The choice of sliding doors for walk-in wardrobe: 6 species and installation tips

The choice of sliding doors for walk-in wardrobe: 6 species and installation tips

12 October 2017

Sliding doors in the dressing room have a good performance and beautiful appearanceSliding doors in the dressing room have a good performance and beautiful appearance In practice, more and more girls and women dream of their own dressing room. Inspired by the examples of some movies, they dream of your own room, where it will only hang their clothes, their shoes lie only and nothing else. If you decide to buy a sliding door, but do not know what, and how to install them - read on.

Sliding doors in the dressing room

Not all apartments have the possibility to allocate a whole room under the dressing. But, if you are the owner of a medium or a large apartment, where at least one room has an area of ​​more than 25 m2, it makes sense to consider the allocation of a small area of ​​the room, for example, 10 m2 for its own dressing.

Separate one area from another you will be sliding doors. How they choose to serve for a long time and looked beautiful? Sliding doors, including for dressing can be of different types.

Sliding doors in the dressing room can you arrange with the help of labelsSliding doors in the dressing room can you arrange with the help of labels

They differ in the way of opening, according to the method of manufacture, and many other things. There are subspecies of the same species.

In general, the following types of sliding doors:

  • coupe;
  • techno;
  • pencil cases;
  • Book;
  • Harmonic;
  • Roto-door.

What lies beneath these mysterious words? Let's face it.

Description of the types of doors

When it comes to coupes, many realize the train and the doors into a separate compartment.


  1. Sliding open the compartment door by the same mechanism as in the train, but have a different appearance.
  2. Sliding doors of this type are moving along the guide rails and hide each other, when the door opens.
  3. This type of door wardrobe with special moves along the guide rollers.
  4. The rollers are made on the bearings, so that the movement they do not create noise, and the door opens easily, without applying efforts.

Guides are set at the top and bottom, should be careful not to stumble when they step over through. In addition, the guide, located close to the floor, it is sometimes necessary to clean the dust, so that it does not interfere with the movement of the doors on the rollers. This type of installation can be called one of the most inexpensive.

Sliding doors in a dressing may consist of two or more separate elementsSliding doors in a dressing may consist of two or more separate elements

View Techno is a subspecies of the compartment. The difference between them is that techno is not the bottom rail. The door travels to the top only. Open the door frees up space on the floor, does not prevent the cleaning, it takes up little space. By the way, tech involves execution of two functions in one door. Techno sliding door can perform, and their usual role of the door, and the role of the mirror. This is possible if you set the mirrored surface on the face of the door to the room.

Next view - cupboards. They have one nice advantage: they hide in the door when opened, can not see them. Minus them that you need to install specially prepare the wall, taking into account all the technical characteristics of this mechanism. When buying a kit includes a special mechanism that allows to stop the door in the desired position.

It is easy to guess what kind of book is very similar to an ordinary book. When we close the door of the type "book", it can be folded into two parts, like a real book. Guides in this species are located on top.

We kind of accordion is very similar to the principle of open, once it develops into several parts, according to the principle of an accordion fur.

Roto-door can rightly be regarded as a unique and original invention. Its peculiarity is that it can be opened in both directions by the rotation. A great option for anyone who loves all original and unusual.

Mirror sliding door for walk-in wardrobe, and other materials for manufacturing

Types of sliding doors, is not the only thing you should pay attention to when choosing this method of partitions. On the material the door, too, it makes sense to pay attention.

Mirrored sliding doors look great in the interior in high-tech styleMirrored sliding doors look great in the interior in high-tech style

There are different types of material used for the manufacture of sliding doors, among them:

  • Natural wood;
  • Mirror;
  • Aluminum;
  • particleboard;
  • Veneer;
  • Glass;
  • MDF;
  • Plastic.

Mirrored doors look very nice, of course. But when selecting a material for the sliding door, should not proceed from the overall beauty of the doors, and of how it will look is in your interior.

If your apartment is designed in classic style, make a choice in favor of the natural wooden sliding doors. It is the most popular material for this type of doors, though not the cheapest. The tree can be intact or with inserts of mirrors, glass, stained glass.

Which option to choose

If you want a cheaper option, pay attention to the material chipboard or MDF. There is a huge palette of shades for the material and the variety of forms that allows you to select the most original option for your interior. For this material is most suitable kind of doors and accordion book.

Sliding doors can be made of different materials: glass, plastic, woodSliding doors can be made of different materials: glass, plastic, wood

You are a fan of high-tech style? Then, at your service are provided door of glass, plastic, mirrors or metal. You can choose the level of transparency of glass or plastic. It can be fully transparent, with a decor or pattern, frosted. The glass door will decorate your interior in the style of hi-tech or minimalism. The doors of this material is very durable and safe. In the event of glass breakage, the fragments do not scatter around the room, and will be sealed in a special film.

Mirrored doors are also stylish and original solution for the interior. They are suitable for not very large areas, can visually expand them and make lighter.

Door placement largely determines the interior of the room. If you want to make a dressing room corner cabinet, position the sliding door in any corner of the room. For this there are special angular sliding system.

Sliding door coupe for the dressing room: with their hands to collect or buy

You are a skillful pen and do not want to spend money to buy the doors? Then we'll give you a few tips to help you assemble sliding doors with their hands, or maybe you decide to buy them? Anyway, if you want to have at home sliding door type "foam" or "roto", it is better to turn to professionals. Collect them yourself is very difficult.

In order to collect their own hands-door coupe, you need the following set of tools:

  • Drill;
  • Roulette;
  • screwdriver;
  • File;
  • Hacksaw.

If you are new to make a sliding door is difficult enough on their own, so it's best to turn to professionalsIf you are new to make a sliding door is difficult enough on their own, so it's best to turn to professionals

Door assembly consists of 5 stages.


  1. The study of the assembly method and the installation of doors.
  2. Measurement of the opening where the door is installed. At this stage you will need to level and plumb and horizontal measurements, you will need more and roulette. The height of the upright can be measured using a plumb line. Note that the guide width should be 10 cm, starting from this with measurements.
  3. Now you need to visualize your project, you can draw it, and find materials for installation. For example, an input resolution in dressing 1 m requires a door to 2m - two doors, a - need to install additional fixed blades.
  4. At this stage, you buy all the necessary accessories, please be top mounted, aluminum profile, filling material for door rails, stops, clips, etc.
  5. Collecting cage sliding door, watch the angles they should be perpendicular to the diagonals must be equal to each other.

Do you think this scheme is complex? Then do not bother and go to the store for ready-made sliding doors. You can visit this purpose Leroy Merlin or Ikea. In the latter offers an excellent choice of ready-sliding doors under the name of Pax Lyngdal. Set perfectly fit into any interior.

Pay attention to the care of the sliding doors. To their movement has always been invisible to you, you should exercise regularly clean dust and debris inside the guides with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. Also need to be cleaned and the rollers themselves, this can be done with a brush and grease. It can be purchased at any hardware store.

We can say that assembly of sliding doors - quite a laborious process that the strength is not for everyone. If you do not want to waste your strength in vain, better buy everything you need at the store. Especially because the variety of materials and shapes shades transform this choice piece of furniture in an interesting and exciting process.

Sliding doors to the dressing room with his hands (video)

Remember that the quality of the material depends on the quality and service life of sliding doors. Buy them only in proven stores of quality material.

Details: sliding doors in the dressing room (photo examples)

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