The correct choice of loft ladders: 3 types of construction

The correct choice of loft ladders: 3 types of construction

12 October 2017

on the staircase attic space should be comfortable and practicalStairs to the attic space should be comfortable and praktichnoyLestnitsa leading to the mysterious room under the roof, a bridge that connects the two worlds. What can be the bridge, and how to choose it - read on!

Pick up the stairs to the attic in construction

There are 2 variants of placing a ladder leading to the attic: either indoors or outdoors. Placing the outside is usually used as a temporary option when building a house. In countries with a cold climate (epicenter Siberia, for example) will be the most convenient placement indoors ladders (or insulated variation). This is convenient in operation, and an attic space is not in contact with cold air, which reduces heat loss.

If the home there are other stairs, the stairs to the attic is best done in the same style as the rest. This will help connect all the rooms in the same style.

Regardless of the installation options, all designs are divided into fixed or folding.

The most practical and popular option is the ascent to the attic folding ladderThe most practical and popular option is the ascent to the attic folding ladder

Also different kinds of stair designs:

  • Monolithic ladder (screw or propulsion);
  • Collapsible or folding staircase;
  • Mobile (portable, side, hanging).

Traditional options are monolithic staircase with direct flights and a handrail, but such designs require a lot of space, and sometimes for such a placement is simply no room. In such cases, when space for a conventional staircase is not present, the perfect solution would be a hidden retractable ladder. These structures are highly reliable, compact, and a variety of options. A great solution for a small space.

In order to select the desired option, should analyze who will use the stairs. If the house is elderly, the ladder should be equipped with sturdy railings, and its level should not be too high. If in the house there are children, it is better to limit access, and to the stairs and to the attic room, here the main thing, safety.

Attic stairs traditionally made of wood and aluminum. Wood used for making a march to weight of the structure is minimal, and the metal provides a stiff fastening structure. Also made of metal springs and fastening mechanisms.

Wood stair selected from sawmills. Beam should be not less than 2 cm thick. If the use of the folding ladder is constant, it is best to approach the metal structure. Tree under a constant load will wear quickly.

Standard attic stairs: the size and calculation

In order to choose the right ladder, it is better to make a drawing, and take measurements.

Before installing attic stairs, it is important to make all the measurementsBefore installing attic stairs, it is important to make all the measurements

Getting estimates the size of the attic stairs, should take into account the following parameters:

  1. The total height of the structure. Experts do not recommend to install the ladder height of more than 3 meters. At this altitude, the design may lose strength and rigidity, it is not safe, and drop can be very dangerous.
  2. The optimum width of the flight of stairs about 65-80sm.
  3. The optimum distance between the stages is considered 19.2 cm (if the value is less than or more - ladder is inconvenient in use).
  4. Steps must have a thickness of from 18 to 22 cm.
  5. Number of stages usually smooth - 14 or 15 pieces.
  6. Weight which withstand attic stairs, not less than 150 kg.
  7. Standard value ladder inclination angle of 60 to 75 degrees. Staircase with a slope greater than 75 degrees would be dangerous to use. If the dip is less - the stairs is a great space.
  8. Steps are located parallel to the floor, and so they do not slip, they secure the slip stickers.

When you purchase a standard folding stairs, standing measure of the hatch cover. The optimal size of the hatch - 70 cm, length of the ladder -. 120 cm When the size of the opening in the deck behind the rise will be uncomfortable, and if you make the opening more, with this increase and heat loss.

Attic, more often, not heated, and it is important good insulation.

Folding ceiling stairs to the attic: the benefits

The most compact embodiment is a ceiling foldable or retractable ladder - neat and safe to use design. Foldable ladder consists of several sections, usually of 3 or 4.

Section overlap each other, and this is achieved their maximum compactness. The first section securely fastened to the hatch cover. The remaining parts are decomposed and form a flat march. Mobility sections provide special hinges and joints.

The design of the folding stairs allows you to adjust its height, which increases the ease of using them for any room.

The advantage of folding attic stairs that it does not take much space in the roomThe advantage of folding attic stairs that it does not take much space in the room

Retractable stairs are a lot of advantages, the main ones:

  • Extendable ladder consists of only two sections, whereas folding of 3 or 4, it allows to place the ladder even in a small space interfloor;
  • Low cost;
  • The ease and reliability of the design.

But perhaps the most important criterion in choosing a retractable ladder is that its design allows not to break the stylistic space, since the flap is hidden in the ceiling.

Important! Exit hatch to the attic need to securely insulate, because heat loss through a very Velenje. Do not be amiss to take care of a secure key or lock, so that no one was able to penetrate into the attic or in the house.

Retractable ladder has several variants. For example, scissor stairs or ladder - accordion. This construction is made entirely of metal, it is a compact solution for small spaces. Has a drawback: since the design is completely made of metal, then, with prolonged use, the ladder begins to creak. This can be prevented by treating the mechanism of oil.

Telescopic ladder - it consists of a set of drawers, which are put into a single one. Most often, such ladders made of aluminum, which makes the whole structure very easy. Modern domestic market offers a rare aluminum telescopic ladder and wide popularity it has not yet enjoyed.

Also, modern manufacturers offer automatic mechanisms, which open without the aid of man.

Reliable attic stairs Oman for convenience

Oman Company has long established itself reliable manufacturer of stairs to the attic. One of the main features of the Oman production is that the design is hidden in the attic hatch and does not take space in the room.

