The best repair the hall in the apartment: a photo and small-sized pieces of furniture

The best repair the hall in the apartment: a photo and small-sized pieces of furniture

12 October 2017

Even a small entrance hall can become a cozy and comfortable place for your homeEven a small entrance hall can become a cozy and comfortable place for your domaRemont hallway in the apartment, it would seem an easy thing, but in reality things are not far away as easily. As a rule, small-sized apartments in the corridors, which build a complex problem. They are narrow, short, poorly lit and may be irregular in shape. Some simply throw up their hands and say that to create such a space in a great and beautiful interior is not possible. But it is not so, because you can create a good design ideas that can be taken from design magazines.

Design a small corridor in the apartment

Before you place a small corridor, should assess the actual size of the room, so as not to be mistaken with a choice of finishes and designs.

Be sure to take into account:

  • Shape of the room;
  • Exact dimensions;
  • The presence or absence of defects;
  • Lighting.

Coatings light colors visually lift small corridor ceiling opening and extend between the wallsCoatings light colors visually lift small corridor ceiling opening and extend between the walls

Through the corridor repair it is very important to solve the first and main problem - it's a small space. Make it possible by means of such artful design tricks, like placing of finishing materials and interior objects that can expand the space visually room and thus make it more cozy and comfortable. 

Do not use the interior doors made of solid wood a dark color, since they will not only accent the room, but will conceal the space that is strictly required.

It is best to give preference to the door leaf with the insertion of frosted glass and made of a light material, such as ash, walnut, French oak and the like. The doors of the plan appear to be compact and fairly stylish and elegant. If the arrangement of the corridor is carried out in a studio apartment, the idea of ​​choosing the doors need to be reduced to its complete absence. So it is possible to eliminate the border dividing the already small living space.

The minimum width of the corridor in apartment

In a small prihozhke minimum width of the corridor may be about 1.5 meters. How to make the room a little wider and more spacious?

You should choose:

  • Tensioner glossy ceiling;
  • Wallpaper with 3D-drawing;
  • A large mirror that can create the same effect of increasing the room as the ceiling.

It is very fashionable and stylish look colored ceilings with a glossy effect. Such coatings do not put pressure on the psyche and can achieve the desired result of the expansion of space. Choosing mostly goes for dark colors because they best reflect the situation room.

Due to the small corridor Stretch Ceilings will seem more spaciousDue to the small corridor Stretch Ceilings will seem more spacious

Equally good idea will flooring with longitudinal lines, wherein it can be a laminate and parquet flooring. room decoration must necessarily include the lighting layout, which is particularly important in small rooms without windows. Optimally will look flat single chandelier on the ceiling, the presence of point lights and wall sconces. Arrangement of several light sources enable every household to use the light of your own and move around more comfortably.

If the room is a wardrobe as corps and coupe as well as a separate cabinet or shelves, they can be supplemented with LED backlighting that looks original and modern. Feeds can decorate picture frame with a photo, or even a mirror on the hanger hooks. This technique designers began to use often enough, since it cost-effective, does not require large amounts of energy and also for the installation does not need to have a professional education electrician.

to the main power supply connection is not required, and therefore, the type of LED lighting can be considered completely safe. Their work is performed by the battery and the tape can be positioned anywhere in completely. Their advantage is that they are lit from cotton or steps sound. As a rule, they are installed as a bedside lamp, to move around in the dark and did not look for the switch.

Hallways for small apartments

Decorating the hallway - it's almost a third design of the premises, because the main problem is that there is too little space remains open. Place where a lot of furniture is simply not realistic and need to give preference to a specific and limited number of interior items. Often next to hallways they are located storage area, and they may be the most life-saving option.

Replan is performed by transfer of the door opening on the side of the corridor, and thereby create a more optimal size of the room. Storage area can be used as a dressing room, which will devastate the corridor unnecessary cabinets, tables and poufs.

The color of the furniture for the small hall should be light and not causing that visually expand the boundaries of the roomThe color of the furniture for the small hall should be light and not causing that visually expand the boundaries of the room

If this is not possible, the furniture should be chosen:

  • capacious;
  • Compact size;
  • With closed shelves;
  • modular;
  • Combined.

Combined set in a corridor - a modular design, which is built as an add-poof, as far put on one's shoes without uncomfortable seats. It is worth noting that the objects of the interior should not be merged with the wall decor as it is quite tasteless decoration.

If you want to install modular furniture, you need to choose the products under the order, which will accurately reflect the personal preferences and most importantly, the size and shape of the room.

Secrets design a very small hall in the apartment

Search for new and furniture is not so difficult to model, since their choice is enormous, but to find something that would be perfect for a small corridor with quadrature much more difficult.

The design of the hall premises should not be:

  • Dark;
  • Dim;
  • Littered with lots of accessories;
  • Too catchy to the eye.

Design of small-sized hall must be equipped large furnitureDesign of small-sized hall must be equipped large furniture

It is possible to create the interior of a small corridor on their own, relying on the advice of designers and fashion magazines. But do not forget that all the rooms are unique, even if they are the standard type apartments Khrushchev. For example, it can be installed in an inconvenient place outlets and switches, or may be irregular curve ceiling. There are many reasons, and therefore before the repair you need is literally to take into account every nuance.

The most optimal styles for the design of the corridor is considered to be:

  • Classic;
  • High tech;
  • Minimalism.

Adhere to a particular style - it is very convenient, because you can eliminate errors and make the room that will completely justify the personal ideas of comfort and coziness.

How to make repairs in the apartment hallway small-size (video)

Due to the fact that today there is a huge amount of building and finishing materials, as well as the interior, even the corridor, which has a small quadrature, will be a pleasant-looking and stylish.

Details: Repair the hall in the small-sized apartment (photo examples)

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