The fire-resistant plasterboard: features and selection rules

The fire-resistant plasterboard: features and selection rules

12 October 2017

Flame-resistant drywall consists of gypsum and the cardboard layers, which are treated with special substancesThe fire-resistant drywall is made of cardboard and gypsum layers, which are treated with special fire-resistant veschestvamiGKL - is a popular material for the repair work of any complexity. This kind of material has different properties and can be as combined, and moisture-resistant. There is also a normal and heat-resistant drywall. Each type different color properties and has a specific and characteristic markings, so before buying a similar material is better to consider features climate and humidity room.

Plasterboard refractory: types and colors of material

Depending on the original color of drywall are divided into types:


  • Normal - it preferentially colored grayish hue and different special properties;
  • Watertight has a green tint, it is best used in rooms with high humidity, then there will arise a fungus and condensate;
  • Refractory different pink color and has a high fire resistance class.

Fireproof drywall sheets has a gray color, but it is marked in redFireproof drywall sheets has a gray color, but it is marked in red

In the domestic market of building materials there are two types of drywall.

They have a high fire resistance limit:

  • GKLO - represents ordinary decorative sheets with these properties;
  • GKLVO - is not only fire resistance, but also has the added moisture repellent impregnation.

The most reliable company that has gained great popularity in the market is Knauf. It has a positive feedback in large quantities and presented itself as a brand, value their reputation.

processing rules and the choice of heat-resistant drywall

Knowing what can withstand temperatures this material, you can use it for homes, increasing the level of fire safety.

Plasterboard sheet pink fire has effect, but it is not even able to resist an open flame which burns for more than 25 minutes. This time, would be enough to ensure the evacuation of all people living in the house.

Fire-resistant gypsum plasterboard in the production process undergoes special heat treatmentFire-resistant gypsum plasterboard in the production process undergoes special heat treatment

To drywall acquired fire-resistant properties during the production of this material, it undergoes several processing stages:

  1. plaster thickness should not be less than 1,25sm and 1.5 cm;
  2. During production, Fire resistant gypsum covered by special antiperenami, they are able to withstand a certain amount of time pressure high temperature without emitting toxic fumes. Also, many manufacturers are using specially crystallized water as a core material, it is able to delay in burning flames and increase the time for evacuation of residents.
  3. Directly and gypsum mixture itself amenable to special treatment to impart extra heat-resistant and water-resistant properties.
  4. Due to the properties of gypsum boards, they are very easy to process and install, allowing to carry out repairs in the shortest possible time.

Also drywall sheets can easily be combined with other materials, creating an interesting and high arch structure.

Fireproof GCR: pros and cons

Sheets of plasterboard resistant maximizes use a similar building material for repairs. The person feels protected, not only from the fire but also against harmful fungi, which is a frequent guest in wet areas.

Plasterboard fireproofing material has low mechanical strengthPlasterboard fireproofing material has low mechanical strength

In addition to a large number of advantages, there are some downsides to this material:

  • It is not too strong, so it is very sensitive to any damage or dents;
  • If you want to hang a heavy object or furniture on the wall, you need to take care of its further strengthening;
  • To close the main color of the material, it is necessary to use special putty and paint.

In addition to the minuses, the pros of this material are winning over small drawbacks, because the safety of residents of the house is in the first place. It is used not only for decoration of apartments or houses, but also for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, because in addition to the overall security, this material is environmentally friendly for both children and adults. Also plasterboard has excellent sound- and heat-insulating properties and also serve at least 5 years.

Lights Are drywall and its scope

Fire Safety Certificate determines not only the combustibility of the material, but also the degree of risk. The company defines its Knauf drywall is non-flammable and heat-resistant, and risk group - minimum. Scope fireproof plasterboard is large enough, so in addition to the usual finishing home as fire safety, it can be used for other purposes.

For example:

  1. Decoration of interior walls in the baths and saunas. This material is able to perfectly withstand both high temperatures and large amounts of moisture, so a universal helper.
  2. If the owners want to install a fireplace in the house, there is also not without a heat-resistant drywall. It is suitable for wall design on the outside of the fireplace, and is not only a means of protection, but it can be used to make interesting designs, creating real works of art.
  3. Plasterboard with refractory properties can be used for a variety of engineering structures.

As additional protection and partitions can be used when placing the fireproof drywall electrical wiringAs additional protection and partitions can be used when placing the fireproof drywall electrical wiring

It is only necessary to know the main stages of preparation of the building and use the material correctly:

  1. First of all it is necessary to prepare the wall for fixing plasterboard. For this purpose it is necessary to remove the old coating, the surface to clean and treat its antifungal and fire-retardant substances, further enhancing the protective properties of the material.
  2. The next step is marking and installation of the profile. Installation takes place from the ceiling at the level of 10 cm, and from the floor - 5 cm.

After the complete installation of the profile makes installation of gypsum boards. Special products it is attached, and the profile is also recommended to buy of durable and fire resistant material - stainless steel, it can further protect the room from the fire spreading.

Experts say that working with fire-resistant plasterboard is more difficult than usual. Indeed, it has a reinforcing layer capable of further retard flame.

Also, cutting and assembly is complicated, because the weight of the material and more, and screwing fasteners made with greater force. A full installation of sheets, it is imperative to treat the joints, they are fixed with metal corners, plaster is produced in the usual way, as well as when working with simple leaves. Experts recommend that before buying a water-resistant and fire-resistant drywall verify the presence of the seller a certificate of quality. Such document shows that all the rules of production and the material corresponds to GOST and European standards have been complied with in the manufacture of products. In addition to documents, and must rely on a group of combustibility material - of which there are four, and each has a retaining limit temperature, and there is indicated the degree of damage to the material when exposed to fire.

Features flame retardant drywall (video)

If you build a new house, the suit material with average characteristics, and the purchase of the old Khrushchev and holding them in repairs, it is better not to save on material and to buy the most resistant drywall. In any apartment can be an old wiring, provoking circuit and subsequently a fire that goes to the next floor, so getting a quality product, you can protect your family in case of fire.


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