There is a wide range of models: folding wooden and metal. Buying products Oman solves the problem of comfortable and safe lifting, while maintaining space. Attic stairs from the company Oman is great for home, the space which does not establish a fixed structure.

Today, many prefer to use the attic stairs Oman, which are characterized by easeToday, many prefer to use the attic stairs Oman, which are characterized by ease

During operation, the product does not require further adjustments and in a rich range of stairs offers a variety of dimensions and sizes.

Some of the popular models of attic stairs Oman:

  1. Termo. Standard size 2800x1200x600 structure. Insulated space hatch. Luc from pine tree, and the whole structure is made only from environmentally friendly materials. The maximum loading weight of 150-160 kg, and the weight of the structure itself from 25 to 35 kg. Stairs are easy to install yourself.
  2. Mini. The standard size of 50x60, 60x80, 60x90. Quad design. Insulated hatch. All metal rails, wooden stairs. The set includes a rod for the opening, made of wood. The compact version of the stairs to the attic. Suitable for rooms with low ceilings, even at the maximum height of the entire structure, which is only 265 cm.
  3. Prima. Standard size 60x120x280. Three-part configuration. Material pine. Luc compacted, seal height of 140 cm. Maximum weight load of 150-160 kg. Kit supplemented wooden rod.

Products from the Polish firm Omanimeet different configurations, durable and safe to use. Prestige, combined with low cost, will appeal to many.

Popular attic stairs Standard Oman Beauty

Should pay attention to the most popular model from Oman.

Stairs Oman are not only practical and comfortable, but also beautifulStairs Oman are not only practical and comfortable, but also beautiful

A wooden staircase Standard:

  • Foldable Triplex, traditionally made of pine wood.
  • Manhole cover 30 mm thermal insulation, insulated on both sides.
  • In the box of the hatch seal, 140 mm in height.
  • hatch size 120x60, 120x70.
  • Steps are equipped with anti-slip notches.
  • The maximum loading weight of 150 kg.
  • Kit supplemented wooden rod.

It would seem that all these characteristics are also inherent in other models (eg, Velta, Bronz, Nozycowe, Vertical, Dolle, Dolly, Velux). What is the popularity of this particular? It's simple - it is in the price. This model is very different price categories from their relatives. Having a standard set of features and accessories Roto (Roto), the price for this model is lower than on the other.

Rollaway attic stairs LWT on the fan

Attic stairs LWT Super Thermo - a model of the Polish company Fakro. The company has been presenting its products on the market, the production of which meets the highest quality standards. Width structure 600 or 700 mm, height 1200 and 1300 mm. This is the warmest model in the company's line of Farko and most suitable for the country with a cold climate. Good heat retention is achieved by the thickness of the ceiling hatch - 80 mm. To hatch fixed folding ladder, 3 or 4 sections. Wooden stairs are made of solid spruce.

Folding ladder to the attic, which are made of wood, are no less popular and in demand in the country housesFolding ladder to the attic, which are made of wood, are no less popular and in demand in the country houses

The main features of the structure:

  • Sealing triple loop (provided by the high permeability);
  • Includes metal handrails;
  • Bits of plastic Lxs, which help to protect the floor from scratches;
  • Galvanized metal fasteners;
  • Additionally, the installation includes: Ltk corners for mounting the gas closer.

Polish company Fakro has a wide range: LWS Plus, Smart; LWK Komfort. All designs are characterized by high strength, good thermal insulation and load-carrying capacity.

Various attic stairs: metal and wood

In a private house will look good stationary wooden staircase to the attic. Especially if the attic is not just a repository for forgotten things, and another room.

Pros wooden structures:

  • Natural materials;
  • High strength;
  • Decorative component.

Metal foldable characterized strength and durabilityMetal foldable characterized strength and durability

But not less popular metal screw attic stairs.

Metal stairs:

  • Meet all the requirements of the fire;
  • Reliable in operation;
  • Beautiful in design;
  • The spiral staircase is always betrays fabulousness room.

But what would not be a model of stationary stairs, she always needs space. But what to choose, if it is not? You should choose the attic metal stairs. On the market today such structures is in the arsenal of each manufacturer: Minka (Mink), Oman, Fakro.

Optimal attic stairs 120h70 cm

For example, the metal attic stairs Fakro LMS, produced in Poland, with a great functionality, is small in size. This model received good customer feedback around the world. stairs design robust, reliable and aesthetic. Mount the stairs easy, and it does not take much time. Minimalism ladder design saves space significantly.

Like the rest of the model range of this company, the stairs are equipped with an insulated hatch, integrated lock and anti-slip notches.

Pick up the attic ladder should be taking into account the interior premises, where it will be installedPick up the attic ladder should be taking into account the interior premises, where it will be installed

But, if space does not establish even a compact ladder you can install outdoor metal structures. Dacha, one of those options where you can set a ladder. Design can be mounted directly on the streets or in the garage, the economic annex. Winter to avoid slipping on the stairs, the stairs should be equipped with sturdy handrail or banister. Such outer structure will not occupy space in the house and not to break the stylistic composition.

Attic stairs (video)

It is important to remember that this design is in the street, and therefore in the public domain. It should take care of the entrance security, and restrict access to the stairs, and then say no, you are not to blame.

Design staircase to the attic (photo in the interior)

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