The attractive ceiling plywood: 5 advantages

The attractive ceiling plywood: 5 advantages

12 October 2017

The ceiling is made of plywood, not only looks beautiful, but also is a safe and eco-friendlyThe ceiling is made of plywood, not only looks beautiful, but also is a safe and environmentally friendly ekologichnymProchnye and ceilings made of plywood are used in offices, restaurants and apartments. Due to its low cost and ease of installation, they have gained much popularity. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of this kind of design, you should take a responsible approach to the issue of the choice of material. Do not look for it on the market, where sellers can not always provide the quality certificate. Attention should, turn to a specialized sales network.

Important parameters for plywood ceiling: thickness

It recommended fly mother with a thickness of 3 to 6 millimeters. more fat is not recommended to mount their own hands. Firstly, it will not help to improve product performance, and secondly, it only will weight very ceiling. As a rule, the result of the installation of finishing too thick plywood is more repeat repair.

For finishing ceiling experts advise choosing plywood of which thickness is approximately 5 millimetersFor finishing ceiling experts advise choosing plywood of which thickness is approximately 5 millimeters

In order to properly determine the required thickness should be repelled by way of fastening the material. When it comes to the installation on the frame, then the suit 3mm option.

It can then optionally hem, on the basis of architectural and stylistic features of the room:

  • The degree of illumination;
  • Room area;
  • The presence of specific architectural elements;
  • Others.

In that case, when the installation is done on the crate, it is better to choose the plywood with a maximum thickness - 6 mm.

Tips: what to decorate the ceiling of plywood

Once completed the installation of the entire structure, there is the need for finishing the ceiling. You bet on a synthetic wood or plywood.

In terms of cost, it is better to give preference to the second, but if at the forefront put the quality, there is no equal to synthetic surfaces. A list of their advantages is wide enough.

Additionally, decorate the ceiling of plywood can be synthetic woodAdditionally, decorate the ceiling of plywood can be synthetic wood

Quality thermal and sound insulation - the two most sought-after option from developers. Reliable headlining exclude the possibility of extraneous noise and a large bill for heating services.

In addition, builders have experienced isolated and a number of other advantages mentioned materials:

  1. Mechanical strength.
  2. May participate in the formation of load-bearing structures.
  3. Certain varieties can be used to sheathe the ceiling in those rooms, where there is high humidity.
  4. Decorative - carved plywood ceiling fit into the classical interior. Decorative component is achieved by smooth transitions and combinations of various forms.
  5. Low specific weight, which reduces the load on the ceiling. Due to this fact, fixing last a long time. Even if you plan to install a two-tiered ceiling, do not have to spend a lot of money to fix the system.

In addition, original materials for decoration of different ecological safety. They do not emit harmful substances and can be used in rooms with children and the elderly.

Recommendations: the paint the ceiling of plywood

Despite the fact that the plywood ceiling paint is quite simple, it is not necessary to overconfidence approach to this procedure. It is of paramount importance not so much aesthetic as practical component. For many will be the opening of the fact that the right choice of colors begins with the study of surface texture. It is recommended that the colorant preserved the physical structure of the tree and its appearance.

It is recommended to begin to conduct pretreatment of opaque material painted surface.

In order to get saturated hue should perform painting in 2 or 3 layersIn order to get saturated hue should perform painting in 2 or 3 layers

His task - to hide the base from prying eyes. There is also a small trick that allows you to simultaneously protect the base while preserving the natural color plywood. The surface is covered with 2-3 layers of lacquer.

Next comes the stain, which is of several types:

  • Nitro-stain;
  • The mixture was dry type;
  • Alcohol-based;
  • Water-based.

Attention should be paid to the color of wood stain, because they do not choose too contrasting hues for the home or office space. Designers make an important reservation. If the owners want to get a room saturated color in all respects, the ceiling trim is made in 2-3 layers minimum. In addition, there are a few tricks that allow to transform the interior of the room.

Acceptable variations of colors for plywood ceiling

Pharmacy accuracy in this matter - the key to a good result. According to its texture, colors are divided into glossy and matte. The first category includes substances that look good on a perfectly flat surface.

It is not recommended to use them, if there is visually noticeable defects. The second category includes substances that can completely hide even substantial surface defects.

We should not expect them to significant aesthetic qualities. There is another characteristic of the chemical substances of this kind.

Popular is latex paint, which can be easily and quickly applied to the ceiling of plywoodPopular is latex paint, which can be easily and quickly applied to the ceiling of plywood

It is based on variety used diluent:

  • silicate - provide maximum traction.
  • latex - distinguished by an increased ability to resist water.
  • water based paints - easy to apply to various surfaces.
  • Water-soluble - refers to an environmentally safe substance.
  • alkyd - characterized by increased strength. Surface finish using them reduces operating costs and increases the time between overhauls.

For areas where you plan to permanent residence of people, it is recommended to take a water-emulsion version. In the case where the ceiling surface has many defects, then it can be finished silicone paint. The layer thickness is not less than 2-3 mm.

Paint the ceiling of plywood with their hands: step by step guide

Specific recommendations depend on the intended purpose. For example, if you want to get in all respects, even color, in this case it is better to paint a slightly damp surface. An entirely different procedure is provided when required maximum penetration of substances into the material structure. It helps in this case the stain a little heated. Best of all, when the first layer is applied precisely along the structural fibers. Once it has dried, apply a second. To do this, use a stiff brush or swab to conventional staining.

Before you start painting, you must first determine the choice of colors for the ceilingBefore you start painting, you must first determine the choice of colors for the ceiling

Depending on your needs, you can select one of the colors below:

  • Oak;
  • Olive;
  • Pine;
  • Nut;
  • Alder;
  • Sand;
  • Cherry;
  • Mahogany and more.

Once the dyeing process is complete, you must give the ceiling to dry. The minimum recommended time of 24 hours. Some manufacturers may claim that it is enough for 35 minutes, but it is better not to carry out such dubious experiments. The longer dries the ceiling, the more durable it will be. It is strongly recommended during the drying process does not open the window.

Eco-friendly ceiling plywood (video)

In conclusion, it can be concluded that the plywood ceilings can make practical in all areas. It is important to make it fit and finish quality materials.

Design ceiling plywood (interior photo)

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