Stylish white living room: 4 best design ideas

Stylish white living room: 4 best design ideas

12 October 2017

Living room in white - a sophisticated room with great charmLiving room in white - a sophisticated room with a special sharmomSegodnya many seek to arrange living quarters in such a way that they are easy to design, not strained turbulence paints, are functional and practical. Some housewives make out a living only in white color, which gives them a style and charm. But this creates additional problems. Such living should not be overloaded with unnecessary interior. They require a lot of time on cleaning costs. White living room may be undeveloped professional designer or made their own hands.

Advantages and disadvantages of white living room

Many housewives are afraid to make out living in bright colors, especially white. Living room - a place that is visited by many people, it often spend time all members of the family that affects the cleanliness and order. The white color is very easily soiled, it can scare the apartment owners, as the daily and thorough cleaning are provided.

Bela color visually expands the space, making it weightless. It is psychologically correct color, which leads to calm.

White lounge may be performed in different shades. However, all the bright colors quickly spoiled. Therefore, before the registration you need to decide with its pluses and minuses.

Guest room in white color will help visually expand the space in the roomGuest room in white color will help visually expand the space in the room

Advantages of a white living room:

  • Expanded space;
  • Beautiful and stylish interior;
  • A positive psychological impact.

Along with the benefits of design in white has some disadvantages, which some may refuse to fight.

Disadvantages of a white living room:

  • The need for frequent cleaning;
  • Difficulties in the design.

It is important to remember that living in white must be executed perfectly. The design of the need to calculate and take into account all the details. Important complete harmony white shades. With a white and perfectly golden color. It can be a bright accents in white interior.

Stylish living room: high-gloss white

When making a living is important to pay attention to the choice of furniture. Furniture should be selected after the developed design project living room and thought all finishes. Beautiful furniture - the key style in a white living room.

Treatment of white furniture to be accurate and careful. The white surface is very fragile, easily soiled and scratched.

When making a living special attention should be paid to the choice of the wall. It is an important functional and decorative element at the same time. Today, many opt for a glossy white wall. Pictures of the room design in this style can be found on the Internet.

Wall of the living room should be selected on quality and functionalityWall of the living room should be selected on quality and functionality

wall design "white satin":

  • It has a white matte body and facade;
  • Made of laminated particle board;
  • Frame windows made of glass.

Typically, such a complex has the following composition: cabinet, TV stand, wall cabinets, shelves. Glossy living room will become an important element of the room. It combines the practical and decorative functions.

Cozy corner Living: white variation

Corner furniture in the living room is very comfortable and practical. Its spread, she received not so long ago. Designers like to work with this type of furniture, because it saves space.

Angle white living room has a great view and thus saves a lot of space.

This type of furniture has many advantages, which play an important role in the overall interior design. Every detail in the white apartment has to be designed. White wall embodies all the ideas of functionality, practicality and beauty.

Many designers prefer to work with a corner wall, because it is functional and practicalMany designers prefer to work with a corner wall, because it is functional and practical

The advantages of a corner living room

  • Space saving;
  • ergonomics;
  • Large, comfortable size;
  • Possibility space zoning.

White corner living represented in large numbers. To order this kind of furniture can be in the furniture stores online. On sale is a ready-made products, but a corner living room can be made to order based on personal preferences of the owners.

Harmonious white walls of the hall

White walls can be considered a classic design. Today, modern materials offer solutions weight to such walls looked nice and not polluted: wallpaper, paint, tiles, etc. Decorating the walls white allows you to arrange a room in any design style. It is important that the walls combined with the ceiling and the floor. The ceiling may be a tension, a floor - is made of marble.

The white color of the walls has a positive effect on the psychological state of the room owners: it soothes, brings harmony and relaxation.

Psychologists say that white walls affect the internal state of a person, relieve fear and anxiety. White also has a positive effect on the physiological condition of the tenants of the apartment. White room filled with light, creating an atmosphere of joy.

White walls in the guest room create a relaxing and harmonious atmosphereWhite walls in the guest room create a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere

Advantages of the white walls:

  • Additional light source;
  • The expansion of space;
  • Versatility;
  • Compatibility.

White walls are suitable for any style. Therefore, they can be arranged in advance, even if the basic style of the interior has not been determined. Beautiful white living room can be framed taking into account all the wishes of its owners.

Romantic Living: white matt environment

Matt enamel makes the atmosphere of the living room a soft, with romantic facades. The integrity of the space will give a cream colored furniture. Important - a harmonious combination of all interior.

For registration it is important to choose the paint from trusted manufacturers.

Matt paint for a living should have to cancel the performance. It is also important to prepare the surface for painting. It has to be perfect, otherwise the smallest error tread through the helmet.

To the living room was beautiful and comfortable, it should be combined harmoniously all the elements of decorTo the living room was beautiful and comfortable, it should be combined harmoniously all the elements of decor

Features matte paint:

  • Absorbs light;
  • It makes a soft atmosphere;
  • Prone to contamination;
  • It requires careful maintenance.

Matt surfaces require special coating. It is better to make out the room with the help of craftsmen who are experts in the application of paint and surface preparation. Matte paint will be a wonderful decoration of the room, if all perform well and correctly. It is also important to choose the right furniture and its colors. Rose and chocolate are perfectly combined with matte tenderness. Belarus is known for its high-quality paint products. Most reviews of them can be found on the Internet.

Making white living room (video)

White living room has a beautiful appearance. Many believe that this is not a practical way to design the room. However, an abundance of modern washable materials can make an living way that you want. White has a positive psycho-emotional impact. When making a room it is important to remember that the colors and different shades should be combined with each other, as well as all interior.

White living room design (interior photo)

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