Self-installation profile for gypsum board

Self-installation profile for gypsum board

12 October 2017

To date, it is a way to frame fastening drywall is the most common because of their indisputable advantagesTo date, it is a way to frame fastening drywall is the most common due to its undeniable preimuschestvV last time, home decoration material such as drywall, has become increasingly popular. After using this material, it is possible to quickly create stylish and original interior. Arches, niches or volume of the composition in the walls, multi-level ceilings - these are just a few examples of what can be made of drywall, which is quite easy to bend in the desired shape. There are two ways of drywall mounting: frame and frameless. Which one should you choose depends on the functions to be performed by you enjoy the design, but keep in mind that drywall mounted on the frame will last longer than you will allow to hide some of the communication and hide the irregularities of the walls. How to set the profile for plasterboard with their hands - read on.

Mounting profile for gypsum board: Tools and materials

Before you mount the frame, which will be attached sheets of drywall, you need to prepare the profile of the elements that you'll connect them to each other and supporting construction tools.

Let's see what profiles and connectors you may need:

  • Vertical and rack profiles to create partitions having perforations along the entire length (SW or PS);
  • The guide profiles with a section 28H27 mm, they will lie horizontally (LE or Mo);
  • Profiles for frame base section having 60H20 mm long and from 2 to 6 meters (DM or PM);
  • Slides PS retaining sections (SW or TD).
  • The arched profile (PA);
  • Profile for strengthening angles (PU);
  • Duplex or single-level connector, providing connection profiles bases carcass;
  • Straight suspension, which will be mounted PP profile;
  • Suspension anchor extends straight suspension;
  • Element extending PP profile;
  • "Crab" to strengthen the intersection of the profiles.

Without drill and screwdriver when installing the frame will not be able to do exactlyWithout drill and screwdriver when installing the frame will not be able to do exactly

Also, there are additional tools that are a must-have for fastening the frame.


  • Drill;
  • screwdriver:
  • Water or laser level.
  • Dowels and screws.
  • Otbivochnogo cord.
  • Shears for metal.

Of course, you may not need all of the above materials, it is just a general list of frame components for plasterboard. What are the elements needed for you it depends on what type of design you want.

The sequence of work when installing the drywall to the frame

If you decide to make the walls and ceiling in your apartment plasterboard, you do not have to try especially when the surface of the base preparation, which will be attached frame. It is enough to get rid of the remnants of the old coating materials, decorate the room surface.

When installing the profile frame, all the bumps and imperfections disappear behind sheets of plasterboard.

Before installing the frame need to necessarily make a layout of wallsBefore installing the frame need to necessarily make a layout of walls

So, let's look at the main stages of installation of drywall constructions:

  1. Must first mark under the ceiling and walls of the installation frame profiles.
  2. Now, you need to hold the wires to the location of the center point and the lighting, taking into account the passage of the carcass of metal elements under the drywall.
  3. Came the setup time frame on the ceiling.
  4. Mount the frame under the plasterboard structures on the walls.
  5. Collect drywall constructions on the walls and ceiling.
  6. Perform finishing work.

As you can see, in order to make using a drywall repair your dreams it will take not much time. How to assemble the framework for a ceiling or wall of plasterboard will be discussed separately.

How to connect the profiles for drywall ceiling

Plasterboard false construction - one of the most popular ways to design ceiling. Such constructions hide all the bumps on the ceiling and allow perfectly zoned space using plasterboard steps and spot lighting.

Let's look at the basic positions of the frame assembly for gypsum board:

  1. First of all, using aqueous or laser level, it is necessary to determine the place where the ceiling is as low as possible. It is important to set the level, otherwise the new ceiling will be uneven, and you have to redo all the work carried out.
  2. Now we need to calculate the distance from the top of the base to the new drywall construction, for this you need to know the height of a point lighting elements (if it is assumed).
  3. When the basic calculations are made, we note the line on the wall otbivochnogo cord, measured off the distance from the ceiling equal to the height of the frame plasterboard.
  4. Using screws attach at this level near the wall guiding profile.
  5. Make markup for ceiling profiles via otbivochnogo cord into squares of 60 cm from the perimeter.
  6. At the points where you plan to install lighting or any other communications, attach yoke.
  7. Direct hangers bend the letter P and a place on the ceiling in places of intersection of the lines that you identified earlier.
  8. The bent hangers are inserted and fastened with screws the guide profile at the wall guiding profile.
  9. Cut with scissors metal profile at the required intervals transverse to their installation.
  10. Then connect the guide profile screws with transverse profiles with the exemplary steps of 60 cm.
  11. Place intersection rails and transverse profiles strengthened crabs.

With giposkartonnoy suspended structure can easily hide all the flaws of the ceiling of the room space and zoningWith giposkartonnoy suspended structure can easily hide all the flaws of the ceiling of the room space and zoning

The profile frame for installation of drywall constructions ready, and now all you have to attach a drywall sheets.

Wall construction of a profile for drywall

Installation frame for gypsum board on the wall is to ensure that the premises could be further warmed, it is different from the ceiling works described above. Each wall trim turns from beginning to end, that is, first you build a frame and attach it to the drywall on one wall, and only then proceed to the design of another. The hardest thing, to establish a structure for plasterboard paneling on the walls where the window is present, since such works have a lot of subtleties and nuances.

All work on the electricity conducted to the profile frame mounting to walls.

The most important advantage of the carcass method - the ability to further insulate the wallThe most important advantage of the carcass method - the ability to further insulate the wall

Let's see how to set the frame for gypsum board on the wall with a window:

  • If you wish to insulate wall, then measure out from the base of slopes 5 cm. When the window sill is already installed, you should also take into account the thickness of drywall.
  • From the window frame, measure 5 cm (distance at the rack guide).
  • Attach to the bottom sill guide profile, for reducing the pitch width.
  • Attach the guide profile on the ceiling and the floor.
  • Now set one guide profile on the adjacent wall (it will be extremely guides).
  • Make counting vertical lines with a pitch of 60 cm on the wall from ceiling to floor guide, using a plumb, level and otbivochnogo cord.
  • On each line at a distance of 60 cm, set straight hangers.
  • To the suspension with self-tapping screws, attach the vertical profiles. They should rest on the rails on the ceiling and on the floor.
  • Now connect the vertical profiles with transverse segments. Step between them should be not more than 60 cm.
  • The angle set two vertical guides, which attach to the corner profile starting between adjacent walls.

Wall frame is ready, and left to put a heater mount plasterboard. Of course, not necessary to install drywall to the frame, but in this case you will not be able to insulate the walls and hide wires and communications on the ceiling.

Proper installation profile for gypsum board (video)

Follow our tips and you will be able to build a frame for gypsum board easily.


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