The interior of the hall: 5 modern ideas

The interior of the hall: 5 modern ideas

12 October 2017

For modern hall you can choose any style that fits the taste of property ownersFor modern hall you can choose any style that fits the taste of the owner zhilyaSovremennaya hall that can be represented by this term? Nowadays there are so many styles that remain the same, many years. The most popular are styles such as Baroque, Classical, Empire, Provencal or modern. However, modern style is something else, he always different, because the changes according to the fashion trends, materials and people's tastes. Eclecticism - this is the main feature of modern style. It has no borders and includes the notes of a variety of styles, such as: high-tech, minimalist, loft, etc.

Modern ideas for a hallway in the apartment: photo to help organizers

Modern style is the antithesis of the classic interior, simplicity, practicality, comfort, space, light and air are the main features of it.

Modernity does not comply with strict rules, however, has its own recommendations, which include the following items:

  • No, old, huge closet;
  • Down with the old wives' chests and ottomans;
  • Bulky pattern need not be present;
  • Massive chandeliers are not suitable for modern interior;
  • No shelves piled with unnecessary details.

Everything must be just and in the best tradition of elegance. Perfectly fit into the interior of a large mirror, closet with a smooth surface, and a few items of decoration, such as a vase of flowers. Some may say that this idea is a hallway too minimalist, yes it is. However, what can be said about modern fashion trends? It focuses on those elements of the interior, that provide comfort, aesthetics, comfort and functionality entirely displacing unnecessary decoration.

Today, there are a lot of ideas for the interior hallwayToday, there are a lot of ideas for the interior hallway

Understand that it is pursuing a modern style and design solutions can be found with the photos, which are very easy to find on the Internet, as well as designers.

Embody the image on the photo in reality is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, because these ideas do not have spare parts and create the interior simple.

To translate into reality the hall: the design of the apartment, the idea with photos

Having considered all options photo hallways are decorated in a modern style, you can see that all of the ideas include the use of extremely high-quality and natural materials.

In order to make a reality of such an interior need to carry out repair adhering to a few moments. For example, in the design of the walls is best to use plain colors, ideal wallpaper with a smooth surface, wash that will not be difficult. In addition, the interior fit perfectly cork panels or decor, made with acrylic paint. Enjoyed success creating accent on one wall or part thereof, is done by pattern unobtrusive coating.

As for the flooring, the designers recommend the darker tones in relation to the walls. Of materials in high demand laminate flooring, porcelain tiles with a pattern that simulates a stone or a tree.

Check out the hallway walls are best in bright colorsCheck out the hallway walls are best in bright colors

In relation to the floor, the ceiling is done in a bright color. Preferably selected from materials suspended ceiling or simply painting with latex paint. The color palette to create a beautiful interior of the hall is diverse, but most owners choose light colors. In the hallway do not need contrasts, quite half a ton of one particular color. Perfect interior - is simplicity. One of the ways to create a beautiful ceiling is the use of the design of the panels. They can be made in a glossy, matt and transparent style. The second option is a suspended ceiling design. At the moment, it is not only one of the budget, but also the fastest option. Installation of a stretch ceiling is happening in one day.

Furniture design ideas hallway

The main purpose of the modern style of the hall is to achieve comfort in the details. Choose the furniture must be light and compact, but the main thing that it was convenient.

For a modern corridor in the house fit:    

  • Closet;
  • Corner cupboard;
  • Using compact pedestals that have hidden drawers;
  • Small stand for umbrellas and bags;
  • Little or folding chairs made of plastic or metal;
  • Compact Stand for shoes.

If the hall has a small size, a great way out will be the use of modular furniture, which will bring together all the necessary qualities for the hall. Designers recommend to also use the transparent-door coupe and a large mirror, preferably full length, it is not only fits perfectly in a modern style, but also visually expand the boundaries of the hallway. Since this room is virtually no light, and cumbersome chandeliers should not be present, it is best to use a concealed lighting, sconces, spotlights and LED light bulbs, more than enough options.

In the modern foyer, ideal for corner or closetIn the modern foyer, ideal for corner or closet

We must remember an important detail, the brighter the light in the hallway, the more it seems.

The more properly sized light, the better it looks set furniture. On the other hand no one says that the hall was not made for soft and dim light. If you want to create an item, you need to take care of that, to be able to separate his inclusion. Decorate the interior, you can use the bright parts, such as a vase, figurine, but it should not go too far with bright contrasts, as this may disturb the minimalist modern interiors.

Ideas for the corridor, and errors in the creation of an interior

There is no doubt that everyone settles his hallway at will, in spite of certain styles and ideas. However, designers claims, people often make some mistakes.

Equipping the corridor, thought through every detail to make your hallway looked aesthetically pleasing and was functionalEquipping the corridor, thought through every detail to make your hallway looked aesthetically pleasing and was functional 

To corridor design was successful, the following practical tips should be considered:

  1. Lack of shelves for shoes. This is not correct, since it is not only practical, not aesthetic, but also shoes quickly loses its shape;
  2. The open hanger. This element not only creates extra volume entrance hall, but also shows the owner inability to organize the interior of the right;
  3. The lack of space for planting. Even the smallest corridor should include a small chair for comfortable obuvaniya;
  4. Improper wall cladding. Designers insist that in the hallways were not used paper wallpaper. Street dirt settles quickly on the surface and remove it will not be easy;
  5. Using carpet. Naturally the use of this element of a personal matter, but the carpet, located around the perimeter of the corridor, it is impractical

Unique ideas for a hallway (video)

It is that created by the simplicity of the interior is entirely satisfied, but still want some additions. As for the modern style, it is advantageous, because it virtually impossible to mess up, combined with other styles, the overall composition is not compromised. To repair their own hands, to find new solutions, using decor. God is in the details, so says the French people. Create a practical interior easier to seal pipes, but everything has to be thought out in accordance with the concept of the whole apartment.

Examples of repairs in the hallway: the idea (interior photos)

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