The device and the ceiling Grilyato species

The device and the ceiling Grilyato species

12 October 2017

Porous ceiling Grilyato not only reliable and durable, but also fits in virtually any designPorous ceiling Grilyato not only reliable and durable, but also fits into almost any design now adorns dizaynEto mostly spacious rooms. But this does not mean that it is only a place in the office or in a coffee shop, you can install it in a building (as Albes ceiling). For example, in a simple hallway or living room.

Grilyato ceiling: what it is

Grilyato - a system of different profiles along its length, which during assembly are slatted look. And it is the base of the trellis fill rectangular shapes.

Apparatus ceiling structure:

  • The starting area. It provides a flat surface, and high-quality docking the system to the walls.
  • Profiles (guides). Installation of the system involves three types of profiles, and they will only differ in length. It profiles 2,4 m 1, m 2 and 0.6 m. These profiles are assembled carrier ceiling frame.
  • Assembly parts. It is about bystropodvese. Fastening is composed of 3 parts - this is such a borehole with a loop, a needle and a hook connection spring for these spokes.
  • Panel-lattice. They are, in fact, called Grilyato. Panel differ from each other sizes of cells, or the actual structure.

The construction of the ceiling system GrilyatoThe construction of the ceiling system Grilyato

There are several types of ceiling Grilyato models.

Grilyato ceiling in the apartment: the benefits

Such a construction is really a lot of advantages, and the myth that the apartment is impossible to discover them, nothing more than a myth.

Benefits ceiling Grilyato:

  • Circumferential space ceiling perfectly ventilated and ventilated;
  • The material is absolutely fire-proof, since it does not burn, and if the apartment is still a fire broke out, the ceiling quickly remove the smoke from the premises;
  • Quite often, such a system is used in a room with high humidity - aluminum, fortunately, does not rust or rot;
  • Its kind and quality Grilyato not lose even under prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • The coating layer is very reliable and durable;
  • If you want to dismantle the ceiling, it will not be difficult;
  • Ceiling light weight;
  • In this case, it is perfectly hides the ceiling of communication;
  • Easy to maintain such a ceiling, for special grille removed;
  • To these grids are mounted sound-absorbing plate;
  • Finally, the design possibilities are enormous - a beautiful ceiling with a wide range of colors and variety of forms.

The first thing that needs to be done by mounting ceiling lighting Grilyato - prepare LED lights manufactured by a similarThe first thing that needs to be done by mounting ceiling lighting Grilyato - prepare LED lights manufactured by a similar

And Grilyato advantage is that you can set zapotolochnoe illuminators. And this, in turn, helps to create original lighting effects and even patterns. In this situation, zapotolochnoe lamps only need to fix the ceiling to the Draft, the construction itself to such long-term load is not calculated.

Wide range of types and Grilyato, it is standard, and blinds, and pyramid and multi-level structures.

Forms ceiling Grilyato

Slatted or mesh ceiling Grilyato - this is not one and the same finish. Depending on the place of use, purpose of use choose different ceilings.

Types Grilyato:

  • Standard. This is a cheap system that is used literally everywhere. Smooth suspension system mounted strictly at the same level, always parallel to the floor, you need a U-shaped profile.
  • Jalousie. There is also such a model. It is the most neprosmatrivaemye Grilyato system. Collect it can be of different height profiles. Such a slatted ceiling actually hides all communications, but also retains easy access to them.
  • The pyramidal model. Collect such ceilings can be Y-shaped profile. It turns out that the cells of the ceiling like a truncated pyramid. Visually, this technology increases the height of the room - is activated law perspective.
  • Multilevel model. It is also collected from the profiles of varying heights. This is the best option for the design of experiments.

If we talk about colors, the standard rails are considered white, but gray and black also occur. Also, this cellular ceiling can be chrome-plated, and made under the "gold".

Installation of ceiling Grilyato: sequence

mounting scheme is divided into two main stages - is to prepare the old ceiling, and thus installation of the system. The first step is simple - you need to putty the ceiling, and then, if necessary, to paint.

Ceiling Installation Instructions:

  • Marking. It is usually carried out by laser or water level.
  • Installation of wall profile.
  • Installation bystropodvesov. This requires extra markup, the ceiling is divided into pieces with a width of 1.2 m.
  • Setting profiles 2,4 m. They are suspended on hooks fastener.
  • Adjusting profiles. All profiles should be sent in a single plane, and it is done bystropodvesami-butterflies.
  • Installation 1.2m profiles. The two types of profiles are interconnected by special grooves.
  • Setting profiles 0.6m. These elements are secured transversely in profiles 1,2 m. The calculation is such that after installation profile data obtained lattice.
  • The assembly inserts and cards.

Before starting Grilyato mounting system is necessary to prepare the surface of floors, clean them of debris and dust, and then install all ceiling structuresBefore starting Grilyato mounting system is necessary to prepare the surface of floors, clean them of debris and dust, and then install all ceiling structures

Finalizing the installation of lighting fixtures. Technical characteristics of the ceiling such that the lamps simply suspended to overlap, regardless of Grilyato.

The size of the ceiling Grilyato

Grilyato system - this is the original system, based on three-dimensional profiled metal bars. Lattice made of aluminum, they have a U-shaped profile. Thickness - 5 or 10 mm, the height - 30-50 mm.

The cells themselves vary in size. It can be a cell 30x30 and 100x100, and 200x200. Cell plates are formed, aluminum ribbons with thickness from 0.32 to 0.4 mm.

It turns out that the size ceiling grid sections - 600x600 mm.

Manufacturers ceiling Grilyato: domestic or foreign

We owe the invention Italians ceilings, and even came up with them at the end of the last century, Russia, by and large, is aware of this construct no more than 10 years.

Dimensions Grilyato cells selected based on the dimensions of the room and the design features of the overlapDimensions Grilyato cells selected based on the dimensions of the room and the design features of the overlap

There is no difference in principle, order the ceilings here or abroad. And in any medium-sized city, for example, Dmitrov, and in Italy the same important is the reputation of the manufacturer. The material must be certified, the service - at the appropriate level.

If you order the ceiling is not the first time, for commercial purposes, the manufacturer can make it in any color.

At least one of those 192 that enters the RAL classification. Many companies that sell accessories, and can make calculations, so you do not find out material consumption.

Sprinklers and the ceiling Grilyato

Sprinkler device - it Sprinkler (spray bottle), which can be installed including a suspended ceiling Grilyato. This fire extinguishing, a mandatory system for many reasons.

Relatively Grilyato ceiling sprinkler requirements are simple:

  • You need to apply irrigation to 3mm bystrodeystvuyushey bulb and socket mounting position up;
  • The minimum distance between sprinklers considered length of 1.5 m.

In any case, all the data for the calculations can be found in special tables, where there are indicators for ceilings with different mesh sizes.

Ceiling mount technology Grilyato (video)

Raster ceiling Grilyato - is, at first glance, a complicated system. But its exterior glamor, design possibilities, guide ceiling in different design options in a spacious room, making it all the more preferred embodiment of the ceiling design.

Grilyato ceiling (photo)

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