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To design a small and stylish bedrooms is necessary to select the right color schemeTo design a small and stylish bedrooms you must correctly choose the color gammuBolshinstvo modern apartments is not is large. Many come huddles in a small square room. This problem can be solved easily if you make the right repairs and layout space. Small bedroom design photo 2017 modern ideas can extend the premises with the help of visual methods. Small bedroom can please their owners a free and airy atmosphere. To do this, just place correctly design accents.

Small bedroom: modern colors

Correctly chosen color scheme is the key to successful repair. That is the background color for the main decoration.

For registration bedrooms suitable light colors: they are visually increase the size of the room, making the space airy and free.

Dark shades contribute significantly depressing atmosphere, but their combination with light shades can become original design.

Bedroom small size would look great if it is framed in the same styleBedroom small size would look great if it is framed in the same style

Suitable colors for malenkogopomescheniya:

  • White. Visually expands the space. White is the perfect backdrop for decorative elements. Due to the white color of the choice of furniture and other interior items becomes much easier.
  • Beige. Beige and sand tones are best suited for the relief decoration of the walls. This will give the room the charm and originality.
  • When you make a small room it is important to know how to work with contrasts. Trendy reception - selection in the headboard area. Dark accent promotes the release of sleep-wake zone area.
  • Fashion trend is the design space in dark shades, but dilute vivid and bright colors. For example, sulfur white background and bezel will look stylish and neat.
  • Fashion design in 2017 is considered to be the color indigo. Best of all, it looks in a white edging.

Small bedroom - not a sentence. Through a variety of design solutions can visually enlarge the room - to expand the walls and raise ceilings.

Tips for visually increase the room

Small bedroom is quite common in modern homes. This problem can be solved by a radical redevelopment. But then it takes a lot of time and money, not to mention the fact that permission to redevelop the apartments can be obtained not for everyone.

The ideal solution would be to give up the piles of furniture and decorative elements. Bedroom in a minimalist style will allow to gain maximum space for a comfortable stay.

The purpose of arrangement of the small room is a minimal use of interior items, as well as maximum functionality premises.

Properly placed furniture - this is one of the main methods to increase roomsProperly placed furniture - this is one of the main methods to increase rooms

Tips to increase your space:

  • The space above the bed can be arranged in contrast to the main room decoration. It is best to use dark colors or optical wallpaper.
  • It is best to put a small bedroom large mattress without bed. If sleeping on a bare mattress uncomfortable, it can be put on a special stand. However, the whole bed would take too much precious space.
  • You can use the basic furniture for zoning space. Behind the cupboard, for example, you can make a dressing room or office.
  • To save space, you can combine a bed and a wardrobe - it will save plenty of space and is a convenient solution for those who like to read before going to bed.

Increase the space can be a variety of ways. You can use a combination of solutions to increase the space: the correct color, successful placement of furniture.

The interior of a small bedroom in contemporary style

Construction of a small bedroom should be compact, but not piling up. For registration of the bedroom it is important to use only the most necessary furniture. Only after it is installed, you can think about decorating the room.

An important stage arrangement of the small room is the choice of style. It is unlikely that a small bedroom design fit the classic style, which suggests the presence of expensive and large-scale designs.

Correctly picked up style of a small room will make it visually largerCorrectly picked up style of a small room will make it visually larger

A good solution would be to play with the color and location of the small-size and built-in furniture.

Successful techniques to increase the space:

  • Using the mirror surface;
  • Application glossy surface;
  • Installation of built-in furniture;
  • The use of suspended structures;
  • Vivid prints for the walls surface.

To visually change a small space there are a lot of tricks. It is not necessary to remove the wall or make alterations. The main thing - to learn to use color successfully combine colors and arrange the furniture.

The modern design of a small bedroom

The modern design of the room for sleep involves first of its functionality. It should be comfortable for rest and leisure.

When making a modern bedroom is necessary to create a unique interior roomWhen making a modern bedroom is necessary to create a unique interior room

When you make a small space it is important to focus on one of the design techniques. This can be illuminated furniture or decor item.

Most importantly - do not pile up a large number of unnecessary decorative elements that create an atmosphere of clutter.

Methods for visual expansion space

  • Proper use of decorative elements. There should not be much. Possible to focus on the black and white photographs hung on the walls. You can also use a bright picture that gets attention, thus distract him from the small size of the room.
  • The use of contrasting colors such as black and white, beige claret, olive lemon-yellow-violet.
  • Using the built-in furniture and the overall lighting.
  • Installing large windows that overlook a different light and make the space wider.

To expand the small size of the room you need to correctly choose not only furniture but also the color of the wallsTo expand the small size of the room you need to correctly choose not only furniture but also the color of the walls

When making a room and do not forget about the use of curtains. In 2017, the curtain news are full of variety. To expand the space, you can use transparent tulle light colors.

Making small bedroom (video)

In most cases, the design of small-sized bedrooms aims to visually enlarge the space. This can be done with the help of modern techniques, which offer a great variety of professional designers. When you make a small bedroom it is important to choose a color or a combination of color shades, to correctly choose and place furniture, tasteful use home furnishings and decorative elements.

Design a small room (photos)

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