Summer mood with his hands: cross-stitch patterns with peonies

12 October 2017

Peonies in the finished product looks very organic and fit almost any decorPeonies in the finished product looks very organic and fit almost any intereruZharkoe sun and beautiful flowers - Summer time passes quickly. So you want to hold these moments. The long winter evenings, create your own little corner of the summer will help cross-stitch - peonies. Memories of flowering gentle pink and white peony and warm hands will fill the energy picture. Took one look at the finished work to create a good mood.

Cross Stitch: peonies

Embroider a picture of the cross is quite easy, you only need to be patient. The process is very embroidery carries and delivers a lot of fun, time goes unnoticed. So that nothing distracts from the work, it is necessary to prepare all that is needed in the process of creating a masterpiece.

To do this:

  • Canvas white Aida number 10 or 14;
  • Scheme embroidery pions;
  • Thread floss suitable colors (white and shades of pink);
  • Convenient hoop;
  • Scissors;
  • Needle embroidery.

Cross Stitch - an exciting experience, but it requires patience and perseveranceCross Stitch - an exciting experience, but it requires patience and perseverance

Before starting work the canvas is better to mark the special washable marker or a simple pencil into squares of 10 by 10 centimeters. This makes it easier to read the diagram and do not get lost during operation.

Sometimes embroidery scheme already applied to canvas with colored paints. Krasnoyarsk company "Nitex" offers paintings on canvas made on the modern equipment of the Italian manufacturer with quality German paint. It is very convenient, one can see what color to embroider the desired area.

It is better to take the time and gradually fill in each square, first in one color, then another and so in turn.

Each time, fixing and removing the thread, so as not to confuse them with each other. The recommended length of strand 50 cm. The direction of the upper and lower cross stitch should be one-way, it will give embroidery accuracy. When using paper schemes black and white, you can cross out cross toe. This clearly shows where the work is already done.

The finished painting you need to wash by hand, as the thread time to dirty, dry in a towel and gently iron the iron on the reverse side through the fabric. At the request of Contents frame.

Embroidery cross set: peonies

If you absolutely want to simplify the selection of materials to work with, you can buy ready-made kit for cross stitch. A magnificent collection "Vase with Peonies" company offers «Luca-S» from the manufacturer of products for needlework from Moldova.

The kit contains a complete combination of materials needed for the job:

  1. Color photograph, which depicts a beautiful bouquet of white and pink peonies in a glass vase.
  2. High thread - floss «Anchor» by a British company Coats 40 shades.
  3. Aida production of the German manufacturer.
  4. Color scheme.
  5. Needle.
  6. Instruction in Russian.

For convenience of embroidery hoop needlewoman recommend using round shapeFor convenience of embroidery hoop needlewoman recommend using round shape

Will only choose a convenient hoop. It is best to use the classic round toes. They provide an even tension of the fabric. In the process, it is necessary to periodically tighten the canvas to the thread is not skewed. When you're ready to work, it is recommended even include your favorite music or audiobook, your comfort and get to work.

Cross Stitch: peonies in a vase

Fans embroidery cross often turn to the subject of color. If held World Championship set for embroidery "Peonies in a vase" the composition, the first place could be given a set from "Riolis". Their paintings of artists developing their own department exclusively for this company. The palette of colors is chosen very carefully. Artist Anna Petrosyan, consider a composition as follows: a bouquet of peonies in a vase costs that are not fully traced, as used watercolors.

Lovers of floral motifs will not be difficult to embroider cross peoniesLovers of floral motifs will not be difficult to embroider cross peonies

The set for the film "Watercolor peony" the same artist, in a bouquet with peonies added wildflowers.

Embroider both pictures is simple, thanks to the quality schemes and elaborate instructions. This is confirmed by the numerous reviews of grateful customers. Many needlewoman begin their journey in the world of embroidery kits from the company.

Peonies in a gift

Finished paintings, decoration suitable frame can be a wonderful gift for family and friends. Peony flower is not easy. The Chinese claim that it is positive carrier of energy Yang. The value of the pion - love and wealth. In China, they believe that the pions are attracted to the house of luck. Placing a picture with peonies in the bedroom, the couple can give a novelty in the relationship. A single girl peonies help pull her betrothed.

The finished work can be not just a painting adorning the wall, but also a great gift for your loved onesThe finished work can be not just a painting adorning the wall, but also a great gift for your loved ones

In business, peonies help attract money and provide a fast career growth. To receive such a gift would be glad to each.

Cross embroider peonies (video)

Cross Stitch - a creative process. picture creator fills a great sense of joy and pride when a picture is born. Give yourself a fun and everyone can. Embroidered pictures fill the house comfort, evoke positive emotions. Doing the work once, I want to do it again and again. 

embroidery cross schemes of pions (photo)

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