Stylish and original wallpaper for the living room

Stylish and original wallpaper for the living room

12 October 2017

Wallpapers are one of the main design elements the ambience living room and they have to go perfectly with the furnitureWallpapers are one of the main design elements the ambience living room and they have to go perfectly with the choice of wallpaper mebelyuPri definitely need to remember that they should go well with the decor, textiles and furniture. It is very important when you make a little room to choose the wallpaper so that they looked perfectly in daylight and evening light, and its design pleasing and impressive all households. For small-sized rooms with low ceilings are perfect for light neutral shades. The minimum amount of decor and simple in form furniture will create a space in the room, providing a sense of freedom, even at the minimum size. To give the room a unique style and make it lighter, finishing must be carried out in warm colors.

How quickly pick up the wallpaper in the living room

Since the living room is quite rich, the decoration of the walls should be practical, so it is best to select the wallpaper tend to accumulate grease. However, this does not mean that the wallpaper should be performed only in dark colors, because they will look completely out of place in small rooms.

For the classical ideal living different versions, made in pastel colors.

Wallpaper of pastel tones look perfect in the living roomWallpaper of pastel tones look perfect in the living room

When choosing a wallpaper be sure to pay attention to their environmental friendliness. It is best to choose options, well lets air and do not collect dust. In addition, you need to pay attention to the resistance to fading. If the wallpaper is needed in the room with plenty of natural light and sunlight, in this case, no need to buy fabric, paper, and some types of vinyl wallpaper.

In this case, it is ideal:

  • Liquid wallpaper;
  • Glass fiber;
  • Non-woven wallpaper.

When choosing the finishing materials for the walls is necessary to pay attention to their beauty. Quite interesting are the modern version of 3D wallpaper or variants, made from natural materials. Such building materials will help further decorate the room and give it a unique appearance.

Modern wallpaper for classic living room

In carrying out home decorating each thinks about what is best to choose the wallpaper to make the room more refined and stylish. A good solution would be the geometry or the beautiful floral motifs. In rooms with low ceilings, perfectly will look wallpaper decorated with vertical stripes. They will help to correct some visual space and make it a bit more real. If the ceiling, on the contrary, the high, the finish should be carried out with the use of wallpaper with horizontal stripes traced.

The spacious living room will look great wallpaper with a large patternThe spacious living room will look great wallpaper with a large pattern

The spacious living room, with ceiling heights normal, you can choose wallpaper with a large figure, gives a special room comfort.

When choosing colors for the main background wallpaper the living room, you need to pay attention to the feature natural lighting space.

Inadequate lighting of the room is best done in such colors as:

  • Cream;
  • Golden;
  • Citric.

In a brightly lit living rooms basic background solution is best done in cool shades. Ideal gray, blue and green colors. To fill the living room a special charge of energy, you need to choose the wallpaper vibrant colors.

Stylish design living room wallpaper

Range of wallpaper on the market today is so wide that it is possible to get lost in the abundance of offers available. Wallpapers are distinguished by the production of the material, functionality and applications.

What wallpaper are the material of manufacture - described below.

With the right choice of wallpaper your living room will look stylish and interestingWith the right choice of wallpaper your living room will look stylish and interesting

Background Paper

The most common option is paper wallpaper. This material has a rather fine structure, so it can not completely hide the existing unevenness of the walls. Such wallpaper glue only to the prepared surface. Certain difficulties may arise in the selection of the picture, because quite often it is not always possible to correctly dock.

Nonwoven wallpaper

The most relevant one for the living room are non-woven wallpaper. They are durable, extremely durable and do not fade. These wallpapers are not afraid of moisture and can be very easy to wash.

In addition, these wallpapers can repeatedly change the color and effortlessly update the decor of the room.

Vinyl wallpapers

Another good option is vinyl wallpaper, which differ much lower density than the non-woven. Despite the fact that they have a paper base, they can also be washed and cleaned, and on the surface of the walls, they look just perfect.

