The interior of the cozy bedroom 3 main principles of creation

The interior of the cozy bedroom 3 main principles of creation

12 October 2017

Making the bedroom is very important here to create a romantic and cozy atmosphereMaking the bedroom, it is important to create a romantic and cozy here atmosferuSpalnya - a special room in the house. It is a place of romantic, intimate, personal. It is here that we remove the mask, freed from the shackles of the workers. In the bedroom you can relax, filled with strength. Therefore, it is important to create a comfortable interior in the bedroom. On the situation bedrooms depend for our well-being.

Interior of a cozy bedroom Secrets

One of the main secrets is comfort in the bedroom. It is important that people feel safe, comfortable in the room. The bedroom should be isolated, it is better if it will be located away from the kitchen and the entrance to the house. Sleeper has to be removed from the public eye. It so happens that in one bedroom, and the same time is also a living room and kitchen. In this case, you should definitely consider the zoning area.

Zoning good using partitions:

  • Screen;
  • Rack;
  • The door on rollers.

Create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom help stylish curtains and decor itemsCreate a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom help stylish curtains and decor items

If the room is a single window, it is best to position the sleeping area there. Bed close should not be put to the window frame. The windows should be placed, nice tulle and black-out curtains.

In general, designers are advised to be guided by 3 principles:

  1. Rest.
  2. Plenty of room.
  3. Simplicity.

It should also be guided by their taste preferences. Making the interior, which is like, find a common compromise.

What could be the error

Designers recommend when placing their hands design does not make mistakes.

One of the major mistakes in the design of the bedroom - it is cluttering with unnecessary thingsOne of the major mistakes in the design of the bedroom - it is cluttering with unnecessary things


  1. It is necessary to avoid cluttering up the furniture. Furniture should be small, neat, everything you need and everything.
  2. You should also give up the predominance in the interior of flounces, quilling.
  3. Too bright rug to visually reduce the room.
  4. The decoration should not use bright colors or very dark colors, it is better to stick to the warm tones of bedding - a win-win.
  5. Not the best option for the bedroom accommodation is on the ceiling mirrors.
  6. Today, not actual bright, artsy decor.
  7. Gone are the cumbersome and chandeliers, lighting should be warm, soft unobtrusive.

In small rooms do not place a lot of furniture and accessories. To expand the room to help finish the walls with wallpaper with vertical, white ceiling and floor. No harm will be some bright accents in the form of pillows, statues or panels above the bed.

How to create comfort in the bedroom

The central subject of the stylish rooms - bed. Sleeping place should be convenient, comfortable. One of the best decorative techniques, it is decorated headboard. On the wall you can use special stickers, designer original film.

You can not ignore the textile, curtains, napkins, blankets and pillows. The bedroom can not be a place where you can sit.

Add comfort to the bedroom can be small and soft poufsAdd comfort to the bedroom can be small and soft poufs

For this purpose, it is perfect:

  • Poof;
  • Bench;
  • sofa;
  • Armchair et al.

Do not be amiss to small coffee table. It must be placed dresser or nightstand. The important role played by the lighting for the bedroom. With the help of light can create a cozy and put the emphasis on the interesting interior, pictures, statues, antiques. Good factor in the bedroom can add warm colors such as orange, beige, milk, olive, pistachio and green. Romance add candles. Complement the interior can pretty little things, such as personal photos, fresh flowers, paintings, favorite artist.

Modern, comfortable and small bedroom: 10 Tips

What could be better than to spend time in a comfortable bed, especially when outside the autumn, and would not be going to work. Make your bedroom a cozy, you can use the soft pillows, curtains, flickering light, and books.

  For more inviting atmosphere creates the presence of pillows, soft bedspreads and bright decorFor more inviting atmosphere creates the presence of pillows, soft bedspreads and bright decor

Experts recommend the following tips to adhere to, and then comfort in the bedroom will be provided:

  1. It is not superfluous to create a mini library. Against the wall you can place a small shelf and put there favorite novels, interesting accessories.
  2. The bed can put a wicker basket and put to bed linen, blankets, pillows.
  3. On the floor well and comfortably located wool rug.
  4. Walls need to decorate the material and warm colors.
  5. On the wall of the chest can be placed, a mirror, hung with small bulbs, it will give comfort and visually expand the space of a small bedroom.
  6. The bed can be lay a soft, pleasant to touch the carpet.
  7. The interior should definitely add a pleasant orange accents. This will make the atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
  8. It is important from time to time to update the graphic wall decor.
  9. Not necessarily choose the most expensive paintings are perfect
  10. and more affordable reproduction.
  11. The bedding should apply different texture layers.
  12. If space allows, do not be amiss to make a cozy window seat.

Here are a few tips that will make a cozy bedroom. Adhering to them, you can achieve excellent results, placing an interior self, even without the help of a designer.

A small cozy bedroom

To create a cosiness in the house it is necessary to think over every detail correctly. It's not the easiest, but if you try to arm yourself with knowledge and doable.

Tastefully decorate small bedroom easily, the main thing - to choose the right decorTastefully decorate small bedroom easily, the main thing - to choose the right decor

So, what will help to create comfort in a small bedroom:

  1. Accessories. Due accessories can liven up even the most boring room. With the help of stylish vases, paintings, statues and other rare items you can transform and make any room cozy.
  2. Pillows. If you have no idea how to make the room more comfortable, the easiest way out - it's pillow. The color scheme can be very different. If the room is a little bright notes of, the pillow should be cheerful tones. If on the other hand the room saturated, the pillow can be a neutral color. It is important to choose the right pillow design.
  3. Bring comfort so-called phyto. Placing flower arrangements enliven the room for sleeping. However, be aware of colors should not be much. Cosiness can add and artificial flower arrangements.
  4. Lighting. The right choice of lighting will help to achieve harmonious, romantic and intimate setting. Bedroom should not take large chandeliers, spotlights are relevant today. The room can accommodate, sconces, table lamps and floor lamp with a table. It is original and beautiful.
  5. 5.Aksessuary wall. Cozy room make wall panels, paintings, stylish watch. If you place a picture on the wall, where the family is happy, it will fill the room with positive energy. You can resort to another reception - wallpaper. Also a great option for the bedroom.
  6. Textiles, curtains. With the help of curtains can make the room to sleep warm, cozy and comfortable.

How to create comfort in the bedroom (video)

Cozy, you can make any room in the house, the main approach to the process responsibly and creatively. In keeping with the recommendations of the designers having familiarized with useful information and in some experimenting, you can achieve individual, excellent results can be cozy, comfortable bedroom. The main thing is not to rush and do not overload the space, as the saying goes, all should be in moderation. 

Design a cozy bedroom (photo)

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