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Furniture for a narrow corridor can find not only beautiful, but also functionalFurniture for a narrow corridor can find not only beautiful, but also statistics funktsionalnuyuPo long and narrow corridor meets every third apartment and it does not merit the room, and most likely the problem. Arrange furniture in a room is not easy, as the narrow width limits the choice of interior items. If you put a little imagination and effort, it is quite possible to create a great atmosphere and quite an interesting design of the room.

The design of the long and narrow corridors

To hallway was an attractive, convenient and comfortable should evaluate its real dimensions, strengths and weaknesses. That is how it will be possible to design correctly the future situation without problems and missteps. To hide from the eyes of a minus, as a long and narrow shape, you can use lighting.

It is strictly forbidden in this room to install the lighting unit in a single amount, as this will aggravate the situation.

In a long hallway on both sides of the original should be placed and most importantly, the same design fixtures. If the corridor is too narrow, it is necessary to make the installation of lighting on the ceiling. Limits the number of lamps is not necessary, because the more light, the more comfortable is a room.

Thinking through the design of a long and narrow corridor, focusing on lightingThinking through the design of a long and narrow corridor, focusing on lighting

Even in the most unusual entrance hall you can equip the comfort and find a place for the compact ottoman. Necessarily in the corridor should be a mirror, as it will not only dress up and enjoy hassle-free and visually expand the space. The peculiarity of the mirror is that it can be part of the decor prihozhki, and no need to install a stand-alone piece of furniture.

Optimally will look decorative elements such as pictures, family photos of certain subjects, as well as the wind, and similar products. When making the corridor, it is important to stick to one style, so as not to create disturbances impression and bad taste. If the interior is created with your own hands, you do not need to be afraid to experiment, because it is thus possible to make a unique interior that can hit anyone who gets in this fabulous and elegant atmosphere. Own ideas and operating time can be much more interesting design decisions, because they are from the heart and for himself.

Hallways in the long narrow corridor: photo

Repair any bedroom apartments, two-bedroom or studio - this one, but the room furnishings home furnishings - is quite another. The most important thing - is that if the redevelopment is planned in the house, to set, for example wardrobe, it should align with specific organizations.

To design the interior of a narrow and long corridor furnishings worth relying on design decisions and their advice:

  1. In the narrow room furniture is exclusively along the walls.
  2. Interior items must be without fittings.
  3. Cabinets should be shallow.
  4. If the room there is zoning, in each part of the room there should be furnished in accordance with the style and design.

In the long narrow corridor approach wardrobe shallow, and best of all, without fittingsIn the long narrow corridor approach wardrobe shallow, and best of all, without fittings

If you allow the dimensions, it must be separately obuvnitsa spacious and poof.

A long hallway, and her style decision: the decor and remodeling

Making the hall length can often bring significant troubles.

After all, you want to squeezed by choice:

  • materials;
  • Their colors;
  • Style.

However, if properly decorate the walls and ceiling, you can achieve the visual expansion space. It is worth noting that both wall and ceiling coating should be light. Ceilings desirable to choose stretch and glossy, as a reflection of the room creates a 3D effect. At present, the choice of building materials is enormous, and therefore have the opportunity to choose the best options for your non-standard corridor.

Glare of light fixtures with lenses and mirror surfaces, and similar tricks - all this can be safely used in interior arrangement.

It is worth noting that the most important thing - do not overdo it. For example, if there is a central chandelier, it must first be flat, and the second approach to the style of the room. The long corridors basic lighting should be complementary recessed, as mentioned earlier.

With proper decoration of the ceiling and walls can be achieved to increase the visual spaceWith proper decoration of the ceiling and walls can be achieved to increase the visual space

So the room was quite light, day and night, you need to:

  • Set the switches at the two ends of the corridor;
  • Select lamps with dimmer light;
  • Install additional devices such as a lamp.

The light should be warm, pleasant and bright. Due to the fact that the room is narrow and long, the rays will not put pressure on the eyes, as in these rooms are mainly dark and uncomfortable due to the narrowed space. To save energy, it is necessary to give preference to energy-saving lamps. They require a minimum of cost and can be used for years.

In all, even the most narrow and long corridor you should always pay attention to such points as:

  • Holder under umbrellas;
  • Hooks for bags;
  • Shelves or pocket for gloves;
  • Console for details.

Often in the corridors equip folding small work table, where you can fill out a receipt, write letters or read mail. This creates a kind of workspace, which can be called a private office.

The idea of ​​a separate arrangement of zones in the hallway can be different, for example, the ladies prefer it to install built-in dressing room boudoir, which houses cosmetics, jewelry and accessories, and men in the hallways there is always a corner for storage of tools and fishing equipment.

To each member of the family was pleased with the interior and furnishing, stands still at the planning stage to discuss the project and everyone interested now.

Color solutions in the design of

Sometimes it is the perception of the color of the room depends.

It is worth noting that the color design options and is always two:

  • Warm colors;
  • Cool shades.

Submission of each person are completely different with respect to the choice of materials and colors, but you need to stop it at an optimum. Namely, in a long and narrow corridor perfect light furniture with a glossy surface.

For registration of the hallway, you can use warm colors or cool colorsFor registration of the hallway, you can use warm colors or cool colors

Do not choose finishing materials and furnishings in the same color as all merge together and just ruin the external data room.

Bright colors and a huge amount of choice, respectively, is not limited.

You can give priority to:

  • beige;
  • pink;
  • white;
  • cream;
  • Coffee and the like.

With these colors you can arrange a cozy room, the ability to enjoy and not to strain and irritate. In such a room would be nice, get dressed and come from work after a hard day's work.

Ideas for the hallways narrow corridor (video)

It is important to remember that absolutely any room can be beautiful, if you really try and make every effort and imagination.

The design of a long corridor in the apartment (photo of the interior)

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