiling with a picture perfect in the living room and the nursery

Implement spike paintings in various ways. Thus when choosing designer imagination of form is not limited, and any variant will be equally strong.

Line, which grind the edges may be:

  • straight;
  • zigzag:
  • Wavy.

For straight spikes used low profiles. This design is good for the classic interior. In this case, the use of Win-Win 'will close in tone colors and simple geometric shapes.

Zigzag adhesions advantageously used in a long narrow spaces. For example, in the corridor of a design more distant from each other closely spaced walls.

Wavy lines give a relaxed romantic mood, if they are executed in pastel colors. They are appropriate to arrange the bedroom. If wavy spike connects bright fabrics, this design is more suitable for children's rooms.

Tension ceilings bicolor (video)

Two-tone stretch ceiling helps to solve various problem task. With his help create the illusion of a higher ceiling, visually apart walls. In addition, soldering technology enables to draw tension ceilings very large rooms, and not have to worry about the strength of the seam.

Tension ceilings two-color (photo)

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