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Embroider cross can easily learn how to not only women, but also men, and even childrenEmbroider cross can easily learn how to not only women, but also men, and even detiVyshivka cross - is the most common type of embroidery that can master both professionals and amateurs of needlework, even serious man can learn how to create stunning masterpieces, embroidering cross. Cross stitch is even possible to teach a child to pick up for this baby motifs and light scheme, to spend a few lessons.

cross stitch scheme - embroidery children

Introduce children to needlework, teach manual skills and the ability to create cross stitching, you can use the elementary circuits, which set out the sequence of available cross stitch.

embroidery cross schemes with children need to be children:

  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Silhouettes and objects;
  • Letters.

Children easily learn to embroider, the main thing that they showed interestChildren easily learn to embroider, the main thing that they showed interest

Initially, work, children need to familiarize with the hoop, needle, thread, material and embroidery scheme. For a start, it is possible to identify the place of the first entry of the needle into the fabric, making marks on the fabric in pencil.

The base fabric for baby embroidery, knitted fabrics can be used, it is soft to the body, not crumpled, it fit well thread floss.

Further, children need to introduce cells from the value in the embroidery and the direction of movement of the needle scheme. When a child learns the necessary knowledge, cross-stitch can become a hobby for him. Embroidering children alone, need to pick up light and colorful scheme to embroidery could well fit into the interior, and children formed in children a sense of beauty.

Tender schemes for cross stitch: children

With children's circuits cross stitch, you can sew baby clothes, paintings for children's rooms, towels, blankets, quilts. Diagrams can be downloaded from the Internet, are the most diverse themes of embroidery cross.

embroidery scheme on children can be varied:

  • Children infants;
  • Sleeping children;
  • Children in the colors;
  • Black and white embroidery children.

Embroidery, which depicts children who do not leave anyone indifferentEmbroidery, which depicts children who do not leave anyone indifferent

Embroidering cross baby embroidery is used from 2 to 50 or more colors of thread and run-off, because the children are always colorful embroidery. Colors may be different, depending on the selected theme. The scheme can be subject stitch and the plot. Subject scheme requires fewer threads and plot, conversely, expands the color gamut yarns used. Blanks for children embroidery schemes can be of different sizes, depending on the size of the picture.

Cross Stitch - Kid

Cross-stitch embroidery baby suitable for expectant mothers and grandmothers. The work should start with the selection of embroidery circuit complexity to be feasible due to their own abilities. Then you need to poobodrat thread colors to the circuit at the number indicated on the scheme itself and Hank floss.

On the advice of professionals needlework and cross stitch, thread for embroidery baby's face should be chosen on the lighter shade than indicated in the performance of the scheme, as color floss too saturated.

Background image must also be light or bright, as the kids in childhood and infancy are more receptive to light and bright colors.

The painting, which depict children will look best on light colored canvasThe painting, which depict children will look best on light colored canvas

Workpiece tension the fabric in the embroidery frame and get to work, subject to the following rules of embroidery:

  • Embroidery pictures baby starts from the middle of the web;
  • Embroidering needle from the center to the edges;
  • Dark colors can be replaced with light.

Using pictures summer embroidery kids, better to choose bright colors floss. Winter with kids theme, such as a set of "Watching Santa" can be done in dark colors, a folding thread 2-4 times. The newborn baby or toddler should be embroidered with delicate flowers only filaments pink, peach, beige color. Sleeping child should also be sewn light tones and colors of floss.

Especially popular are black and white cross-stitch in retro style. The kids in this style of embroidery look realistic as a 3D image.

Embroidered children are ideal for the decoration of children's kid's room at any age, from birth up to primary school age.

Children's cross-stitch

The kid is happy cheerful and colorful pictures and children's embroidery is always bright and interesting. Therefore, children embroidery will fit harmoniously into the interior of any style children. Kids especially emotionally react to the colorful pictures gay themes.

Subject Children's embroidery can be very diverse:

  • Nature;
  • Animals;
  • flowers;
  • Children;
  • Scenes and landscapes.

Children are most like to embroider fairy-tale characters, funny and colorful pictures of favorite animalsChildren are most like to embroider fairy-tale characters, funny and colorful pictures of favorite animals

Embroidering pattern for the child, used stories, landscapes, animals and children. For embroidery quilts, blankets, envelopes, make better use of animals scheme. For this great circuit with ducklings, lambs, lions, bears Teddy. Clothing for the child can be embroidered animals, fairy tale characters using simple embroidery patterns. Embroidery children's skirt, you can use the scheme caps or small animals schemes.

Cross Stitch for children (video)

Children's shirts embroidered ornaments, using the technique of the cross and thread the desired color, no pictures. Embroidery for the girls can be embroidered with bright thread and embroidery for a boy, you can embroider a single color, blue or blue thread. After the embroidery fabric is absolutely necessary to wash the powder in water at room temperature, have steam iron. 

Examples of arrangements for the cross stitch children (photo)

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