Small lobby in the hall: 3 correct design criteria

Small lobby in the hall: 3 correct design criteria

12 October 2017

corridor design can be very different, but it depends largely on room layout and sizecorridor design can be very different, but it depends largely on room layout and gabaritovKoridor - this is one of the most important rooms in the house, because it is there greeting guests. Because this room should be not only beautiful and stylish, fashionable and most importantly functional. It is worth noting that just as undeveloped entrance, many have concluded not only about the house, but also about their taste preferences. Quite often people have to equip small-sized lobby, which is a big problem.

Handy small hallway

The corridor should be as convenient as possible, so that it could accommodate the entire household seasonal footwear, apparel and accessories.

The interior of the hall should be created, based on such qualities as:

  • Convenience;
  • Practicality;
  • Aesthetics.

However, the corridor can be easy to look at, but roomy and versatile. This is a totally logical explanation and it consists in the fact that the large and uncomfortable dressing room and bring discomfort of its kind and in use. Accordingly, the regeneration of the corridor is desirable to consider each step.

Properly chosen furniture in a small hallway will make it visually bright and spaciousProperly chosen furniture in a small hallway will make it visually bright and spacious

For a harmonious distribution of space in the room, which is reached by coming home, you need to set a clear goal, which is to create an interior.


  • For beauty;
  • For roominess;
  • For comfort.

If the room is, even small, allows, you can divide it into functional zones. In particular, in place for pereobuvaniya and dressing, as well as for storage wardrobe items. Place for pereobuvaniya it must be equipped with a comfortable pouf, a rug and a spoon for footwear. According to the rules of the shoe area at arm's length should be placed hanger to hang clothes out there and it does not leave marks on the floor. The presence of additional compartments, for example, hooks, shelves, mirrors and cabinet - this is a personal preference of each landlord.

The interior of the small-sized corridor

The corridor is a connecting space which are connected through all the rooms in the apartment. It is because the interior of a room in the house has to be harmonious and combined with the overall style decision of the house.

To create a nice-looking corridor design should pay attention to:

  • The decor of the whole house;
  • Ceiling covering;
  • Floor cloth;
  • Finish doorways.

Making the hall should be in warm colors that, once a person got into your house, it can feel as comfortable and pleasantMaking the hall should be in warm colors that, once a person got into your house, it can feel as comfortable and pleasant

At present, the most important and correct decision is considered to design door and window openings in a residential area in the same style. Thus, the integrity of the traced area, and harmony and balance. Sharp color changes can cause not only irritation, but also a sense of lack of taste in home owners. 

The corridor should not be absent from such home furnishings that look too bulky, large dimensions and at all absurd for this space.

It may be mentioned as an example:

  • Most cabinet dressing;
  • Bright carpet with a huge ornament;
  • Massive vintage mirror.

The decor in the hallway say, but in limited quantities. Do not overdo it with the placement of a plurality of figures, postcards, figurines, and similar products, as they are all just in this room create a feeling of clutter.

Modular small-sized halls in the corridor

Buy halls in 2017 is not a problem as furniture factories offer a huge selection.

There are some basic designs hallways as:

  • Case;
  • Built-in;
  • Modular.

The choice is really huge and sometimes decide not so simple as it seems.

Currently, modular walk-in closet is the most practical, compact and modernCurrently, modular walk-in closet is the most practical, compact and modern

The first thing to take into account the fact that the hall should include the following main elements:

  • Mirror;
  • Cupboard;
  • shelf;
  • Poof;
  • Hanger.

Design naturally depends on the owner of the house, since he can choose the design, completely concealing all wardrobe items from prying eyes, or vice versa open cabinet with a built-in mirror. 

Modular designs are unique in that they do not really take up much space and consist of several elements, so you can rearrange them or even remove from the premises if necessary. Modular halls - a fashionable decision on arrangement of corridors.

Stylish lobby compact

Almost every second person is faced with such a problem, as a small corridor. That modular design will help properly plan its improvement. Will be able to accommodate a compact clothes and accessories and also is modular furniture helps to visually hide all the flaws of the room, for example, uneven walls or ceilings.

Stylish lobby - it is modular, since they are mobile, as well as:

  • Do not take up a lot of space;
  • Are inexpensive;
  • They are the most beneficial.

The modular wardrobe the most convenient and elaborate elements, so space is not cluttered, and thus does not spoil the proper look of the room. Very original look angular modular designs that are better than others to hide the shortcomings premises, for example, poorly conducted repairs or even its absence in a certain place hallway. It is the most compact angular furniture and spacious.

Modern stylish hallway can be made on any design decisionsModern stylish hallway can be made on any design decisions

If you select a piece of furniture of high quality material, it will last a long time and it does not bring dissatisfaction or discomfort from the operation.

It features modular corner dressing for the corridor that it spacious and comfortable, and also has a variety of parts.

It can be:

  • Cupboard;
  • Cupboard;
  • Separate shelf;
  • Mirror;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • dressing table;
  • mezzanine;
  • Stand;
  • Retractable ottoman;
  • Hanger and the like.

In order to choose the best option, you should pay attention to the recommendations made by the arrangement of a room and do not forget about the disadvantage of the corridor as a small living area. The room should be furnished with the most efficient, in order to avoid operational problems.

Hallways in the hallway with his hands: small-sized model

If you want to beat the hallway with his hands, the first thing you should not blindly follow the design decisions of magazines, close our eyes to such a disadvantage as the irregular shape of the room, to select only those things that are pleasing to the eye.

Creating the hallway with his hands save you money and help you get a model that suits youCreating the hallway with his hands save you money and help you get a model that suits you

Functionality and again functionality. It is this criterion should come first, and only then the beauty and the like.

Furnished with wardrobe with his hands, it is desirable to choose the embedded hallways, as they do not take up much space and is quite simple to erect. As a bottom, walls and top of the structure will be used side of the room and arrange the shelves is not so difficult, because it suffices to choose a reliable fastening and calculate the size of each sheet.

Design of small corridors photo

There are several criteria which must be investigated in the planning situation in the hallway.


  • size of the room;
  • The height of the walls;
  • Lighting.

Very nice to look bright colors, because they can be used to make the corridor a spacious and lightVery nice to look bright colors, because they can be used to make the corridor a spacious and light

Skillful use of even a small space will bring something so badly want - comfort. It should be noted that it is extremely important to take into account the small hallways every centimeter. Sometimes we have to give up certain preferences on the arrangement of the room, for example, the use of stucco in the decor or the massive moldings.

It is in this room should be elements that can expand its space visually. Each accessory, decoration items, furniture, textiles, and similar details of the interior must be chosen exclusively starting from the room dimensions.

It is important to carefully evaluate the relationship of height ceilings and lighting in the room.

Darkness - this is not the best one, as the first dim light can harm the health of the eye, and will cause stumbling and discomfort when moving. It is important to note that if the corridor has no window openings, is the surest way to brighten a room is to install interior doors with glass in the door leaf. Naturally they have to be dull, but excellent light transmitting.

Modern lobby in small size (video) corridor

In conclusion, as the light sources can be used wall lamps, flat lamps, spot lights and LED backlight tape. The light switch must be placed on both sides of the corridor, so that when you move around the room there was no discomfort. At present, very much in demand lamps with light dimmer, which allow you to adjust the desired light level. Thus at night, you can leave the lamp on the night-light mode and not worry about what you can stumble when traveling.

Details: Entrance in small-sized (photo examples) corridor

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