Stylish cross-stitch cushion: favorite hobby and home decor

12 October 2017

It is believed that the pillow embroidered with a cross, brings goodness to everyone who uses itIt is believed that the pillow embroidered with a cross, brings goodness to everyone who it polzuetsyaTakoy element of the decor, like a cross embroidered pillow will make the design of the room warm and cozy. Indeed, in the thing, made his own master put a piece of his soul. Embroidered pillows in Russia was one of the favorite activities of Russian women. Cross was regarded as a talisman against the evil eye and evil spirits, he protected and cleansed from all evil. Cross embroidered shirts and tunics, as well as towels, tablecloths and pillows. It was hard to find a house in which there was embroidered pillows. 

How to sew a pillow cross

Now embroider pillow cross-stitch pattern can be absolutely anything. You can select a neutral topic, such as patterns, ornaments and flowers.

And you can choose the style of a particular country:

  • Russian;
  • Polish;
  • Ukrainian;
  • English and others.

  Most often the choice of pattern for embroidery depends on the total interior roomMost often the choice of pattern for embroidery depends on the total interior room

If you want to make your interior something new without any significant expenditure? Come to the aid of original cushions made with his own hands!

Embroidered pillows cross will look great on a sofa or ottoman. For beginners, who believe that the cushions until they can not afford, you can start with the manufacture of pillows for needles. This is a great way to test your strength and get the hand.

Cross embroidered pillows for the children: the working principle

Making children's room of your baby, you can add a drop of care and warmth by stitching children's original accessories. Embroidered on the pillow of the favorite cartoon character or a story and such a cushion would be his favorite piece of furniture. Also present at the birth of the boy or girl can make the pillow embroidered with the date of birth or name.

When the embroidery circuit is completed, you need to sew a pillow properly. The upper portion of the pad is ready, it remains only to make the lower part. For the manufacture of the lower part can be any suitable material. It is imperative to make a pillowcase inside, you want to cut out any light fabric with the size of the product. Then you need to make a light basting, and then stitch it on a typewriter. When the inside of pillowcases sewn, you need to fill it with a special soft packing material.

Before sewing pillows, experts recommend the finished embroidery wash in soapy warm water, dry and ironBefore sewing pillows, experts recommend the finished embroidery wash in soapy warm water, dry and iron

After filling, the need to connect the lower part of the outer side with a smooth upper side. To do this, put the top and bottom of each other and stitch around the perimeter of the product, strong threads. And at the end of all the gut-wrenching article on the front side. After that, we put into a ready-made pillow filled with soft synthetic padding. To fasten the cushion you can use the buttons or lock.

cushion assembly after embroidery embroidery kits described in detail in the instructions. Many kits even include the fabric for the bottom of the cushion and the castle.

Kits for embroidery stitch: pillows

What do I need to sew a beautiful and unique pillow cross?

Here's a set of:

  • Needle;
  • Canvas;
  • Marker for marking the canvas;
  • Scissors;
  • thread;
  • Scheme.

The above described embodiment, a set of embroidery cushions, which can make yourself. But there is a much easier option - a set of embroidery cushions from producer.

Finished embroidery kits are very convenient and easy to useFinished embroidery kits are very convenient and easy to use

Popular sets:

  1. Set Vervako from producer. What is included in this set? Printed Canvas pattern for embroidery upper side of the cushion, thick thread, needle and the detailed rules for use. The advantage of these sets is that the drawings have already applied to the canvas, that is, to apply to the scheme it is not necessary. Also canvas and thread are selected in a special way, so that the embroidery process will leave only positive emotions. And the number of circuits carries its diversity. The catalog includes circuitry on all sorts of topics. As a result, embroidered pillows decorate the interior of any home.
  2. I want to mention this manufacturer sets for embroidery as Riolis. They produce embroidery kits Cross for more than 20 years, it shows the high quality of products. No longer need to search for the scheme, select the thread and fabric stores. Suggested topics schemes to suit all tastes. Great popularity in 2016 won pillow called "Terra". It is a bright pillow has a geometric pattern, as if arrived straight from the east of the country. Also popular children's kits, where there are flowers, a cat or a butterfly. There are kits, where the Bulgarian cross is used for embroidery.
  3. The third company is a trustworthy company Panna. Their schemes are designed by professional designers. The range of this company can be found not only cushions the square shape. Popular sets, which is depicted on pillows owl, cloves and other new items in this style.

Making the finished embroidery pillow (video)

Kits for embroidery stitch pillow companies such as Vervako, Riolis and Panna, make it easy to create beautiful items for decorating the house or apartment. Kits are easy to use. A variety of schemes will allow everyone to find the picture to your liking. Be creative and have fun! 

Examples embroidered stitch pads (photo)

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