The old methods with new technologies - latex paint for walls and ceilings

The old methods with new technologies – latex paint for walls and ceilings

12 October 2017

Painting is one of the simplest and most common ways to design a ceilingPainting is one of the simplest and most common ways to design potolkaEsli repairs to be done with his own hands, and it is advisable not to spend money on expensive special materials, one of the design options of the same ceiling - painting. Or maybe you just want to update the old color, without changing the principle of the ceiling structure. In any case, need painting. And beautiful it happens only if the paint properly.

Characteristics of water-based paint for the ceiling

Vodoemulsionku - so call this paint of the people, though, properly speaking, it is necessary to call it water paints. This formula is speaking. The fact is that in this part of the main components of the dye and pigment is dispersed in the aqueous medium is such a state, when it begins to be processed stable emulsion.

Dispersed, when it comes easier, then - introduced. This is a very important point to understand that as a part of the ink is not dissolved components, they just put in a new environment for them.

Better it would be understandable if the ink examine under a microscope. So you will see the very fine particles of polymers, they would be stuck in the water. But when it is necessary to apply the emulsion to the surface water is simply evaporates and the polymer film is formed.

Latex paint is the most used for painting ceilingsLatex paint is the most used for painting ceilings

That's the technology. By the way, if the paint has not dried up, hands can be washed, it is easily washed off. So with the surface. If applied, and immediately wash away, no problems, but then the film will be heavy-duty.

Painting the ceiling latex paint on old paint: Is so beautiful

Yes, they do, but such a color would not be quality. Always necessary to remove the old finish. The coating is left only in the case of installation of suspended structures, but does not mean to paint to repaint the top, it means - to purify and paint again.

Removing the old coating:

  • Old coating soak a large amount of water, use of this foam roller;
  • Re-treatment with water is another 20 minutes for the moisture to well soaked ceiling;
  • After this very need to make a draft to the swollen water layer formed blisters, and then the old emulsion paint comes off very well with a spatula surfaces.

Preparation for painting the ceiling (video)

Then you need to wash the ceiling and, if it needs leveling, be sure to align. This is done usually putty. The surface need to be primed. And this is done with paint, which is applied in a thin layer. Paint should be given to dry up to the surface is not peeled putty.

How to paint the ceiling latex paint without divorce

Many people think that there is nothing easier than to dissolve the paint and just apply it to the ceiling. But allows for good coloring and nuances such as, for example, the direction of the light flux. Because sometimes we see that kind of painted ceiling, but staining of some uneven, and divorces happen, if the paint trying to blur.

For the quality of the ceiling painting is necessary to make the right choice of toolsFor the quality of the ceiling painting is necessary to make the right choice of tools

Technology Proper painting:

  • Painting should start only from the corners and joints between the ceiling and the wall. First painted the farthest corner relative to the door. Paintbrush half soak in the paint, a little squeeze, do pass around the perimeter.
  • After these steps, you will be sure that the subsequent staining of the connection points of the ceiling and walls, and corners will not be spoiled;
  • The main painting is carried out by roller, and apply it should be in three sets. The first passage of the paint should be done in parallel incident light rays. Second - perpendicular to them. A third should always be placed in the window.

Subsequent staining are performed only to the previous layer which thoroughly dried out.

White latex paint for ceilings: how to choose

Often the question arises - how do you choose the paint? Do not be amiss to study paints rating to remember those producers who trains and their quality have earned a good reputation. And read about colors.

At present, there is a wide range of water-based paints for your ceilingAt present, there is a wide range of water-based paints for your ceiling

What vodoemulsionkoy better paint the ceiling:

  • tex - perfect for a ceiling painting with high humidity, it is a room where there is a bath or stove automatically fall into this category;
  • Expert - is considered one of the best white paint for ceilings;
  • snow - technical specifications pretty good in this price segment;
  • Ceresit - produces different kinds of materials, among them the great silicate paint;
  • Tikkurilla - very durable, washable paint, painted ceiling it provides easy care;
  • Halo - also a good washable paint at an affordable price.

This, of course, not all brands. Optional costs and price segment, experience with various brands.

Colera for water-based paints

Kohler for vodoemulsionku - is the only way to paint surface is not white paint and use a different color.

Colera is available in different consistencies:

  • Liquid dye;
  • Powder;
  • Paste.

To change the water-based paint color is a simple way - to add callersTo change the water-based paint color is a simple way - to add callers

Kohler - a chroma substance that is added to the paint in small quantities. Not more than 20% in ratio. On the composition of these inks are organic and inorganic. Natural brighter, but quickly fade, and relatively soon you will have to paint the ceiling again.

When choosing a color, use a special color chart, which you will present in the store. Paint and color mixing is necessary only prior to the application, not in advance. And very importantly - the whole volume knead once, because to achieve precision color then it will be very difficult.

Fashionable colors in the interior 2016

And, of course, it does not say that, for what the colors and shades in the interior of today need to hunt.

Color accents of this year:

  • earth tones - brown and green, have to rest, they are considered to be the most natural for a long stay in the room;
  • White and its variations - a trendy color asceticism, which, too, by the way, you can be tired, be sure to dilute vivid detail;
  • From blue to green - and you can do and pale tones, and allow plenty of brightness, the color of the sea today in special honor.

ceiling painting with latex paint with their hands (video)

Red - the color of luxury, and if it is in the interior, then it will be combined with an expensive repair. No cheap imitations! Yellow - the color of a compromise, often subconsciously perceived as a symbol of cheap, because it sets off a very original accessories. And finally, do not forget about fashion trends such as the edinotsvetnye ceiling and floor.

Successful transformations!


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