Suitable furniture in a small entrance hall: 4 photos and necessary things

Suitable furniture in a small entrance hall: 4 photos and necessary things

12 October 2017

The small entrance hall you should buy only the most necessary furniture that had space for comfortable movementonly the most necessary furniture should be purchased in a small hallway that had space for comfortable movement room apartment starts from the hallway, she meets all incoming. Quite often, the size of the corridor is very small and constitute a huge problem for his arrangement. Choose furniture in a small hallway photo different magazines not all the strength. A small volume of space does not allow rampant imagination, restrains and kind of hallway. It is difficult in a narrow room to place all the necessary, so much so that more space is left.

Furniture for a small hallway What should be required to

The main problems of most of the apartments are: a lack of the corridor area, ceiling height and illumination. Of these issues follows one else - furniture for the small hall. Do not just pick up a functional and suitable in size, but modern furniture market is rich in choice.

Modular furniture combines all the necessary items for the hall, however, and its size may be large.

There are certain things that just need to be in the corridor:

  • Hangers for clothes;
  • Cabinet for shoes;
  • Mirror;
  • Storer In Season clothing and footwear.

Hallway necessarily need to buy a small chest of drawers, a wall with hooks for clothes and a mirrorHallway necessarily need to buy a small chest of drawers, a wall with hooks for clothes and a mirror

Visually expand the corridor, you can use light-colored walls. Minimalism in the choice of furniture is great help to solve a functional issue. Not necessarily to get ready set, you can do quite certain necessary items.

Wall shelves make room on the floor, and an open hanger quite accurate replace wardrobe. Shelf for shoes is necessary to choose a narrow but high, so that it can serve as a place to sit. For convenience, you can put on top of a soft cushion. The mirror is better to buy a full-length and position of the cupboard for shoes.

If you still have the option to install in the hall closet, then it is better that he combined the four functions:

  • Front bottom for shoes;
  • In the middle of a place for clothing;
  • At the top of the department for umbrellas, hats, gloves;
  • A large mirror on the outside door.

To save space, it is better to give preference to the closet with sliding doors. The furniture in the hallway should be chosen to match the color of the walls, preferring light pastel tones.

Best furniture hallway in a small apartment: the choice of compact models

Small apartment - not a rarity. Hallways in them usually very small, and some are just tiny. Often, this hallway is difficult to accommodate even the most necessary items.

In a small hallway perfectly fit a compact corner wardrobeIn a small hallway perfectly fit a compact corner wardrobe

Furniture hallway in a small apartment still has a variety of options:

  • Compact functional wardrobe;
  • Suspension set;
  • Modular furniture.

Wardrobe is quite popular in small corridors, in addition to the functionality it has a variety of options. Corner Cupboard is perfect square shape with a hallway. Suspension set involves placing all necessary on one wall, a lot of all sorts of shelves and a compact cabinet-shop.

Modular furniture allows you to place modules on your own, this type of furniture is especially suitable completely crossed the hallway.

Furniture design in a mini-hallway

Choose furniture to the apartment, which is essentially an entrance hall end entrance door, very difficult. Sometimes cope with the design goal of the corridor does not come out, and come to the aid designers. Design of mini-hall begins with a visual extension of the space with the help of properly selected colors and lighting. Furniture is chosen as a rule to match the walls and the general style apartments.

Furniture design should be chosen depending on the style, which made an entranceFurniture design should be chosen depending on the style, which made an entrance

There are several methods to do a mini-hallway maximum functionality:

  • Select minimalist environment of space;
  • Use the space under the ceiling to store some things;
  • Reschedule residential space;
  • Combine with the design room hallway and the living area.

The use of each option depends on the overall layout of the apartment. Decide to redevelop difficult, but if the apartment separate bathroom, after its alignment can get some real square meters in favor of the hallway.

Furniture in this case can be successfully placed on the enlarged area, or from the resulting niche to make a complete wardrobe. Abandon the separate toilet is difficult, and then you can use the space under the ceiling. Above the entrance doors usually remain free space and they have the right to use mini-hallway. Placing cabinets to the ceiling will provide storage space for pre-season things, and sliding doors perfectly to save space.

Another very interesting option - a combination of entrance hall with adjoining living area. Furniture throughout the apartment is selected in the same style and the transition from the rooms to the hallway is smoothed. The space is filled with furniture like stages, interior hallway go into the interior without sharing an apartment in the area. Minimalism is to choose a compact furniture with maximum function.

Form and furniture for the small hall

small size of the corridor requires the right furniture. It is not possible to place a small square three-dimensional furniture. Headsets in the hallway does not always correspond to its size and you have to give them up.

Great solution is the arrangement of furniture in the hallway to the right or to the left of the front doorGreat solution is the arrangement of furniture in the hallway to the right or to the left of the front door

Replace functional furniture can be separate items, they will take care of all the necessary functions.

Replace closet hanger can be mounted or floor compact rack. Often in the racks provided various compartments and hooks for umbrellas and hats.

Hallways are not only with the lack of meters problems of the premises also different:

  • Corner corridor;
  • Square;
  • Narrow.

Corner corridor is quite difficult to furnish. However, there is a hallway plus one, it has a free corner, which easily accommodate wardrobe. No need to think how to put all the items hall layout allows to place everything you need in one place. Square corridor of even the most modest size still allows you to arrange the furniture in its sole discretion, to dream with space to find the perfect option. A narrow corridor is limited in two ways. As a rule, it is not sufficient volume of angles, but only a narrow space between the walls. The decision of such a corridor could be suspended or modular furniture, do not interfere with the free passage.

Compact furniture in the hallway small-size (video)

In conclusion, we add that the mirrors are an integral part of the hall. Full-length mirror will not only give the opportunity to admire in it, it will expand the space and increase the illumination. Proper lighting will complete the design of any shape of the room and emphasize the style in which the apartment is decorated.

Details: small-sized furniture in the entrance hall (photo examples)

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