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A well-chosen wallpaper will make your room an original and beautifulA well-chosen wallpaper will make your room an original and krasivoyNekotorymi very little attention is paid to color combinations in the wallpaper, and this is very important. How to combine the wallpaper in the interior and some interesting combinations of colors exist - read on. Due to the favorable combination of wallpaper can hide significant deficiencies in the apartment, such as low ceilings, small space, etc. Properly aligning the wallpaper can be divided into one-room apartment in the area or to separate the bedroom from the nursery.

The combination of wallpaper: the rules of combination

The combination of the wallpaper in the interior, and what will suit each other - a simple question. In order to room looked nice and stylish, you need to follow certain rules of combination of wallpaper. Wallpaper should not "withstand" furniture, they should be in the same style to the room looked stylish.

The most basic rules of combination of wallpaper, which will help to make repairs easier and more enjoyable:

  • To wallpaper stressed wall and created the basic form of the room, care should be taken as flat wall surface;
  • Wallpaper should be equal in thickness to look harmonious on the surface;
  • In order not to regret his choice, wallpaper should be combined before they are purchased;
  • It is better if the wallpaper will be of the same material because the combined paper with wallpaper, for example, the vinyl will not be easy;
  • Interior freshness combines bright colors with neutrals. White color will look great with yellow, beige with turquoise or mint, purple and gray add mystery room;

In one room is better to use wallpaper with one or EYAD drawingsIn one room is better to use wallpaper with one or EYAD drawings

In one room, you should not use more than two images, unless glued design collection.

The combination of wallpaper and wallpaper: Design Tricks

Correctly combine different wallpaper can not everyone. This requires a lot of patience, so that as a result of drawings fit together, the color did not contradict the general atmosphere in the room. All much easier if the wallpaper without pattern, then only need to choose the right shades. 
It is easy enough to combine with each other wallpapers. Lovers of seascapes wallpapers can be combined with the image of the sun and sky with photo wallpapers, where there is a beach and the sea. Also, the original decision will combine wallpapers marine fishes: on every wall different fish. 
Another popular combination: a different pattern in the same color scheme. For example, for one wall to hang flower ornament pink scale, and on another wall other rounded pattern in the same color. 

If the wallpaper is glued in a room with low ceilings should choose wallpaper with vertical stripes or wallpaper paste 2-3 strips with narrow vertical image. 

Vertical combination of strips of wallpaper will give the room the effect of higher ceilingsVertical combination of strips of wallpaper will give the room the effect of higher ceilings

For fans of non-standard design can be offered to stick a strip of wallpaper, which will continue on the ceiling.

Beautiful combination for this embodiment can be of three types:

  • The red stripe on a white background;
  • Blue stripes on a white background with a pattern in the middle;
  • Yellow stripe on a white background.

For this design requires no white wallpaper pattern and moderately broad band of bright color that will be glued on the floor towards the ceiling. 
To highlight one area in the room using wallpaper, you should stick the strip in the middle of a bright single-tone wallpaper. Ideas for the combination of colors may be different, but the most popular - a yellow stripe on the wall khaki, already mentioned above the red band on white background, perfect purple stripes on a white or gray background. 
Standard solution for the separation wall with the horizontal dividing wall. In this case, you can stick the different types of wallpaper on the top and on the bottom, but it is very important that the drawings and color do not contradict each other and were in the same style.

Options for combining wallpaper (video)

The combination of colors of furniture and wallpaper: to make the apartment a stylish and cozy easy

Before joyfully exclaim about the found ideal wallpaper, you should check that they blend with the furniture and the floor. Simply put, the laminate and the furniture should not have color "disputes" wallpaper. 
The most popular and most desired color of furniture and wallpaper is the color of wenge. For those who do not know the color of wenge reminiscent of dark chocolate with a few light streaks. He was strict, but luxurious. Wenge color is the most popular in the interior of expensive restaurants and gourmet coffee. 

If the interior is beige, sand or violet shades, wenge color perfectly fit into them.

Owning wallpaper wenge colors may be advisable to stick them in a room with a light beige or olive furniture. 

Kitchen and dining area

In the kitchen, wenge color will look great with white furniture or vice versa white walls blends perfectly with furniture wenge. Best neighbors for wenge, be it furniture or wallpaper, are white, olive, blue and orange colors. The only place where it is not necessary to put the wallpaper wenge color - is a children's room, as this shade can reduce the child's mood, make him sleepy and uncooperative. 

The correct combination of wallpaper and furniture in the kitchen will give peace and comfortThe correct combination of wallpaper and furniture in the kitchen will give peace and comfort

Other rules combining wallpaper with furniture is also better not to neglect. So, if the lighting in the room is better to use bright wallpaper cold colors. That they successfully combined with furniture, look ahead catalogs or take samples home. For a room with soft lighting is best to use warm colors to the room look cozier. 
Plain wallpaper will look great with bright furniture, cheerful interior elements, such as your photos or pillows with funny drawings.

Living room

To design the living room should be used wallpaper with a simple design which will blend in with the furniture and overall design. If the living room decoration were chosen wallpapers, they should be glued to the wall, where it is not necessary furniture.


To order the bedroom, you need to be especially careful, since the use of too bright and flowery wallpaper can harm sleep and mood. For registration of the bedroom is better to use wallpaper cool colors combined with light wood furnishings. Wallpaper for the bedroom should be quiet, and to fully comply with their surroundings.

Bedrooms better draw in bright colorsBedrooms better draw in bright colors

Cautions in country house design

Many have a garden, where the walls are made of wainscot. This material has a tendency to wear out visually through some amount of time. When this happens, the first thought that came to mind - this update walls with wallpaper. However, wallpaper glue to the bunk - it's not a good idea for several reasons. Firstly, the wallpaper can be damaged in areas with stitches.

This risk is, even if the decision pokleit heavy-duty dual-layer non-woven wallpaper.

Secondly, when wallpapering finish lining wear much more quickly and loses its properties. Vapor permeability disappears, and there is a need for additional ventilation.

In general, the problem is a combination of wallpaper is not that difficult. There are standard rules in the combination of colors and patterns, you need to follow to get a stylish apartment and cozy.

Various options of combining wallpaper in the interior (video)

The most important thing - to define the style in which want to live in peace, and to pick up for him the wallpaper has to be simple.

The combination of the wallpaper in the interior (photo)

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