Setting things in storage wardrobe: the order of constructor and 3 options

Setting things in storage wardrobe: the order of constructor and 3 options

12 October 2017

Dressing is necessary in order to be able to keep all your stuff in one placeDressing is necessary in order to be able to keep all your things in one mesteDerzhat things in order can be much harder than it seems at first glance. Perpetrators of clutter in the apartment may be different. And the lack of space and little time for cleaning, and the number of items in excess of the amount of storage space. To place enough of all things, you can use the storage systems. What man does not want his stuff was very clean. The dream of every woman - a private dressing room, where the shoes are sorted by color and heel height. For many girls dream come true, it allows you to make their home dressing room. But how do you turn it into a truly practical place for everything has a shelf or kryuchochek?

The storage system of things in the wardrobe of chipboard and other types of systems

The storage system of things in the dressing room should be chosen very carefully, because depending on the type of the convenient location of things. In the market there is a huge amount of storage, and they are very easy to get lost. Visiting shops like Ikea, Obi or Leroy Merlin, you can easily get lost in this product range.

Meanwhile, there are the following types of storage systems in cloakrooms:

  • Storage system of particleboard;
  • Metal wardrobe;
  • Mesh cloak.

How do they differ? The storage system of the DSP are often built into the dressing room. Some of it is very convenient because it is easier to adjust to the existing order of shelves. But in most cases, this type of system is not called universal because of the lack of opportunity to alter the position of the shelves in its sole discretion.

There are several types of systems for storage in closetsThere are several types of systems for storage in closets

As it turns out, because the storage system of the DSP serves as both a framework for the dressing room and a place to locate things. At the time of the order of this type of dressing should be given a lot of time planning the space inside.

Change anything then it will be impossible. Among other things, this type of system does not tolerate moisture, so in the dressing room can not place damp or wet shoes, clothes and so on. D. Built-in wardrobe made of particleboard is good because it does not spoil the walls in the house. Everything has been nailed and nailed, it remains only to build.

Mesh and metal wardrobe can be attributed to a universal type system, because they can be disassembled, watering, etc... These two types allow master dressing room to plan and re-plan space many times, which is an advantage when a number of things in the house may increase in a geometric progression (for shopping fans).

Different things for wardrobe storage: pros and cons

The above types of storage systems have their pros and cons, like everything else in the world.

If you select a built-in storage of the DSP, you will be pleased with the quality of its following:

  1. It is cheaper than others due to the material: Particleboard famous for its inexpensive cost, especially Russian. But if you suddenly have a desire to buy cheap, but a quality product, you can pay attention to the type of imported particleboard.
  2. It is always possible in this case to save on items for dressing for example to store shoes and boots can not obuvnitse, and on a shelf in a box for shoes. Instead bryuchnitsy you can use a regular bar for clothes, bags and put on the shelf, rather than on multiple hooks.
  3. Many very attractive area "under the tree," she adds dressing greater comfort and warmth, making it more spacious.
  4. Organization of space in the dressing room is that it is very easy to separate the view from the linen clothes, shoes and bags from the other. The space between the compartments looks very stylish.

Each of the items of storage systems for the dressing room has its own advantages and disadvantagesEach of the items of storage systems for the dressing room has its own advantages and disadvantages

Mesh and metal wardrobe also have a number of advantages.

To those include:

  • Possibility to rearrange the shelves and outweigh their hands, add to or diminish the items at its discretion;
  • Resistance to moisture: if the room is wet, it is better to use a metal mesh or a dressing room.

Now let's move to the downside. In the metal mesh and closets have two significant disadvantages: the price and the details of requirements. If more, the price is too high (often because of the brand rather than because of the material), and accessories must belong to the same system that is installed. About cons such as DSP systems mentioned above: the inability to make any changes in the manner of accessories and instability to moisture.

Choosing a storage system for the walk-in closet where to store things

Each room can be an extra helper in storage. Storage System Designer allows any space for everything a dressing room. For example, in the hallway the best place for the storage system will be a wardrobe. Here you can store absolutely all the clothes from the top to the home.

The only advice: do not store together with jackets and coats linens. Even in a separate closed box. For bed linen is best to arrange storage in the bedroom or in the worst case in the living room.

For storage, you can use the drawers, shelves and basketsFor storage, you can use the drawers, shelves and baskets

What you need to fill-in closet for storage:

  • Use lots of shelves;
  • boxes;
  • baskets;
  • Boxes for storing larger items;
  • The boom in the number of 1-3 pieces.

Before installing the storage elements of the system, consider what things you will be stored there and how often you will use them. A bed linen is best placed in the boxes under the bed. Well, if they are closed to prevent dust from them.

Wardrobe storage: where else to decompose

To properly use every inch of space, you can seek the assistance of modular storage systems.

They may be in:

  • ottoman;
  • sofas;
  • chairs;
  • bedding;
  • Lockers.

You can build a modular storage system of things, or, for example, shoesYou can build a modular storage system of things, or, for example, shoes

Find a place to store shoes, for example, can be on the door, hanging to a special suspension structure, or on the door.

Location storage elements limited solely by your imagination. Try to withdraw yourself if you want to leave something on the floor, instead of putting it into place. Then your wardrobe will be a worthy rival any design from the movie about fashion.

Keeping shoes in the wardrobe: what to look for

It is very important that the shoes stored in a place where it can be well-groomed and last for a long time.

These places include:

  • Rack;
  • Cupboard;
  • Shoe shelves sliding.

Shelving unit - one of the most popular ways to store shoes. There it can stay clean, protected from dust and other external stimuli.

Shoes in the dressing room can be stored on racks or pull-out shelvesShoes in the dressing room can be stored on racks or pull-out shelves

Ideal would be if the rack is equal to the height wardrobe. Then it will be not only functional, but also beautiful.

Separate Hanging shoe suitable for families with a large number of people or shoe shopaholic. In such a cabinet should be a lot of shelves and compartments, to be able to share seasonal shoes, the size of the heel, for its intended purpose. The cabinet should be protected door. Obuvnitsy can be modular.

Ergonomics dressing: how to store

What should be done to the ergonomics of your wardrobe has become a model?

To begin, take care of the following inventions:

  • Hangers for clothes;
  • baskets;
  • Hooks.

For convenient storage take care of that in the dressing room there were clothes hangers, baskets and hooksFor convenient storage take care of that in the dressing room there were clothes hangers, baskets and hooks

How you can help these acquisitions? Buying clothes hangers will keep it in good condition for a long time and unwrinkled. This is especially true of dresses, blouses and skirts. Some like to keep them in the folded position, as later regret. Baskets can be used for lingerie, scarves, bracelets, necklaces, accessories for storing various kinds, and a lot of other things. Hook should hang all that can hang. Namely, belts, bags, towels, jewelry, and more.

Calculation of things for storage wardrobe: designer (video)

Remember that the main key to successful dressing - order and neatness. Take the time to sort through your things in color, style and season. Do not allow things outside its usual place, even for a second. If you want to leave after washing the laundry in the basket, chase thoughts away. After all, you have a beautiful wardrobe, where everything has to be in place, and the laundry in a special box.

Examples dressing storage systems (photo)

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