The choice of the wall under the TV in the living room

The choice of the wall under the TV in the living room

12 October 2017

The wall in the living room can accommodate not only television but also other decorative items and household itemsThe wall in the living room can accommodate not only television but also other decorative items and household items, living room - the most important place in the house after the kitchen, here we invite guests, here we are going to the long winter evenings the whole family and conduct conversations or watch TV. Therefore, it is important to make this room the most comfortable and soothing. Furniture is an important component of interior room. Sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, chests of drawers, cabinets - everything must fit perfectly in the living room design and combined with each other. Today we will discuss the most relevant options for the living room wall and dismantled, in what cases it is necessary to choose furniture with a place for your TV.

TV wall in the living room: the advantages and disadvantages

There is a huge variety of walls, which is essentially a system of cabinets, shelves and cabinets for storage and placing them as decorative and functional items. The walls are open and closed. The choice of materials of construction for such furniture is huge: it could be wood, glass, metal and even plastic. Which option you choose depends on your taste and interior style and budget.

You can collect a kind of wall, putting in a series painted in one color, cabinets with glass doors and pedestal between them.

Since ancient times, very popular wall with a niche under the TV, despite the fact that modern plasma TVs, can be attached to the wall.

Let's talk about the benefits of furniture with a niche for the TV.

  • When the TV is put on the place reserved for him in the wall, he gently flows even in the most conservative interior.
  • The screen is disposed in an aperture between the plurality of shelves and cabinets, it is surrounded by protecting it from falling parts of the wall.
  • In addition to space for souvenirs, books and TV, TV wall usually have a shelf for DVD storage drives and other equipment.

Among the advantages of the wall under the TV should be noted the excellent appearance and long service lifeAmong the advantages of the wall under the TV should be noted the excellent appearance and long service life

TV stands in the wall immediately attracts attention and becomes the center of the living room.

In addition to these advantages, this furniture and it has several disadvantages:

  • If you bought a TV and want to put it in the old wall, consider the fact that the niche may not be suitable in size for the new technology.
  • If eventually you decide to remove the equipment from the living room, or simply outweigh it on the wall, you have formed an empty space in the wall, which will be difficult to fill in so that it will fit harmoniously into the interior.
  • Niche under the TV occupies a part of the system, which could be placed shelves, drawers or cabinets.

As you can see, even the TV wall has some drawbacks. However, if you set out to buy furniture, which will be convenient to accommodate not only all the necessary items, but also television, the disadvantages of which we write, do not become a hindrance.

The wall of the living room without TV

If you think that your TV is not a place in the room where you are going to the family for a joint communication, then you can purchase an original wall without niche for this technology.

Advantages wall without a place under the TV:

  • This furniture has high functionality and capacity, as well as expensive and has a magnificent appearance.
  • Wall without a place for your TV has additional shelves or drawers in which you can place the items that you are particularly proud of, for example, a collection of books.

Instead, the TV on the wall you can put pictures, vases or serviceInstead, the TV on the wall you can put pictures, vases or service

Wall without a place for your TV requires investments in these additional materials, whereby the cost can be quite high.

Typically, such sets are closed cabinets sides, between which open or glazed shelf. Abandoning the TV, you make your living room more disposable to sharing active pastime.

Different wall into the living room without a place under the TV, or with him

At the moment there is a huge variety of living room sets with the place and without a place under the TV. Choosing wall, pay attention to which type it belongs, and have a good think about whether it will fit into your home decor.

To help you decide, let's see what options there are walls:

  • Traditional wall consists of cupboards for clothes and books, mezzanine, bar and space for your TV. Usually it is the height from the floor to the ceiling and covers all or most of the walls. This furniture has a rather low-key appearance, it will look great in a classical and English style, as well as in the interiors with African motifs.
  • The walls of the slides have a rather compact and usually consist of open or glassed-in cabinets and niches for souvenirs and a TV. Such headsets perfectly fit into the small room, and decorate any modern interior.
  • Corner wall occupies two adjacent walls. This option is relevant in the case in the hall need to fit a lot of things, but it is enough space in small sizes. Typically niche under the TV and shelves for decorative elements are located in the greater part of the wall, while the other side consists of cabinets for books and clothes.
  • Modular walls are composed of individual pedestals, cabinets and shelves, moving that you can constantly bring in its interior is something new. Typically, these headsets are designed for modern living concise, but at the furniture market and presented options, designed for more delicate and classic designs. "Milano" world-famous wall also refer to the modular furniture.

The walls, made under the TV, often occur for DVD-playerThe walls, made under the TV, often occur for DVD-player

There are modular headset made specifically for interiors in a modernist style. They consist of a contrasting color and texture elements that are formed in an asymmetrical manner. Often these walls suggest that the TV will be hung on the wall.

From all described a variety of furniture, it is easy to choose a wall that will not spoil, but rather will complement your interior. When deciding which suite is right for you, be sure to pay attention to its functionality.

Flat-panel TV set for hall

If you are the owner of a small living room size or just prefer to have a large amount of free space, then choose a small wall, but do not forget about the functions it should perform.

The minimum set of branches, which should be in the wall under the TV:

  • Niche under the TV;
  • Shelves for storage disks and DVD;
  • It is advisable to attend at least a few shelves for souvenirs.

Mini wall due to its compactness, ideal for the small living roomMini wall due to its compactness, ideal for the small living room

So, choosing a small hill in the room, pay attention to such an option, as the stone wall. They are low buildings, where the center is located at the top of the TV, and at the bottom there are compartments for storage of essential items. Despite its compact size, this furniture is quite roomy.

If you choose this type of furniture, but you want to get a place, where you can put a decorative elements, nail slightly above the shelf cabinets of material similar to it and the same color. The whole structure forms a single system, and no one would guess that you collected it in parts.

Another version of the small but roomy headset into the living room - a mini-wall. It is inexpensive, is a composition of low table or tables open type TV set, a pair of narrow lockers, typically with glass or mirrored doors and shelves systems, which are placed above the TV, between cabinets standing on the sides.

The choice of the wall under the TV in the living room (video)

We told you about the most popular types of wall to the living room, with different versions of the TV installation. Which option to choose - you decide!

Design wall under the TV in the living room (photo examples)

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