Tension ceilings: design and its choice

12 October 2017

Stretch ceilings combine novelty design and practicality in applicationStretch ceilings combine novelty design and practicality in primeneniiUstroystvo at his home stretch ceiling is quite a rational decision. Stretch ceiling is not only hide all the defects of the base ceiling, but also gives a special charm to the new ceiling, a certain lightness, while not "stealing" a lot of room height. On the contrary, the suspended ceiling will give a greater volume of your room, no matter what it was not: the hallway, bedroom or living room.

Rich colors to satisfy the aesthetic needs of even the most capricious, in this regard, homeowners. Tension ceilings: design can be both single-level and multi-level, which will agree, can dramatically change the look of your apartment.

The device is a stretch ceiling: Key

The beauty of a stretch ceiling is undeniable, a fact that can not be refuted, but many would like to know how well constructed the suspended ceiling?

Ease of installation and efficiency - not only advantage of suspended ceilingsEase of installation and efficiency - not only advantage of suspended ceilings

Knowing the stretch ceiling is much easier to pick up the device, for example, the material of the ceiling for a room. In addition, you can monitor installation, suddenly we ate in the brigade will be amateurs or simply unscrupulous people.

Suspended ceiling, by and large, is a fabric or film which is stretched at a certain distance from the basic ceiling. fastening systems to the walls are different, so it makes sense to consider them.


  • harpoon system. The most popular type of blade attachment, despite the fact that this type of fixing a few more points. One of its main advantages - the possibility of repeated disassembly and assembly. To the edge of the web is welded edging, shaped like a harpoon. When installing a harpoon engages the mating part of it is located in a baguette, are fixed to the wall or ceiling, on the perimeter of the room.
  • shtapikovaya system. This type can be used as textile, and PVC. Fit fabric feasible "in place" - in this case, simply cut off the excess. Ceiling material is simply folded in half, and then he bent side is inserted into the groove of the baguette, which are fixed by a plastic bead.
  • cam system (clip-on). Fasteners - plastic. Material cut out on site. Fixation - by longitudinal springs. Dismantling of the film hard.
  • wedge system. The film is inserted into the slot to be fixed wedge, and then sealed with a plug.

Choices for stretch ceiling is very highChoices for stretch ceiling is very high

Shtapikovaya system, by the way, does not require very precise measurements, as the harpoon, and this is its main advantage. To better represent all of these systems, it is best to look at them in the context, the benefit of such a possibility on the Internet is available.

The technology of stretch ceilings: there are no trifles

All, of course, begins with measurement.

Before the painting had not yet been brought to the site, and the team did not start to work, you must make some events, the preparation of which will be the key to success in the future.

What is it that the event should be implemented?

you must:

  1. In places where they will be fixed ceiling, the walls must not be damaged and must be strong, straight and in the same plane;
  2. Finishing materials, though drywall, plaster or even ceramic tiles, should be fixed;
  3. In the event that planned to install ceiling moldings, ceiling should have a single plane;
  4. All construction work is completed at the time of mounting tension ceiling, electrical wiring and displayed to the places of fixing lamps;
  5. In the room of debris, furniture, and foreign objects;
  6. In the winter time in the room, on a mandatory basis, supported by the necessary temperature.

Stretch ceilings conceal wiring, fire sensors, bullets lighting and other communicationsStretch ceilings conceal wiring, fire sensors, bullets lighting and other communications

And only if they meet the conditions, you can start the installation of stretch ceiling above one of the methods described in the previous section.

Ready designs for ceilings: it will speed up the ceiling unit

Availability of prefabricated largely not only facilitates the work of installers, but also speeds up the whole process works.

Ready designs exist for neither you nor your master, so to speak, do not waste your and your time on "reinventing the wheel"

The process of manufacture of suspended ceilings, it is, above all, cut, based on the canvas size of the room, sealing it, as well as welding and harpoon. However, the production of the cloth is not limited.

By purchasing the finished design, you get rid of the heaps of unnecessary problems.

Ready design saves time spent on the installation of suspended ceilings and speed up the process of finishing the apartmentReady design saves time spent on the installation of suspended ceilings and speed up the process of finishing the apartment

So, what is needed for constructions:

  • Profile to go a step;
  • Design with backlit hidden;
  • Structures connecting;
  • Profiles for curved structures. Have special nadpily that will do the most, through the "grinder" is extremely difficult, and time consuming.

Existing standard series of highly relevant and very much in demand, especially in the case of multi-level ceilings, and indeed, the ceilings high complexity.

Security measures at the device of ceilings: what we should not forget

In order to avoid emergency situations when the device suspended ceilings, it is necessary to carry out safety during these operations.

This is to ensure that the work done has been done on the "excellent", and unwanted, unintended, negative facts is not marred the work process, and does not impact negatively on their quality.

Of course, the lack of injuries is not just desirable, as is strictly necessary, and this is not even discussed.

Installation of suspended ceilings must be handled by expertsInstallation of suspended ceilings must be handled by experts

So, what is necessary, first of all, to pay its most attention, regardless of whether the work has been hired crew, or you yourself, with his assistants.

Mounted ceiling made of PVC:

  1. First of all, pay attention to the gas cylinder, do not cost a stretch ceiling without it - this requires technology. Thus, shelf life: it is necessary to check the date of manufacture and the date when the container shall be subjected to checking. In addition, the balloon is not allowed to operate with a faulty valve. Cylinder not be refilling - this is especially important in the winter. Increases the probability of an explosion!
  2. We draw attention to the gas cylinder connection hoses heat gun.
  3. Instruction states that the distance between the tank and the heat gun must be equal to at least half a meter.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to build hoses yourself! Hoses should be the right length and securely connected.

Only with the appropriate equipment for the installation of suspended ceilings can be quickly and accurately perform all the workOnly with the appropriate equipment for the installation of suspended ceilings can be quickly and accurately perform all the work

Nobody wants to force majeure. It is not for you started a repair!

Of course, no harm will remove all unnecessary items from the room, which only hinder the work and create, in this situation, the excess risk of fire.

Roofing materials: two types of

Main types of material for ceilings, two PVC and textiles, and each of them, as usual, has its advantages and disadvantages.

The most popular type of material has been and remains PVC.

However, textiles also not withdrawn from the accounts.

It is now becoming popular fabric ceilingsIt is now becoming popular fabric ceilings

So, more about the materials:

  • PVC. A huge choice of textures and colors. Low price. Among the shortcomings - the need to use a heat gun. PVC is not afraid of water. Film thickness ranges from 0.12 0.35 mm fraction. The film is strong enough, but what it is thinner, the inconspicuous seam fabric.
  • Textile. Is not afraid of changes in temperature, it can be used in cottages and country houses, where zero temperature is not always due to irregular heating in winter. Textiles are not very well hold water, which is not very good it is characterized in the apartments, where the probability of leakage from the neighbors from the top is quite large. heat gun is not necessary to perform this installation.

Thus, knowing the pros and cons of this material, you will be much easier to implement your choice.

Ceilings (video)

In conclusion, I would like to add the following. In addition to being under tension ceilings can hide defects in the underlying ceiling, can also advantageously conceal the various communications from the water pipes and heating pipes, wiring and to ventilation ducts. If you are flooded neighbors above - no problem! Repair of furniture and will not be affected, and caused specifically about this wizard to quickly solve this problem. As for the appearance of the stretched ceiling, there is a choice of more varied than from the mirror surface and the tissue, to marble, and Venetian stucco. Having studied the photo and video materials, as well as articles and relevant content, you can make your right choice.

Design of stretch ceilings (photo)

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