Tensioner soaring ceiling - almost ethereal beauty

Tensioner soaring ceiling – almost ethereal beauty

12 October 2017

soaring ceiling arrangement will allow the foundation to hide imperfections and give the room an unusual appearanceConstruction of floating ceiling will allow the base to hide imperfections and give the room an unusual vidNatyazhnoy ceiling - it's not the only opportunity to make it a soaring version. The fact that the ceiling set under force only masters, but the suspended plasterboard ceiling, for example, can be made with your own hands.

The design of floating ceilings: 6 steps to install

Installing soaring ceilings goes in stages. Examples include consideration six basic steps. Among them depending on the design can be more.

floating ceiling design includes six basic installation stepsfloating ceiling design includes six basic installation steps

Stages of ceiling installation:

  • First - preparation rough surface of the ceiling (plaster, priming, lining of communications);
  • Second - measurements and create a drawing of future construction;
  • Third - fastening profiles for suspended ceilings, and even suspended structures at all levels;
  • Fourth - installation of illumination;
  • Fifth - installation canvases marked attachment points for the next level;
  • Sixth - bringing out the lighting fixtures, fixing plugs, installation of suspended elements.

As you can see, the line of work is quite logical and technically not very complicated.

Types soaring ceilings

Varieties soaring ceilings are very similar to species of the plasterboard ceiling structures. And this is not surprising, because the design principles are very similar.

Sibling soaring ceiling - simple design that is easy to do with his hands skillful handymanSibling soaring ceiling - simple design that is easy to do with his hands skillful handyman

Types soaring ceilings:

  1. flatten - a simple structure, constructed in a single plane, assembling them quite uncomplicated;
  2. Duplex and three-tiered ceiling - first you need to make the frame, and then attach it to the frame of the second level and the third (if there is a third);
  3. multilevel - more complex structures, especially their will to mount, because you can not fix them on the perimeter, so that the effect was the same flight.

Important for the soaring ceiling of the choice of materials, from it, in fact, it depends not only on the structural strength, but also a future design.

Profile for soaring ceilings and other materials

soaring ceiling construction consists of both primary and subsidiary parts.

In a number of basic materials are:

  • Cloth or film (if it is a tensioning hovering ceiling);
  • Fasteners;
  • Special profile, particularly flexible, to lay the tape and fixing webs backlight;
  • Masking tape is translucent;
  • LED Strip Light.

Svetoiodnaya Feed is the main element backlight floating ceiling, creating a visual effect of weightlessnessSvetoiodnaya Feed is the main element backlight floating ceiling, creating a visual effect of weightlessness

If you, for example, do a two-level soaring ceiling, then as auxiliary members are: spotlights, dunnage moldings, decorative inserts, extra baguettes, etc.

Separately, it should be said about the profile. It represents such an aluminum baguette with a sloping groove, which, in turn, set LED Light Strip. A big plus of this profile is that it is perfectly used on curved sections. And lighting can only gain, because the LED backlight in this case quietly dismantled itself, without affecting tensile structures.

Soaring ceiling with lighting: Features

The power supply, you should set the exact range of the remote control, if any, of course, there is. No need to stick itself diode tape, it can be simply inserted into a groove. And the ends of the wires in the tape and clean the power supply and connect the necessary usual way. Do not forget, of course, the top layer of tape reel.

Installation of LED strip is made from a certain angle, which will create an optimal level of illuminationInstallation of LED strip is made from a certain angle, which will create an optimal level of illumination

Brightness of the tape itself will depend on the number of diodes per meter. For example, at a voltage in the 12 W, their number varies from 12 to 30, and if the power - 24W, the diodes can be up to 240, and they are arranged in 2 rows. On average, a sufficient amount will be 30 pieces per meter.

And already after a ribbon, but at the same angle you are attaching the translucent insert with a special layer, translyutsidnym. The fact that this material is almost complete svetopronikayuschuyu ability, but frosted glass diffuses the rays. As a result, you get a soft light and uniform illumination without any harsh shadows.

Hidden lights in the soaring ceiling

Due to the backlight creates the same air effect. He achieved illumination technology gap around the perimeter of the room. But just mount LED strips in the gap will do nothing, you just kind of mess up the ceiling, and even make it visible structural elements.

Neon lights enhances the effectNeon lights enhances the effect "steaming" ceiling

Tips for installing fixtures:

  • LEDs are used only in combination with a translucent cap, it hides the user's profile and scatters light, which makes the soaring ceiling, and you have the illusion that the sky appeared in the interior;
  • If the design of the ceiling-hangers involves elements that create other levels, it is the impression that the ceiling is literally floating - more precisely, the impression even more effort, and the light that helps;
  • Neon lights for many preferred as does create some magic light.

With certainty masters say that the design of the ceiling itself is nothing special is, and it turns it to those due to the play of light.

Reviews of soaring ceilings

Among the many comments can be distinguished most positive aspects. What say the owners of apartments with soaring ceilings?

Advantages of the design:

  • Installation of the ceiling does not take a lot of time;
  • LED backlight, which is required to insert, not expensive;
  • These ceilings look great in rooms with curved outline of the walls;
  • around the perimeter of the backlight is not only visually increases the size of the room, but also raises the ceiling;
  • Floating effect creates a special comfort in the house.

Well, despite the fact that many of the backlight are now working on the remote control, you can change the lighting in the room, literally without leaving the couch.

Soaring ceilings (video)

Ceiling Clouds - a convenient option and hide all the defects of the base ceiling, and build something lasting, and the ability to cope with everything in quite a budget option.

Have a nice choice!

Tensioner soaring ceiling (interior photo)

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