Vinyl wallpaper - it's one of the good options living room wall decorationVinyl wallpaper - it's one of the good options living room wall decoration

We should also highlight fabric wallpaper. It's just a luxury finish, allowing to completely transform the living room, as a result, the room looks just fine.

As the decoration layer of wallpaper is used:

  • Linen;
  • Silk;
  • Felt;
  • Velours;
  • Polyester.

These wallpapers will be a highlight of the interior, because they really are luxurious and create a beautiful elegant background, but there are great difficulty caring for them.

Fine options wallpaper for the living room: the photo in the interior

Pursuing design living room interior in modern style, it is necessary to competently accents. The most popular and interesting option would be combined wallpaper. It is important to choose not only the main background color, but also to select the wallpaper companion. Selection of the optimal color for the background of it depends on the room size. There are various examples of living room design that will help make the room more elegant and expressive.

In a small room would be appropriate collection, made in bright colors with a small drawing or stamping.

Light wallpaper with little pattern will look great in a small living roomLight wallpaper with little pattern will look great in a small living room

Large living room space can be beautifully decorated quite dark wallpaper with a large pattern and bold. In order not to get stronger loudly, it is not necessary with floral prints to paste over walls painted wallpaper. Dark and rich background is best diluted with lighter accents. For dimly lit rooms additionally need to add solar bright colors. If the living room is sufficient natural light, the brighter the wallpaper will look cool. Large living room, you can delineate into separate zones. The dining area can be bright colorful wallpaper paste, and for recreational areas are ideal contrasting pastel shades.

How to correctly choose the wallpaper for the living room: photo ideas

Interior living room can be decorated in various styles, it all depends on your own preferences. When choosing a wallpaper, it is desirable that this was one collection, because otherwise it could be a mismatch of colors and texture of wall coatings.

Very beautiful combination of striped wallpaper. Color combinations of wallpaper may be the most incredible colors, the most important thing that the band had approximately the same width. The combination of bands may be performed in the horizontal or vertical plane. To determine under what scheme it is best to combine the wallpaper, you need to determine the proportions of the room.

Black and white wallpaper will create a compelling and interesting interior roomBlack and white wallpaper will create a compelling and interesting interior room

A simple and very interesting option registration of walls in the living room, is a combination of shades of one color bands of the spectrum. You can combine the coffee bar and a beige shade, or the blue and blue. Very bold and unusual solution for the living room is a combination of stripes of contrasting colors.

Modern wallpaper collection for the living room

A variety of wallpaper for the living room are presented in a very wide range.

Therefore, to make the best choice you need to consider many factors, in particular such as:

  • family preferences;
  • living parameters;
  • Material of wallpaper.

The new high-quality technology uses the production of modern wallpaper, materials, design and colors. When choosing a wallpaper for the living room should be remembered that they can be isolated or vice versa to disguise problem areas. Wallpaper yellow, blue, green and purple shades will help to give more energy and create a good mood. Green wallpaper or bright green trim elements have a positive effect on the human condition.

With the combination of wallpaper, you can select a specific part of your living room wallWith the combination of wallpaper, you can select a specific part of your living room wall

Beautiful wallpaper for your small living room

Have a large spacious living room can afford not everyone. Most people wonder how to properly elevate the little parlor. In this case, use a bright wallpaper made in pastel colors that will help visually expand the space of the living room, filling it with light and fresh air.

For registration of a small living room are ideal for wallpapers sand, beige, green hue. It is desirable that the wallpaper was monophonic or with a pleasant unobtrusive ornament.

Large drawings make negative emphasis on small space living, and small repeating patterns even more, and so reduce the small room. You can draw a wall and more vivid colors, but at the same time, furniture, curtains and decoration should be done in soothing shades to soften the saturation of the color of the walls. The main thing is to competently combine wallpaper with different furnishings, to obtain a coherent picture.

Modern wallpaper for the living room (video)

When choosing wallpaper for a living must take into account the different nuances, because it is from them it depends largely on the special comfort and convenience of the apartment.

Wallpaper for the living room (photo)

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