Selection Rules: large wall clock for living room and original

12 October 2017

Large wall clock can give the living room originality and make it more functionalLarge wall clock can give the living room originality and make it more functional variety of big wall clock for living room and original presents in the trading network. Mechanical, quartz, electronic - from the abundance of names eyes run, however, this is not a reason to buy the first thing that gets in the eyes. The more precisely the potential buyer is aware that he needs, the more likely efficiently handle your money.

Large wall clock for the living room: the aesthetic characteristics

Affordable and beautiful timepieces for many steel antonyms. Citizens prefer to budgetary and not always high-quality models, citing the lack of funds. In fact, even with a limited budget, you can choose the desired option. For example, instead of antique pattern better purchase chronometer, wherein the dial is based on artificially aged surface.

Fans of minimalist cheaply buy the product, where the dial is not as such. With a special paint large figures painted on the wall.

Wall clock, designed in the form of ceramic plates, fit well in a classic living room interiorWall clock, designed in the form of ceramic plates, fit well in a classic living room interior

There are a number of other species:

  • With irregular shape;
  • The numbers are replaced by themed images with illumination;
  • Chronometer, which is mounted in a known reproduction of works of art;
  • Musical clocks and stuff.

Varieties of hours in the living room wall

The interior of each apartment is unique, so you should carefully approach the issue of choice chronometers. There are plenty of those, so a start should be from the living room design. In addition, attention should be paid to the predominant color. It is desirable that the clock was on the darker tone of their surroundings.

Before buying should be familiar with the technical specifications of various modifications.

Original solution is to use the clock, the numbers on the dial of which are shown not only in the form of numbers, but wordsOriginal solution is to use the clock, the numbers on the dial of which are shown not only in the form of numbers, but words

Each of them has a positive and negative aspects:

  1. Mechanical watches - the classic version, which can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf. They are produced from natural materials with decorative elements.
  2. Electronic - it is advisable to place them in the hall, designed in a modern style. Allowed their use as loft-style and high-tech. Power unit receives from the power supply or by using batteries.
  3. Quartz - the original timepieces are widely used due to undemanding and more accurate than mechanical. you can choose if you wish for the living room budget or a premium option.

How to pick up the clock on the wall in the living room

Trading network attracts buyers with promises of attractive prices, but it is not a hearth reduce vigilance. In order not to spend money for nothing, it is necessary to think in advance about some details. First of all we are talking about, what kind of hours are needed. Here everything depends on the prevailing stylistic direction. In the classical interior look great mechanical clocks, enclosed in a wooden shell.

Fans of minimalism should pay attention to the clock, made in the form of a large circle with Roman numerals. It seems that they literally are built into the wall.

It complements the wall clock artificial lighting.

Clocks should be made in the same style as the interior of the living roomClocks should be made in the same style as the interior of the living room

Regardless of the preferred stylistic direction, when choosing the place of purchase should follow the next rules:

  1. Specialized shop - here a wide assortment of various models. Before you buy, verify that the certificate of conformity and warranty.
  2. Market - the best place to buy if you need a device without an excessive amount of decorative elements. In addition to an attractive price, you can negotiate with the seller to establish a timepiece for a specific interior.
  3. When buying antique model is better to take the receipt and warranty card. As if the seller is not trying to assure quality of the goods, antique clocks require heightened caution when handling. Even a slight deviation from the rules of operation can lead to breakage.
  4. When buying on the international trading platforms, such as Aliekspress or Amazon, you need to get acquainted with. They will help to get an idea about the quality of products sold according to the seller. Be sure to read the specifications. If possible, you should ask the seller to take some photos of the chronometer. This will allow to better assess the potential purchase.

Original wall clock for the living room: the rules of care

Acquisition stylish timepiece requires obligatory acquaintance with the rules of its operation. Mostly it comes to mechanical watches that are necessary not only to establish from time to time.

Before buying a mechanism should be inspected carefully. There should be no chips, scratches or evidence of negligence shown by the master of bonding of structural elements.

To watch looked unusual, numbers can be replaced by family photosTo watch looked unusual, numbers can be replaced by family photos

Then you need to arm themselves with a magnifying glass and inspect the "internal" devices. The presence of traces of rust or scratches - a weighty argument in favor of abandoning such a purchase. In the first case it can be concluded substandard care mechanism, in the second - on multiple repairs chronometer. Do not be amiss to check the quality of the device mounting system. Such, must be at least 4 points. In this case, in the hall is not an emergency, caused by an unexpected drop in hours.

In addition, proper care of the instrument includes the following:

  • Every 3 weeks, unless otherwise prescribed instruction manual, bogies mechanism to be lubricated;
  • Suspended models can not be placed under the air conditioner, or over a radiator, or chronometer quickly lose the original appearance;
  • Devices with artificial battle require routine inspections every 2-3 weeks;

If the damage could not be avoided, then it is advisable to carry out repairs in the original workshop where the customer can count on the warranty.

Choosing a wall clock for living room large original (video)

Gone are the days when the chronometer used exclusively to determine the exact time. In a classic or modern interior, this unit plays the role of one of the visual centers. In this regard, it is not necessary to buy the first wall clock that caught my eye. The main thing - properly fit them into the already established interior. When it comes to modern direction, in this case the emphasis is on electronic, and if the classics - performed on the "antique" chronometer.

Examples of the clocks in the living room (the interior photo)

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