The ceilings in the bedroom: 7 great ideas

The ceilings in the bedroom: 7 great ideas

12 October 2017

The ceiling in the bedroom - it's an important element of decoration that can be charged in the morning and make a positive working moodThe ceiling in the bedroom - it's an important element of decoration that can in the morning positive charge and give working nastroenieKto might say, well, that, well, talk about it, because in the bedroom, we do not really look at the ceiling, because we are there anymore sleep. Yes, it is true, but not quite. Of course, half an hour before going to bed and the first minutes after the morning wake-up, we see the ceiling. Even in this short time, we willy-nilly, survey the "roof" of our bedroom, can badly affect the normal going to bed, or at the morning, working mood.

Thus, the ceiling in the bedroom - it is not only an important element of the interior, but also, in some way, a stimulant of our good, or vice versa, a bad mood.

What better to do the ceiling in the bedroom: the case of taste and budget

Making the ceiling for bedrooms, can be so different, it is difficult to choose.

Options are different: the ceiling design, color - as black as gray as the green and white. You can paint in blue and pink, and if not, in lilac. The coating, as you see, can be anything. In addition, the ceiling can be glossy and matte.

Painting may not always be a classic - it's quite obvious.

When choosing a ceiling in his bedroom should take into account various parameters.

Ceilings made in dark colors, harmonious look in bright bedrooms with large windowsCeilings made in dark colors, harmonious look in bright bedrooms with large windows


  • Colour. Each person prefers certain colors, and this is reflected positively on his condition. In any case, better to choose soft colors.
  • Simplicity of design. In a small bedroom with a low ceiling, simple designs look more favorable.
  • A large window in the bedroom. It allows the use of dark colors, and that's what draw the ceiling.
  • Materials. Now do the ceiling of anything, therefore it is necessary to track the environmental cleanliness as possible.
  • Lighting. Fixtures placed where they are most needed.

This - the basic parameters that must be considered.

The ceilings in the bedroom and the living room: general requirements

In the modern living room ceiling is given a very important role.

Every period of time characterized by their styles. It is now in vogue, say, the direction of the distant 20s, for example, of the last century.

The ceiling in our time is assigned a lot more functions than just the mediocre coverage and location of lighting fixtures. Ceiling, in addition, can be divided into zones. For example, in a large rectangular living room it requires special placement of lighting fixtures. In addition, you want to hide communication.

Ceilings, old decorations - fashion trend in design artCeilings, old decorations - fashion trend in design art

Examples of the headlining and a living room:

  1. Suspended ceiling;
  2. Wood panels with the beams;
  3. Constructions of plasterboard;
  4. Stucco.

As for the fixtures, everything is created in relation to this space.

Pink bedroom: ceiling white and pink

Pink bedroom - a beautiful, delicate interior for some, but little is acceptable and is not interesting - for others.

However, there is no accounting for tastes, as the case is ungrateful. What ceilings better - it's like asking who is more important, an elephant or hippopotamus. Ideas vary widely.

The pink color is considered to be a female, and not in vain. Yet, pure pink bedroom is not for everyone, and it is directly dependent on the age of living.

In the bedrooms, designed in a similar style, pink ceiling look beautiful and elegantIn the bedrooms, designed in a similar style, pink ceiling look beautiful and elegant


  • The pink bedroom is best suited for little girls. Some monotony of pink can "dilute" the carpet.
  • For older girls, you can combine several colors.
  • Finishing the ceiling and walls of several shades of pink, suit, could not be better for a girl.
  • Pink decor for the bedroom is best suited for honeymooners.

As you can see, a bedroom renovation, painted in pink, great for many.

Ceiling: wood - and a bedroom cozier

People from time immemorial valued wood as a building and finishing material, its durability, aesthetics and naturalness.

Wooden surface give a hundred points to any modern materials.

Yes, the tree has a number of advantages, for which it and are often chosen, as evidenced by many consumer reviews.

Wood and today remains the best material for the ceiling in the bedroomWood and today remains the best material for the ceiling in the bedroom

wood advantages:

  1. It has no harmful substances;
  2. The surface needs no impregnations of synthetics;
  3. durable;
  4. This "live", that is, the natural material;
  5. Easy to process;
  6. aesthetically pleasing;
  7. Wooden ceiling great "neighborhood" with other materials;
  8. Low thermal conductivity.

All these benefits provide a basis for the wooden ceiling device, although, for some reason, many believe that the wooden ceiling is only relevant in the country, or in a loft-style rooms.

Making the ceiling in the bedroom: everything for comfort and relaxation

The basic principle of bedrooms - comfort and tranquility. As for the ceiling, it will certainly play a key role in the overall interior.

The main goal when you make a bedroom - to make a place to rest so that it was cozy and comfortable for sleeping, and just relaxing.

Today, there are many variants of interior decoration.

The large number of spotlights on the ceiling makes the interior of the bedroom more comfortable and functionalThe large number of spotlights on the ceiling makes the interior of the bedroom more comfortable and functional


  • Suspended ceiling. Option is not the cheapest, but acceptable, very attractive appearance. Wide range of colors allows you to arrange the ceilings of any color and shade.
  • Plasterboard. It is very common, as an inexpensive and aesthetic option.
  • Tree. Wood nowadays a luxury. As a rule, it arranged the interior of the island, where the trees are finished with only fragments.
  • Painting. Applies only when a level, without defects ceiling. Color is desirable not aggressive, calm tones.
  • Wallpapering. Wallpapers can be used in different colors and forms, combining. It is undesirable to use more than 3 colors wallpaper.
  • Tiles from foam. One of the cheapest options, but not the most fashionable.

It is not necessary to remove from the accounts of the lighting, which also play a key role. Appropriate chandelier in a small bedroom. And in combination with spotlights, for example, a chandelier may be used in a larger room. Do not interfere with sconces and table lamps on the bedside tables.

Two-level ceilings: supplementation for your comfort

Two-level ceilings in the bedroom should be arrange in the case where the ceiling height allows.

In a room with a high ceiling, you can arrange and multilevel ceilings - room only benefit from this.

All this, of course, must take place in a rather large bedroom.

Multilevel ceilings you can only equip the bedroom with sufficient ceiling heightMultilevel ceilings you can only equip the bedroom with sufficient ceiling height

The use of multi-level ceilings:

  1. Bunk room ceilings will change beyond recognition if such a goal there;
  2. Three-level ceilings can achieve the most amazing effects in the design. Swings, oblique plane, built-in light at an oblique angle, as well as drawing on the ceiling made in any way, until the printing certainly attract the attention of your guests.

Certainly not the last role in the design of any ceiling design plays a backlight. This, incidentally, is actively used for bedrooms zoning. With proper device, a two-level ceiling, when correctly chosen lighting can achieve focus on any piece of furniture has improved, so many times, the interior.

Ceiling design in bedroom (video)

In conclusion, I would like to note the following. What will be the ceiling in the bedroom, will not solve anybody except you. And what will do better, of course, you decide. And as always, in this difficult choosing your help articles, photos and video materials. This will help you to choose the ceiling design, color, material, type of lighting and general lighting, as well as other options that are most appropriate for your ceiling in the bedroom. You - an adherent of the classical interior, and possibly - an innovative, for example, in high-tech style.

The ceilings in the bedroom (photo)

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